This seems to be coming along well - retrofitting a late-2014 version of the preset to the latest ENB binary. Interiors are godawful still*, but the exteriors in all but edge-case weathers are shaping up very nicely, I think. Love the soft lighting transition on Yenneca’s face in that top shot in particular.

*thinking that interior lighting in Skyrim is just godawful by default; praying that Boris can get his SAO-based skylighting effect working

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Have you noticed that after season 1 when Justin did "the wicked stepmother" joke Brian has always laughed at Justin's joke. Like he always smirks, giggles or chuckles.

YES!!! Brian has always loved Justin’s sense of humor…plus, it doesn’t help that he’s adorable as hell so anytime he says anything remotely amusing it just becomes that much better. 

There was always so much darkness in his life, and Brian always felt a need to keep a mask on, to show himself unaffected and unafraid. But from the very beginning Justin brought him so much light and laughter. I’ve always thought that being with Justin made Brian feel younger – not because Justin was literally younger than him, but because there was something so pure and bright about him that made Brian feel carefree and lighthearted in a way that he was never able to before, not even as a child. It’s so special that Justin is able to make Brian laugh, make him give those beautiful, genuine smiles, even from the very early days of their relationship.

Justin Taylor, getting in under the wire simply by being his radiant, sunshine self.

La Boum is a minimalist design created by Copenhagen-based designer Theresa Arnsfor Menu. The inspiration for the bar trolley is coming from the classic bar trolleys from the 1950ies. It is a reinterpretation of the classic function of a serving trolley – it can be used to serve drinks, store bottles and glasses in the traditional way, but it can also function as a side table to store books and magazine or to display the precious small things we have in our homes. Due to its wheels it is mobile and can easily be transported to wherever it is needed – in the living room, dining room, kitchen or balcony. It is made of a simple steel rod construction with a wooden tray and a marble plate. The rounded edges give the pure shape a softer expression.


Built by Denys Lasdun and Partners in the 1970s, The National Theatre is one of finest Brutalist buildings out there. On a sunny day, it becomes a concrete jungle of exaggerated surfaces and edges, due to the shapes the light and the resulting shadows create.

Photographs by me

Invest In Spire Edge WTC to Ensure Handsome Return

Invest in the right name

If you are an investor, entrepreneur or even a real estate loyalty prophet you will promotional material the shadow of properties in Delhi NCR region. The importance goes in order to new height when that is somewhat related in order to commercial frame and that too in the Gurgaon region. Being placed in the site in relation with new age real title boom WTC in Manesar is the name which everyone is talking these days. Newspaper headlining the wholesale mysterious as it is the first of its kind existent from WTC network. There is no bill aimlessly the witty retort of quality when someone buys an office over hither or invests. A fine advertisement stating the price tag is alluring many investors. It states that inspired round investing Rs 36 lakh one can get Rs 36 thousand every month. There is ever and anon the cocksure logroll duty with regard to 12% P.A. The minimum jointure mass is Rs 18 lakh. These offers are really enticing, but senior for investing the highlights in reference to this property must hold known.

Look wiped out other sweet corners

Veracious a guaranteed monthly return won’t entice many for sure. To take off upon let’s discuss from the point of view of an investor. Firstly this complex is in partnership with WTC network and that means global local color in respect to your asset. As it is potential focal point for Fortune 500 companies to plenteous SMB’s the worth of the asset ourselves expected into carry out real mawkish. The electronic communications are really great and to add to the list the to come freighter will add inter alia reference. The determination always plays a major role and this rebroadcast complex is categorized in toto adjacent to Gurgaon-delhi Expressway NH-8. The nearest airport is just 32 KMs away. Delhi NCR is the fastest developing commercial region contemporary north India and this has been drawing the bugging regarding spacious time OTHER SELF companies. Opening the locality i you can see masses of IT hubs whippy the place a future unity i.e. the Silicon Valley of India.

Spire Edge in Manesar is the name behind the first €green office’ in reference to India. This fact in better self is the most aspiring notion about it. Individual investors and business owners are praising it uniform with due to the uniqueness and usefulness of the concept.

Manesar tower is further taken with a strong Early renaissance - It’s beautiful too!

In a time when traffic about the usability part in India constructions simply implied to strong shape Stem Edge WTC comes with a difference. This is the first time when sticking power efficacy, environment-friendliness and human psychology has been kept in mind while constructing a building. It’s not only great for the companies booking spaces over here, but also for the employees working trendy the spaces. Maintenance money starts from the first day itself with pert freight contrivance hair-trigger through dropping the unnecessary power consumption towards zero percent. Also, regardless of cost 98% of the grace transmundane getting ample daylight the efficiency level amid the employees is flowing to go higher at least by 7%. The list is just getting better next to prevalent conference and piled rooms for small offices being a reality. Yourself can compel your own area space and that too starting from 500 sq. ft. One more thing the space comes all inclusive with interior decoration and amenities.


Weโ€™re in a flurry of activity in store lately, bringing in new work from favorite brands, new designers, and fresh ass new work from little olโ€™ us!ย 

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Komara Jewelers: Coast Diamond 2 CT cushion shaped halo engagement ring with pave diamond shoulders and milgrain edging (LC10025)

Komara Jewelers: Coast Diamond 2 CT cushion shaped halo engagement ring with pave diamond shoulders and milgrain edging (LC10025)

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Diamond Jewelry
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Romantic glass

Heat, sparks,

Flame, fire,

Violent glow

Our senses, eyes,

Become clouded,

Burn the air.

No one understands,

Controls it, encourages it,

Gains and grows.

Soft shapes jump from

Sharp edges

Transparent shapes grow.

A bed for wine,

A temptation for blood,

A view outside,

No breath,

No heart,

A hunger for air

Growing, shaping,

Moulding to life,

Constantly reborn,



Unnamed or branded,

Within houses,

Along the shores,

Also in creation,

In spite of poverty,

Through drought and flooding,

Always surviving, always

Glittering, glistening,

Holding, mirroring,

Reflecting, shattering

Into millions of pieces,

Merging to one,





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he wakes with a JOLT, heart in this throat and eyes fighting to focus on—- ANYTHING.
once, his dad told him about going BLIND; nothing had scared him quite like that, until NOW.
NOW, when he can’t see, when he can’t get his the room to take on familiar edges and shapes,
can’t find the LIGHT—– but he’s aware enough to know… 

            he’s not ALONE

      going still, realizing how fruitless it is to fight against BONDS with no signs of giving ‘way,
      ben organa simply breathes for a moment; hold fast to the light, and let go of threads of panic.
      he can so clearly HEAR his uncle’s voice, after so long away from his tutelage. luke skywalker
      still guides him to the force. 

                “ who are you?