Me: Hi, can I have ARTPOP P 2, the sequel to Telephone, the Edge of Glory video, the ARTPOP app, the SuperBowl documentary, the Cake video, the Venus video, the Do What U Want video, the Cure video, the mariachi version of Americano, the longer version of Bad Kids, the rest of the making Joanne videos, #GagaInSpace…

Gaga: Could you shut up a second?

Lady Gaga Broadcasted Performances MASTERPOST

I decided to compile a list with links to almost all of Gaga’s broadcasted/ recorded live performances. Here it is! Enjoy

Fame Era 2008

2008 - Just Dance - New Now Next Awards (USA)

2008 - Beautiful Dirty Rich/ Poker Face/ Just Dance - Miss Sixty Fall Fashion Show (USA)

2008 - Just Dance - 57th Miss Universe Beauty Pageant (Vietnam)

2008 - Just Dance - So You Think You Can Dance (USA)

2008 - Just Dance/ Love Game - Yahoo! Critical Eye (USA)

2008 - Just Dance - Much On Demand (Canada)

2008 - Just Dance - The Dome 47 (Germany)

2008 - Just Dance - Sommarkrysset (Sweden)

2008 - Just Dance - NRJ Music Tour (France)

2008 - Just Dance - Sunrise (Australia)

2008 - Just Dance - Rove (Australia)

2008 - Just Dance - Jimmy Kimmel Live (USA)

2008 - Just Dance - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (USA)

2008 - Just Dance/ Poker Face - The Cherrytree Sessions (USA)

Fame Era 2009

2009 - Just Dance - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (USA)

2009 - Just Dance - GMTV (England)

2009 - Just Dance/ Love Game/ Poker Face/ Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - MTV Spanking New Sessions (England)

2009 - Just Dance - The Sunday Night Project (England)

2009 - Poker Face - Freshly Squeezed (England)

2009 - Poker Face/ Just Dance/ Love Game/ Paparazzi/ Beautiful Dirty Rich - The Album Chart Show (England)

2009 - Just DancePoker Face - The Dome 49 (Germany)

2009 - Just Dance - Fama, ¡a bailar! (Spain)

2009 - Just Dance/ Poker Face - T4 Sunday (England)

2009 - Just Dance - The View (USA)

2009 - Poker Face (Acoustic)/ Fooled Me Again, Honest Eyes - KIIS FM (USA)

2009 - Poker Face (Acoustic) - KDWB Skyroom (USA)

2009 - Poker Face (Acoustic) - B96 (USA)

2009 - Poker Face - Star Académie (Canada)

2009 - Poker Face - American Idol (USA)

2009 - Poker Face (Rock Arrangement) - Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (England)

2009 - Poker Face - Paul O'Grady Show (England)

2009 - Poker Face (Acoustic)/ Viva La Vida (Acoustic Coldplay Cover) - Radio 1 Live Lounge (England)

2009 - Paparazzi (Acoustic)/ Poker Face (Acoustic) - Capital FM (England)

2009 - Poker Face (Acoustic) - Mooi Weer De Leeuw! (The Netherlands)

2009 - Just Dance/ Poker Face - Primavera Pop (Spain)

2009 - Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Acoustic)/ Paparazzi (Acoustic) - Fun Radio (France)

2009 - Poker Face - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (USA)

2009 - Love Game - Rove (Australia)

2009 - Just Dance/ Love Game - Dancing With The Stars (USA)

2009 - Paparazzi (Acoustic) - Nova Radio (Australia)

2009 - Paparazzi (Acoustic)/ Just Dance/ Love Game/ Poker Face/ Paparazzi/ The Fame/ Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) - Live At The Chapel (Australia)

2009 - Love Game/ Poker Face (Medley) - Much Music Video Awards (Canada)

2009 - Paparazzi/ Love Game/ Boys. Boys, Boys/ Money Honey/ Just Dance/ Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)/ Poker Face (Acoustic + Album Version) - Glastonbury Festival (England)

2009 - Paparazzi/ Love Game/ Poker Face - Isle Of MTV (Malta)

2009 - Poker Face - T In The Park (Scotland)

2009 - Paparazzi/ Brown Eyes/ Poker Face (Acoustic + Album Version) - Oxegen Festival (Ireland)

2009 - Just DancePoker Face - Orange Rockcorps (England)

2009 - Paparazzi - GMTV (England)

2009 - Poker Face - TV Tokyo (Japan)

2009 - Paparazzi/ Love Game/ Beautiful, Dirty, Rich/ Just Dance/ Poker Face - V-Festival (England)

