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Since this started it all, here is finally what happened… Bad kitty, you suppose to be friends, not scare them and scrath their faces. 

Fellwolve!Red by @sanspar / bunny!blue by @keksbela / kitty!sans by me

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i was asked on another blog how i’d redesign some characters from steven universe to make them more interesting and diverse! here’s lapis and pearl!

for lapis i wanted to give her a different (and bigger) body type, because i thought hers in the show was too similar to pearl. i wanted to make her look strong and solid, like the ocean, and make her hair and her design more curvy with less sharp edges. i also wanted to darken her color palette, because i don’t like lapis with cyan colored skin! i like a more dark ocean color for lapis!

as for pearl, i wanted to incorporate more of a cone design into her body! pearl’s hair and face is obviously based on a cone (where garnet and amethyst are cubes and spheres, respectively), and i tried to use the cone for her body as well. the first version is a more muscular, top heavy pearl, and the second a pear-shaped pearl!


Commission for my edgelord in crime @thestardustcrusader who definitely won’t be my last victim for this series

Stop being so cute and edgy at once pls I can’t handle this much waifu

Edit: Re-upload with a fixed resolution. Tumblr pls don’t resize my stuff to shit

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summerhlm  asked:

Help? I am looking for some long (40K+) Hermione/Severus fanfics, preferable complete. A slow burn that makes your heart yearn and stop, but they don't fall too far out of character. *BONUS* If you know some, one without a happy ending or one that leaves you to decide (complete though)

Sorry I took so long on getting to your ask.  I have been busy lately, but I am here with a list of goodies that I hope you enjoy.  With each title I have put down the author’s summary.

  • The Master, the Warden, the Headmaster and the Deputy By: mak5258
    • Snape and Dumbledore enact an old tradition in the castle, hoping to gain a much-needed edge. More-or-less AU starting at book 6.
  • Mutual healing By: Sybilla.Slytherin  (it’s 4k less than 40K)
    • The Second Wizarding War is over and everyone is getting on with their lives. Severus Snape finds himself lacking a physical voice due to the damage to his throat, yet gains a surprising friendship in a young woman half his age but very much his equal in intellect. A tale of friendship, understanding and intimacy between two people.
  • Pride of Time By: Anubis Ankh (First Story)
    • Hermione quite literally crashes her way back through time by roughly twenty years. There is no going back; the only way is to go forward. And when one unwittingly interferes with time, what one expects may not be what time finds…
  • Divide of Time By: Anubis Ankh (Second Story)
    • Begins at chapter 31 of Pride-of-Time. Hermione does not de-age herself- not everything can be fixed in time, and sometimes the only solution is to move forward with what you have…
  • Brave New World By: patriciatepes
    • Voldemort arrived at Malfoy Manor quicker than expected, and like that, the war was over.  Now, Hermione is Snape’s “assigned companion,” and as determined as ever to stop Voldemort and save her friends.  But that’s hard to do in Voldemort’s new world…
  • The Gilded Cage By: ApollinaV
    • Clever Miss Hermione Granger believes that by marrying Azkaban prisoner 11652 she can effectively skirt the new Ministry Marriage Law requirements.
  • World Enough and Time By: lena1987
    • Starting with a letter found in his bedside table when he assumes the role of Headmaster in 1997, Severus Snape and Hermione Granger begin a strange correspondence. The new Headmaster is glad for the comfort of a confidant, but Hermione has just one problem: it’s the end of 1998, and Professor Severus Snape has been dead for months. A story of time and second chances.
  • Forged in Flames By: MsWhich
    • In her last year at Hogwarts, Hermione and her Potions professor find themselves forced into a situation that neither of them wanted…but that will ultimately change not only the course of the war but their feelings for each other. AU.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter if you hate him as a character or can’t stand how their relationship was written: Ahsoka Tano was canonically attracted to/cared for Lux Bonteri. And unlike other canonically queer Star Wars characters–such as Sinjir Rath Velus, who told Jas Emari that he is not into women–she has never stated a gender preference.

Feel free to have Ahsoka be specifically a lesbian in your headcanon–that’s wonderful! What isn’t wonderful is behaving as though your fanon is Actual Canon and being rude to other fans over it. The fact that Ahsoka has had both a boy AND a girl written into the role of her Love Interest™–with all the accompanying YA tropes—IN CANON is a gift everyone is allowed to enjoy in their own way.


