"Perdition" by A. R. Rickaby

Incubi and Succubae spend their nights on the planet Rhobren, working as prostitutes on the human streets to deal with their demanding libidos and avoid overpopulation issues. Over six thousand years ago, a Demon couple with only daughters wanted a son. Fenton and Bethany Edgemoor had three chances left to try, but they chose to adopt Xavier. He turns out to be very different from others of his kind. Xavier is the only Incubus to remain a virgin past the age of sixteen. After millennia of being around dirty-minded Demons, Xavier escapes to Rhobren. He meets Zachary, a human musician, and they become romantic. The two are impoverished, but they are mostly happy. Their contented lives change when Daddy decides it is time to move in with his son. Fenton helps with the bills, but he is no easy Demon to live with. Furniture is replaced, strangers stay the night with Fenton, and there is no shortage to the lewd suggestions. Xavier has nearly had enough when suddenly, his father demands he return to Hell. Xavier refuses to go, triggering a series of traumatic events in his and Zach’s lives.

I put Perdition back up for sale. Will be working out everything to make it available on kindle soon.