2009 - Love Game - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (USA)

2009 - Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Acoustic) - NRJ France (France)

2009 - Eh, Eh, (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Acoustic)/ Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin Piano Cover)/ Poker Face (Acoustic) - Taratata (France)

2009 - Paparazzi - The MTV Video Music Awards (USA)

The Fame Monster Era 2009

2009 - Bad Romance/ Speechless - American Music Awards (USA)

2009 - Bad Romance/ Speechless - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (USA)

2009 - Bad Romance - The X-Factor UK (England)

2009 - Speechless - The Royal Variety Show (England)

2009 - Speechless - VEVO Launch Event (USA)

The Fame Monster Era 2010

2010 - Monster/ Bad Romance/ Speechless - The Oprah Winfrey Show (USA)

2010 - Poker Face/ Speechless/ Your SongThe 52nd Annual Grammy Award Ceremony (USA) 

2010 - Telephone/ Dance In The Dark - BRIT Awards (England)

2010 - Brown Eyes/ Telephone - Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (England)

2010 - Speechless/ Alejandro/ Bad Romance - GagaKoh (Japan)

2010 - Bad Romance (Acoustic)/ Alejandro - American Idol (USA)

2010 - Someone To Watch Over Me/ Bad Romance/ You & I/ Alejandro/ Teeth - The Today Show (USA)

Born This Way Era 2011

2011 - Born This Way - The 53nd Annual Grammy Award Ceremony (USA)

2011 - Born This Way/ You & I - The Oprah Winfrey Show (USA)

2011 - Born This Way/ Judas - The Graham Norton Show (England)

2011 - Full Concert - BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend (England)

2011 - Born This Way/ Judas - Saturday Night Live (USA)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory - American Idol (USA)

2011 - Bad Romance/ The Edge Of Glory/ Judas/ Born This Way/ Hair - Good Morning America (USA)

2011 - Scheiße (Snippet)/ Born This Way (Acoustic)/ The Edge Of Glory - Germany’s Next Topmodel (Germany)

2011 - Born This Way (Acoustic)/ The Edge Of Glory (Acoustic) - Europride Roma (Italy)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory/ Judas - The X-Factor France (France)

2011 - Full Show - The Paul O'Grady Show: Lady Gaga Special (England)

2011 -  Born This Way/ The Edge Of Glory - Much Music Video Awards (Canada)

2011 - Born This Way/ The Edge Of Glory/ Hair - Taratata (France)

2011 - Born This Way/ The Edge Of GloryJudas - Japan Music Lovers (Japan)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory (Acoustic)You & I - A Current Affair (Australia)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory (Acoustic) / Hair (Acoustic) - The Howard Stern Show (USA)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory/ You & I (Acoustic) - AMP Radio (USA)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory/ You & I - So You Think You Can Dance (USA)

2011 - The Edge Of Glory - Jimmy Kimmel Live (USA)

2011 - You & I (Acoustic) - The View (USA)

2011 - Joe Calderone Monologue/ You & I - The MTV Video Music Awards (USA)

2011 - Full Concert - iHeart Radio Music Festival (USA)

2011 - You & I - Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (England)

2011 - Marry The Night - The MTV European Music Awards (Northern Ireland)

2011 - Marry The Night (Acoustic) - The Bambi Awards (Germany)

2011 - Marry The Night - The X-Factor UK (England)

2011 - Born This Way/ Marry The Night/ The Edge Of Glory (Acoustic + Album Version) - BBC Children In Need Concert (England)

2011 - Marry The Night (Acoustic) - Alan Carr: Chatty Man (England)

2011 - The Lady Is A Tramp/ Born This Way/ You & I (Acoustic) / The Edge Of Glory (Acoustic) / White Christmas/ Orange Colored Sky/ Hair (Acoustic)/ Bad Romance/ Marry The Night (Acoustic + Album Version) - A Very Gaga Thanksgiving (USA)

2011 - Marry The Night/ You & I - The 54th Annual Grammy Nomination Concert (USA)

2011 - Marry The Night - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (USA)

2011 - Marry The Night/ Born This Way - Music Station (Japan)

2011 -  Heavy Metal Lover/ Marry The Night/ Born This Way - New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (USA)

ARTPOP Era 2013

2013 - Applause - The MTV Video Music Awards (USA)

2013 - Full Concert - iTunes Festival 2013 (England)

2013 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow/ Applause - Good Morning America (USA)

2013 - Venus/ Do What U Want - The X-Factor UK (England)

2013 - Venus/ Do What U Want - The Graham Norton Show (England)