We Are The Eighties: A Spotify Playlist

  1. LL Cool J - “Going Back To Cali” from Less Than Zero (1987)
  2. Killing Joke - “Eighties” from Weird Science (1985)
  3. Prince - “Take Me With U” from Purple Rain (1984)
  4. Eurythmics - “Would I Lie To You?” from One Crazy Summer (1986)
  5. Altered Images - “Happy Birthday” from Sixteen Candles (1984)
  6. Spinal Tap - “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight” from This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
  7. Busy Bee, Lil Rodney Cee, and DJ Grand Wizard Theodore - “M.C. Battle” from Wild Style (1983)
  8. Slayer - “Tormentor” from River’s Edge (1986)
  9. Ry Cooder - “Paris, Texas” from Paris, Texas (1984)
  10. Sinéad O'Connor - “Jump In the River” from Married to the Mob (1988)
  11. Yellowman - “Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt” from Something Wild (1986)
  12. New Order - “True Faith” from Bright Lights, Big City (1988)
  13. Romeo Void - “Never Say Never” from Reckless (1984)
  14. Salt-N-Pepa - “Let The Rhythm Run” from Colors (1988)
  15. Suicidal Tendencies - “Institutionalized” from Repo Man (1984)
  16. Klymaxx - “Meeting In The Ladies Room” from Secret Admirer (1985)
  17. Roger Eno - “Voices” from Nine ½ Weeks (1986)
  18. Madonna - “Crazy For You” from Vision Quest (1985)
  19. The Replacements - “Within Your Reach” from Say Anything… (1989)
  20. Dwight David - “The Last Dragon” from The Last Dragon (1985)

Listen to this Spotify Playlist & more curated by Rotten Tomatoes here


“Hey, what kind of sunglasses would look good on my face?”
“Hmm, well you have what we in the biz call a ‘square face.’”
“Okay. What sunglasses go with that?”
“Round frames help square faces look less horrible and blocky.”
“Hey now.”
“Sorry, ‘horrible and blocky’ is another term we use in the sunglasses biz. Try these on.”
“I like them.”
“Yeah, see the rounded edges make you look less like a disgusting geometric monster that ravages the city with his ugliness, curdling milk with his hideous aura, voiding checks with his stench, and just all around ruining people’s lives.”
“Hey now.”
“Sorry, ‘disgusting geometric monster that ravages the city with his ugliness, curdling milk with his hideous aura, voiding checks with his stench, and just all around ruining people’s lives’ is just what we say in the biz. No harm intended.”
“Alright. Well, I’ll take the sunglasses.”
“Sure thing, you ugly fuck.”
“Hey now.”
“You’re an all-star.”
“Get your game on.”
“Go play.”
“Hey now.”
“$150 for the glasses.”
“We’re not gonna do the whole chorus?”
“I don’t sing full choruses with ugly fucks.”
“Hey now.”

Pain is pain, babe. Just because one person’s problem is less traumatic than another’s doesn’t mean they’re required to hurt less.
—  The Edge of Never, J. A. Redmerski

So I got this on my dash, and then I just sort of sat there thinking, in a dragon nipped sort of fashion, “…uh Adrien kinda looks like a Hiccstrid lovechild.”

I mean, I know we KNOW what Adrien’s canon parents look like, and yes it makes perfect genetic sense, but… the little button nose that’s sort of Hiccup-y, sort of Astrid-y. His hair, floofy, jagged, and thick like Hiccup’s, blond and containing the same sort of “falling-on-the-head” patterns as Astrid. The bright green Hiccup-y eyes that are sort of the wideness and shape of Astrid’s. The combination of the Hiccup-like chin and jaw structure with Astrid’s soft, wide cheeks. The tall, awkward, skinny gangliness of a growing boy. Little round Hiccup-like ears, too.

Please tell me I’m not hallucinating and going completely insane in my random visual analogy. Even if it is finals week, this is a random crossover that has no bearing on reality, and my head is as loopy as finals week ever makes me be.

The Carnation, it’s a herbaceous flower, from the family of the “Caryophyllaceae”, found on the Mediterranean regions.

On it’s typical form, it’s grows on thick woods with numerous sticks, which can grow up to one meter in high. It’s leafs are linear, wide, opposite and with many sheaths on it’s stem, having the basales more wide than the caulinares. Each steam forms a terminal flower. It’s flowers are showy and pedunculated on the panicle, or above laxa, and sometimes lonely; the edges are more or less jagged.


