Bookmarks: DIY

A simple tutorial on how to make your very own bookmarks.


  • Photoshop
  • Laser Printer Paper (preferably 28lb, but 24lb is also fine)
  • Pretty Poster Board or Scrapbooking Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors & Paper Trimmer
  • Laminator (if you don’t have one, you can buy one at WalMart for $20. They’re SUPER useful to have, especially if you make artsy stuff a lot.)
  • Bookmark Tassels (Optional)
  • 1/8 Inch Hole Punch (Optional)

Step One

First, determine the size of bookmarks you want to make. (Mine are typically 2″ x 6.5″.) When you’ve decided on a size that you like, create a new canvas in Photoshop with those dimensions, and make sure it is set to AT LEAST 300 DPI.

Step Two

Draw your bookmark design! Make sure all of your important stuff doesn’t get too close to your edges because you want to leave a tiiiiiny bit of room for error just in case you mess up when you cut them out.

Step Three

After your bookmark design(s) is done, create another new Photoshop canvas that is 8.5″ x 11″ and set to the same DPI as your bookmarks.

Drag and drop as many of your book mark designs as you can onto your new 8.5 x 11 canvas. Don’t put them very close together, though, as you want to leave enough room to comfortably cut them out later.

Step Four

Assuming you don’t have a laser printer, we’re gonna take a little trip to Staples/Office Depot/Office Max!

Save that canvas with all your bookmarks on it as a JPEG and put it on a flash drive. Grab a small stack of your own paper and put it in a folder (make sure you have a way to show the printer what type of paper it is. You may just wanna bring the whole pack with you, because I know some stores want to make sure you’re giving them laser printer paper to print on, as other paper types will mess up their machines)

Note: I’m not sure about Office Depot/Office Max, but I KNOW Staples will only charge around $0.50 per page to print your image out if you bring your own paper! ♥

Take the flash drive and your paper with you to your nearest office supply store.

Ask the printer there to print out however many copies you want. If you’re very particular about the size of the bookmarks, make sure to tell them to not have it set to “Fit to Size” and instead let it print at 100%.

Step Five

Once your bookmark copies are printed, it’s time to cut them out!

The best way to do this is to use a paper trimmer. You can get a cheap one from WalMart or Michaels for about $5. They’re SUPER useful to have and make cutting straight edges a million times easier.

The reason you want to cut them out before you glue them your poster board/decorative paper is because you want to be able to fit as many bookmarks as you can onto the posters so that you don’t waste any.

Step Six

Time to glue them to your poster(s)/scrap book paper!

I try to buy really unique posterboard that catches the eye and matches the colour schemes of my bookmarks. I usually end up getting metallic colours or holographic poster/paper because that’s what I personally like. I would advise staying away from anything that has textures, though, since you’re going to laminate these later.

Make sure you’re gluing your bookmarks to the BACK of the poster board.

Also, make sure you coat all edges and corners, as you don’t want anything to curl up. A good tip I find is lining any of your bookmark edges up to the edges of the poster board. That way it’s just one or two less edge(s) you have to cut off.

Step Seven

Time to cut out the bookmarks again!

Get as close to the bookmark’s edge as you can so you don’t leave any white poster board backing hanging off the edge. If you have to, it’s totally fine to cut off a millimeter of your bookmark design just to make sure you have a clean trim.

Step Eight

Laminate! Since I already have some Mettaton bookmarks laminated, I’ll use them for this example.

Make sure that when you slip your bookmarks into the lamination sheet, they have a decent amount of space between them. If they get too close, the lamination might not seal all of the way around each bookmark.

Step Nine

Once you get all of your bookmarks laminated, we once again have to cut them out.

It’s very important to leave about a third of a centimeter of lamination on the edge of your bookmarks. If you cut right along the edge of the bookmark, the lamination will eventually peal off, and we don’t want that. We want to keep it nice and sealed.

Be sure to trim the corners a little bit, since they can be kinda sharp and poke you pretty bad.

Step Ten

This part is completely optional, but I love to take an 1/8 inch hole punch and punch a little hole in the top of the bookmark and add a little tassel decoration.

You can find these tassels online from China on Ebay or Aliexpress for pretty cheap. The prices are all about the same no matter who you buy from, so I can’t really give a specific vendor who has the best prices. (Note: pretty obvious, but if you buy them within the US, you’re gonna pay a lot more.)

Bonus Info:

If none of my instructions have made any sense, this video does a wonderful job of explaining the process of bookmark making for artist alleys and whatnot.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your writing! Can you write an Andriel fic where someone (nathan's men, burglar, you decide!) breaks into Neil's apartment while he's face timing with Andrew and Andrew is all worried and stuff over the phone :)

thank you so so much, precious anon! ask and you shall receive. also on AO3.

send me prompts :)

“And if I move Davis to the left, then Salazar has way too much ground to cover. But if I don’t, then he’ll have to keep up with Rhodes, and we all know he can’t handle her…” Neil is going round and round with these ideas for new plays, mostly to himself. Andrew flicks his eyes away from the zucchini he is currently dicing to look at Neil on his computer screen, scribbling away in his notebook approximately 1,226 miles away.