2013 - Dope - YouTube Music Awards (USA)

2013 - Full Concert - ArtRAVE: ARTPOP Launch Party (USA)

2013 - Applause (Broadway Version)Gypsy/ Do What U Want - Saturday Night Live (USA)

2013 - Do What U Want - American Music Awards (USA)

2013 - Full Special - Lady Gaga & The Muppets: Holiday Special (USA)

2013 - Applause/ Venus - SMAPxSMAP (Japan)

2013 - Do What You Want (Acoustic) - Alan Carr (England)

2013 - Applause (Acoustic)/ Gypsy (Acoustic) - Sukkiri! (Japan)

2013 - Do What U Want - The Voice (USA)

ARTPOP Era 2014

2014 - Poker Face - Belvedere Vodka Private Event (England)

2014 - ARTPOP - The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (USA)

2014 - Full Concert - Live At Roseland Ballroom (USA)

2014 - Dope/ G.U.Y - The David Letterman Show (USA)

Lady Gaga's The Edge of Glory - *Review*

It was just a bad time.

Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (TGIF) video had premiered just days before to audiences (in numbers exceeding 16 million) who devoured the feel-good, ugly-duckling-turns-into-a-swan (and back), Kenny G, Rebecca Black (!), and Glee cast member cameos, friday night power anthem. I guess most guys can’t refuse the so tight it hurts to look at mini skirt she sported for the majority of the vid.

But this is not about Katy! I already panned her E.T. video in an earlier review!

But it was a great video, and cut out Gaga’s work for her.

Gaga didn’t deliver.

I hate to give Gaga a bad review, so I won’t. But I will give her a mediocre one.

The video opens to pink smoke or steam or carbon monoxide flowing from beyond a quintessentially New York City street corner and window. Enter Lady Gaga, who’s sporting a very 1980’s style jacket and a studded leotard creation that would be rather difficult to get through airport security. She starts dancing around a fire escape. Alright, I get it, the edge of a building = the edge of glory.

The dry ice is still flowing as Gaga continues to prance around a very small set. I’m still wondering how she squeezed herself into that leather number when the video gets a little trashy. I feel like I’m watching a striptease that’s in a movie they had to keep PG-13 so they told the girl not pull out all the stops. But, I swear, one more pelvic thrust…

Most distracting of all is the hair she flings in front of her face. I’m patiently waiting for her to wipe it out of her eyes. The wipe never comes. And her hair looks kind of like an Oreo.

Here’s where the review gets good: it’s an amazing song. She didn’t need a lot of theatrics for the video, and she recognized that. The song is supposed to be classic and powerful standing on its own, and a video like Born This Way or Poker Face would have been too much.

But it is Gaga, and I’d like to see more.

Final verdict: Not as raunchy as Beautiful, Dirty, Rich; not as creative as Paparazzi; better than Born This Way; a bit boring; great makeup design in keeping it with the album cover.

Grade: C (2.5/5)

anonymous asked:

I read at one forum that The Edge Of Glory music video that we have now wasn't original? What does that mean?

On 17 May, 2011, Laurieann Gibson revealed to Rap-UpTV that the music video of Lady Gaga’s third single to Born This Way, would be filmed very soon. She also gave a hint - “We’ll be very fishy…” On 22 May, 2011, Lady Gaga tweeted to a fan that she will begin shooting “The Edge of Glory” video in one week and that she has already written the treatments for it. On 27 May, E! News managed to get a casting call notice for the video. The casting notice asks for a “Puerto Rican or Dominican type badass” who “must be willing to kiss Lady Gaga”, “Couture Doctors” who will wear smocks and black gloves”, a “male or female on-air reporter”, and a group of military men to hold M16 rifles.”

The music video was shot 28-29 May, 2011. Originally, Joseph Kahn had been hired to direct the music video for the three days shoot. After rumours of an argument between Lady Gaga and Joseph Kahn, Laurieann Gibson said on Twitter that there had been issues on the set and Kahn was no longer involved in the production. Interscope Records confirmed that Lady Gaga then became the director of the clip along with the Haus of Gaga as collaborative directors. The footage shot on the second day featuring Lady Gaga with Clarence Clemons were the only footage used to make the music video which was released on 16 June So You Think You Can Dance. During a press conference in Singapore, Lady Gaga revealed what happened on the set:

“I had this whole elaborate setup for ‘The Edge of Glory’, but once I got on that fire escape in that one outfit, I realized that it was time to just have a moment of acknowledgement for myself as a 25-year-old who has been working so hard from the bottom up my whole life.”