El Clavel, es una planta herbácea perteneciente a la familia de las Caryophyllaceae, difundida en las regiones mediterráneas.  

En su forma típica es una planta cespitosa,  con numerosos vástagos de hasta un metro de altura. Sus hojas son lineales, angostas, opuestas y envainadoras, más anchas las basales que las caulinares. Cada tallo forma una flor terminal. Sus flores son vistosas, pedunculadas en panícula o cima laxa, a veces solitarias, de bordes más o menos dentados.

PH : Calandro Agustina

Instagram: @aguscalaok

quite a commotion | open

Elsa was usually rather nervous, but lately she was even more anxious than usual. She’d lost control of her magic. Not only that but she’d lost control of it in front of someone. Fortunately she doubted he’d tell anyone what happened, but it put her on edge one the less. The only positive part of her life currently was that the weather was getting cooler and nature was gearing up for winter. If she felt she was loosing control she could just go outside where no one would question anything any chilly air or (if it was cold enough) even frost on the ground. Her gloves did a good job at containing her magic, but they’d failed her before so if she got emotional or scared enough there was no telling if she’d be able to rely on them.

The one unfortunate thing about winter approaching was that more and more people were spending their time inside to avoid the cold. Being the antisocial introvert Elsa is, having more people around wasn’t great. She’d finally managed to find a quiet place to read…. but unfortunately the peace wouldn’t last. Suddenly there was a commotion close by her and Elsa nearly jumped out of her skin at the sudden, loud noise. Her eyes wide and body tense, Elsa diverted her gaze from her lovely book to the area the disturbance had come from.

The Edge of Sanity (Part 3)

Title: The Edge of Sanity (Part 3)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Dean struggles to find the reader before time runs out and she’s lost to him forever

Word Count: 4,355

Warnings: none

POV: Dean’s, third person

A/N: ah okay so here’s part 3! Honestly thank you for your kind messages and being so sweet and supportive! This series will definitely have another part and that should be the last one. I hope you guys like it! :)

Read Part 1, Part 2

Dean stared into the bottom of his glass, watching the bronze liquor swirl around the reflective edges. It was the kind of generous golden beauty he knew would take away the burning ache in his chest if he just dove a little further down the bottle. It wouldn’t subdue the constant stream of shame and guilt clouding his mind, but it would make your absence a little less painful. He needed to take the edge off before it threatened to kill him.

He swallowed the last swig in one gulp, wincing as the burn passed his throat. His eyes caught the empty glass, wondering how, after spending hours drinking this crap, he could still feel so helpless.

Rage boiled over inside of him like a catastrophic thunderstorm on the brink of a shore until a scream left his lungs and he hurled the glass against the wall. Shards scraped against the cheap wall paper, the whiskey staining the carpet. Labored breaths left him light headed and sweat began to bead against his brow.

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[FIC] it rains ashes on golgotha

Wow, I finally wrote a fic for Zack/Cloud. It’s about time.

Been working on this on-and-off for months now, but it’s finally finished. This is 23k words of writing hell and the longest oneshot I’ve written to date. In my head, this is one of my ideal canon fix-it situations for clack - I just wanna see them alive and together, okay. v__v

it rains ashes on golgotha (Z/C, complete): Ao3
To Cloud’s astonishment, a previously undiscovered Materia pulls in Zack from a parallel world – a timeline where Cloud was the one who’d died on the cliff, and Zack had lived.

Zack’s rambling spiritedly – something about how the markets in his Edge are less chaotic in the mornings – and seeming not at all perturbed by the position he’s in; dropped into a mirror world with no clear way home, yet he’s grinning with stars in the corners of his eyes and music curling on his tongue. A presence like warm milk and honey, charisma lit with the brilliance of sunrays. Brave in every sense of the word, in the untroubled pliancy of his gait, in the easygoing glow of his skin.

Alright I have a dilemma. I think I’ve mentioned before that I want to become a genetic counsellor, but due to the state of the NHS right now there’s a risk that eventually this job is going to be abolished or become a bit shit. I can still apply now to do it, but the chance of me getting in this year is low as it is very competitive.

I could instead apply for clinical bioinformatics, which is a less competitive role and one I would be more likely to get into. Having done a bit I think I would be good at it, and the skills I would end up with would be more transferrable to other potential roles. But I don’t have a lot of experience in it yet so I don’t know if it’s what I really want to do.

And I have to decide between the two like now. What do I do 😫😫😫😫😫