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1What I find irritating is the fact that all the positives of masculinity are never spoken of by mainstream media. It's a double edged sword. Less emotional openness can also be more emotional resilience. Even privately men cry a lot less than women.

Also masculinity includes a lot of the risk taking/ambition traits.

Like I said I don’t think masculinity has really been properly explored. So much of masculine identity is built on, well, not doing that. It’s built on doing, not examining. So the people writing about masculine identity have usually been pushed to do it by adversity I guess. There’s some books on it but I don’t think they do a very good job of really looking at it as what it is. We all sort of know it, it’s ambitious, strong, and outward focused. And all its problems arise from those. Idk I feel like it’s under-explored and as such a lot of men are finding themselves without an identity.

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Scars stood at the edge of Waterfall and sighed, "Have you ever thought about a world where everything is the same... except you don't exist?" He looked at Zen, "I feel like that all the time." He leaned towards the edge, preparing to jump. ((askthedeterminedkids))

Zen was a bit on edge in a less literal way, hands poised to do something if he did jump, figuring even if they didn’t grab him their magic might do the trick. “Well… yeah, I do, since… I’m a ghost. I guess… maybe it’s not the same, but… I still exist. Even if you did this, you’d still exist. You’d just be making the same mistake me and others like us have.” 



Team Sky claimed the opening stage of the 2016 Vuelta a Espana with victory in the 27.8 kilometre time trial. The British team clocked 30:37 to edge out Movistar by less than half a second. Peter Kennaugh led Chris Froome and his teammates over the line and will wear the first leader’s jersey of the race on stage 2.

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i think u looked lovely w the eyeshadow! maybe it would help to blend it more at the edges... less harsh

yeah i tried blending it and using a transition shade and everything but it just didnt turn out well.. even if i do it nice im still not a fan of how it looks on me usually 


It did not take months of pleasantries to get to the heart of the matter. By the time we were sitting among the treacherous rocks, exchanging the wildcard bottle we had picked up at the store, tasting the salt parachuting over the edge of Megunticook, less than a month together tallied on the calendar, we were able to strip away the falseness of everybody else’s conversations—remembering my own conversations with women: barely pulling the dust off the surface of their lives. ‘What does being a mother mean to you?’ I wanted to know. 'How would you go on if you couldn’t express yourself through art?’ I pressed for the vital information. 'How is it that you feel misunderstood?’ I felt I could not waste my time with the pleasantries. And neither could you. The sound is not a sound without the meaning in its recollection. The possibility in the darkness and the rush overlapping with rush and the rush of the rush. You begin to mistake the sound for the feeling. The moonlit overture. The sea like a sheet of silk being gently tugged off the geologically displaced. And like a sheet again coming to cover up. And so on and so forth.


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She didn’t like it.

It was awkward to say the least - there were too many unfamiliar faces sharing a living space, too many strangers in her (admittedly large) personal bubble, and too many people whose habits she had to grow accustomed to. It was the farthest thing from ideal, and certainly nothing that she’d expected or hoped for when the trip had been announced.

Perhaps if she were just a shade softer, just a bit less on edge, it would have been fine. Eunji would certainly appreciate it - the little sleep she’d been getting at night to avoid the others in the tent left her even snappier and more irritable than usual, and that wasn’t quite the impression she’d chosen to leave.

A light blanket was wrapped snug around her shoulders as she sat outside - it was chilly at night, and she had no plans of catching a cold - and she tucked her knees to her chest. It was– quiet. Calm. Peaceful- the way the night always was before daybreak and the pinprick of light made itself known to the world.

This she could handle.

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/ Riverdale is that new tv show coming out based on the archie comics but with more edge and less humour / So another I won’t be watching, heh / From the trailer it looks like another soapy thriller series from Freeform / MTV. And is that a big hetero love triangle? Zzzz, I'll pass.

You did say Archie and I completely missed it.  Hmm… I might check it out.