He watches Neil stop writing. Tilt his head to left. Sigh. And draw a giant X over everything he’s been working on for the past hour and a half.

Andrew rolls his eyes and shakes his head, though he really doesn’t know why he is surprised. Neil’s new position as the leading striker on the Baton Rouge Pirates includes more responsibilities than he had on his first pro team. Neil will undoubtedly be up for several hours working on this one play, and Andrew will be a silent spectator, contributing the occasional snarky comment when asked for his opinion.

Finished with the zucchini, Andrew adds it in with the rest of the vegetables and tosses them into the pan with his already sizzling potatoes. He moves to the sink to rinse the knife he was using and return it to the knife block on the counter, a house-warming gift from Bee.

Neil is still thinking out loud, going on about Davis’s apparent lack of speed and general know-how. Truthfully, Andrew could not care less about any of it. But he finds that just the even sound of Neil’s voice makes him feel more relaxed, a little less on edge than usual. Even if he is just droning on about Exy, it’s almost like they aren’t on different sides of the country. They FaceTime at least twice a week, and it brings Andrew much more comfort than he will ever be willing to admit. He likes Denver, but not as much as he hates Neil.

“Ugh! I’m done. I’m so done. If I look at this for another second, I’ll light it on fire,” comes Neil’s exasperated complaint. Andrew is tending to his vegetables, but he can hear the shuffling of paper and what sounds like a pen hitting a wall.

“Luckily for you, I disabled your fire alarm,” Andrew says, purposefully ignoring Neil’s tantrum.

Andrew turns in time to witness Neil’s dramatic sigh, complete with his head rather forcefully meeting his folded arms on the table. Andrew rolls his eyes, yet again, and turns the stove off before plating his masterpiece. He walks over to where his laptop is sitting on the counter and picks it up, taking Neil with him to the table. Neil must notice all the noise because he finally sits back up and rests his chin in his hand.

They look at each other for a moment before Andrew drags his gaze away and settles his attention on something else, anything else. This is his least favorite part. The way they can see and hear each other, almost feel like they’re together, but then he can’t even make actual eye contact with Neil. It’s trivial, really. It shouldn’t bother him this much, but it does. The awkward cycle of looking at Neil, then looking at the tiny screen in the corner housing his own reflection, then attempting to look into the camera like maybe Neil will understand what Andrew won’t say.

“Staring,” Andrew says, mainly as a distraction from these unwelcome thoughts.

“Uh-huh,” Neil snorts in response, like he can see right through Andrew. He probably can.

Andrew looks back to see Neil look to his right and let a small smile creep onto his face. He vanishes from view for about thirty seconds, then reappears with an armful of Sir Fat Cat McCatterson.

“Oh look. It’s still alive. Joy.”

Neil laughs. “Shut up, you adore him and you know it.”

“I hate him slightly less than I hate most other things.”

Neil tosses Andrew a triumphant smile. “Exactly.”

Andrew offers only a noncommittal grunt in return.

“So what should we do when I’m off next week? I bought my ticket already, by the way. I get in at 9:45 Sunday night.”

“We could drive to the top of Mount Evans, and I could leave you there,” Andrew replies.

“Finally find a decent place to hide my body? I’m actually a little disappointed. You should at least cross state lines, getting rid of me a mere 65 miles away is too suspicious. You know they always suspect the boyfriend first.”

Andrew lets the term slide in favor of silently flipping Neil off.

Neil’s ensuing laughter is cut short when he turns his head sharply to the left, toward his front door.

“What?” Andrew asks.

Neil is quiet for several seconds, much too long for Andrew’s liking.

“I think someone just picked my lock.”

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I love any episode that fades out on Travis yelling at Matt, “oh, you bastard!”

The show is so good to begin with, but whenever Ashley’s around it just morphs into this whole new level of amazing. What a great little encounter. Matt’s awfully good at scaling the game to suit such a ridiculously strong party—when the smoke-monster-thing appeared, I immediately thought “what single creature is gonna be able to threaten seven characters who are practically demigods at this point?” and it’s like, yeah, of course, that’s a heckuva way to do it.

Dang good misdirection, too—I feel like if the cast had been a little less on-edge due to recent encounters, they could’ve easily been less suspicious than they were (Tary using the mind-reading spell on Ogden would’ve been great if the language thing had worked out). A lot of time was spent building up this idea that maybe part of the Trickfoots’ poor reputation was a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy because nobody trusted them, and everyone was starting to second-guess their own suspicions, which was so well done. In the end, Pike giving J.B. another shot felt like a good compromise between the two main things pulling at her in that resolution, namely “most of your family consists of terrible, manipulative people who are trying to use you and they do not deserve any part of you” versus “you are a cleric of a literal deity of redemption and second chances”. What a complicated mess of emotion. 

