Yeah, it was a year ago.

A year ago my best friend was telling me to please shut up and watch the movie like a normal one.

A year ago I was crying so much, cause I knew it was the end of all that…

A year ago my best friend asked me if I was really crying so much just because of the movie…

A year ago I laughed when I saw Ron and Mione very first kiss, and I cried when I saw Lupin and Tonks dead.

A year ago I was the very last one to leave the movies theater, and I didn’t wanted to.

A year ago was the end of a era. But the start of an legend.


“People always ask me why I keep staying alone, just reading books. I answer: ‘I prefer stay with the books, which give me hope, tell me about love, lead me to a magical world and make me happy, than with those peoples who always judge me, and who are just waiting to me to turn my back to say the worse things about me and stab me in the back.’” (Gabi Solluny)

I’m the girl who is always laughing. 

I’m the girl who always tell a joke.

I’m the girl who always give advices.

I’m the girl who is always happy, who have a good life, who have a lot of friend, who don’t need to worry about nothing and, who is always good about life.

What you don’t know, is that I’m also the girl who pray for strength, who is always telling to herself “be strong”, who is always breathing deeply, to try to take mood to go ahead.

The truth is that I’m the girl who cry every single night, and ask God for mercy, and for something to relieve, because I’m the girl who know that life is hard and rough, but who also know that we have to put a smile on our faces, go ahead and keep moving and make our best.

I’m the girl who believes that her time will come.

My face may be smiling, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not crying inside.

I’m the girl who is in a storm, but don’t show to anyone, because, she know that she has to give hope to the others. In fact, also is cause she already can see the sun rising.  (Gabi Solluny)

You know what I was thinking about?

Since God is the Lord, He is a King.

And since I am His daughter, I am a princess.

So, a princess don’t have to worry about anything, cause Her Father, the King, always will be there for her. And a princess don’t have care about the stupid ones who say bad things about her, because Her Father, the King, in fact, she won’t even listen, because a princess just listen what is important, and what is truth.

So, since God is the King, and I am His daughter and I am a princess, you, bad ones, can say anything you want about me. It won’t change the fact that I’m special and unique.

Besides, I’ll always have my Father, so, what more do I need?  (Gabi Solluny)

I’m not the most beautiful person of the world.

I’m not the most brilliant person of the world.

I’m not the most funny person of the world.

I’m not the most friendly person of the world.

I’m not the most cool person of the world.

I don’t have the most beautiful voice of the world.

I don’t have the most beautiful eyes of the world.

I don’t have a million of friends.

I don’t even have a boyfriend.

I’m not perfect.

But I’m me, there’s no one like me in the whole world, I have special gifts that make me unique and special and I have God protecting me. That’s enough.

Think about it ;)

(Gabi Solluny)

So, I know most of you just follow me on tumblr and don’t even know my name or where I am from but… You know what? I’ve been thinking a lot about how I wanted to get in touch with you, because, even we try to deny, we have a connection between the way we think about life, the things we like… And, I was like “Why don’t I talk to them?” because, I just keep saying that no one understands me and stuff but, I realize there are people like me, and I mean, you, and even that we are really in miles away from each other, in the same way, we are just one “click” from each other, and it’s kinda magical =)

and I wouldn’t mind if any of you come and talk to me. Really, I’d love that.