Throwback Thursday: Yuzuru Hanyu - RJ1

  • Still one of my favourite of his programs.
  • Whenever I rewatch it I realise how much he has improved in the last couple of years (stamina, posture, upper body movement, edgework, you name it, he was great back then, but he has come a long way too).
  • RJ1 is what got me interested in men’s skating (back then I was all about the ladies) because I’ve never been a Dai fan *waits for someone to kill her* or a Chiddy fan (for other reasons xD), but that year I finally had someone to root for.
  • Also, back then he had just one quad and I had way less anxiety XD
  • Whatever, I’m too emotionally attached to this to be rational.

I just love how Yuri On Ice is not

viktor: i want you *slams hand against wall, presses close*

yuuri: ahhh viktor nooo (*^^*) *gives in* *high-pitched panting*

viktor: *takes u from the back like a bitch*

it’s a sports anime–there’s commentary about completing rotations and edgework and program deviations and–

it’s not even just that it’s a sports anime

the romantic bit isn’t being treated like black and white, you are this he is that now do your roles and KISS

it’s grey

sure viktor’s the coach and yuri’s the student, yuri’s in emotional turmoil and viktor’s the one to try to pick him up–people might view that as ‘relationship roles’

but yuri ain’t a damsel in distress here, in the end he’s the one reassuring viktor, coach yakov even says as much

it’s not even about role reversals–both characters have their strong and vulnerable sides

my little junior team clinched their playoff spot today and also won their game in ot and the boy who scored the game winner is one of the two defensemen who stay on the ice for forty minutes after every practice working on edgework and shooting and puckhandling and he deserved it so much ??? i’m like so invested in these dumb boys and their hopes and dreams ha ha ha