The thematic callbacks and running jokes on this show are frighteningly good sometimes. It’s just unreal that it’s all improvised.

Other good little things:

  • Many minutes spent crafting a perfect hat for Grog to wear, and Matt pulling in the chin-strap at the end was too good.
  • Loved the little exchange where Vax gets extremely solemn after handing the gun back to Percy. That realization felt really genuine, and I liked the little shoulder-bump later—they’re slowly starting to understand each other again, which is pretty great.
  • I still can’t get over the sheer cocky style behind making a lightning-zapping mechanical glove and calling it friggin’ Diplomacy.
  • The exchange with Kynan was great, and I love that Vax got Simon back after confirming that Kynan was doing better. I also love that Kynan just… had a belt for a year that turned into a snake one time and he never really questioned it.
  • Everyone’s (but especially Vex’s) indignant reactions to Wilhand not approving of their baked goods. Incredible.
  • Here’s something silly that I’ve been suspicious of since episode 86: it could very well just be excellent and consistent worldbuilding, but that’s the second time now that Matt has pointed out this area near the castle that used to be sort of a dumping-ground for the mining byproducts and has now been reclaimed into a field. In the grand scheme of things it’s probably just a phenomenal bit of detail in terms of terrain that evolves in real time with the plot, but now I’m so nervous waiting for the final arc of the show to kick in (not to mention that dang apocalypse ball that’s been under Whitestone for over sixty episodes) that I’m suspicious of everything. I’d like to roll an insight check on the grass, I guess is what I’m saying.

Mostly I love how much of the fun of this show comes from how much fun the players are clearly having—there was a moment where Sam just sort of laughed in disbelief and whispered, “Matt’s so fucking good.” That they’re still that enthusiastic about the show a couple years into filming three to five hours late on a work night every single week is just so contagious. What a cool phenomenon this show is.

SnK Chapter 93 Poll Results

The chapter 93 poll closed with 1,143 entries. Can I start with a wow? With so many responses, this is going to be a long one.

(1024 responses)

The Marley Files continue to grow on us. 77% of respondents rated Chapter 93 very highly.

Best chapter I’ve ever reviewed in a while. I hope next month will deliver heavy stuff.

My Jaeger reunion hype was amplified by 3000 eggplants after this chapter

Loved the diversity in the new characters. Riener is so torn mentally & emotionally. I believe few more pages on the warrior are still needed before getting back to Paradise. I sense a glimpse of hope in escaping a doomed end. somebody will live & achieve freedom. who? hard to tell.

Everybody has different opinions about the plot, but I do not think anyone can argue about the art. Love this manga. Want to see Levi again!

I never imagined I could love these characters even more. Now I do. Bravo Isayama-sensei, I never felt so hyped for this chapter for the longest time!

Stop trying to make these new kids happen, Isayama. It’s not going to happen.

My interest in the manga is reaching an all time low with this focus on Marley. And it looks like we’ll still be there next month. I’m so done.

I haven’t minded these recent chapters, but I haven’t felt like I enjoyed them since its a virtually unknown cast. I did however enjoy chapter 93!

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A Olicity Historical Romance AU: Touch can be so much more than just, physical.

A/N: There are quite a few flashbacks of dialog and scenes in this final chapter so I have made them italicized and bold.

Thank you all so much for reading my story and caring for and loving my AU Olicity.  This version of them was especially poignant to write and are extra special to me.  And one last thank you to @quiveringbunny for the gorgeous cover art she made for it. xoxo

You can read previous chapters HERE and AO3.


Chapter 6

Oliver had taken his mother to London knowing she would enjoy the end of the season, to be around friends and society, instead of the isolation of their ancestral home in Devonshire, which is where he was headed next.

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anonymous asked:

Can I get your opinion on something? After seeing Momtaku's latest poll, I question why it is that people sympathize with Annie way more than with the other two? I notice that a lot of people blame Reiner/Bertolt for the breach but they don't want to remember Annie killing the Levi squad, toying with the soldiers or playing YoYo with them. It's so bias and hypocritical. I understand that she didn't have much to do with the fall of Shiganshina but she was just as involved in their mission as RB.

“Reiner pulled off a last minute victory, edging our Annie by less than 1%.” - Which warrior do you feel the most sympathetic towards? [Source] - @momtaku

Actually, from the final results of the poll, people share equally sympathy for Reiner and Annie. I have to say it’s pretty bizarre since Annie wasn’t shown for a while, aside in Reiner’s flashbacks where she stayed her usual-self. It’s been since chapter 34 we haven’t got any news from her yet she’s on par with Reiner. In the meantime, Reiner shows himself to be a soft but strict paternal figure who has been traumatized by Shiganshina: grazing death three times and losing Bertolt. Cue people to hold sympathy for him.

Though the next graph probably explains why people hold so much sympathy for Annie:

Which of the warriors would you most like to see switch sides? [Source]

She’s practically holding half the votes, here and is seconded by Reiner. Most of them expect her to side with the SL despite her resolve, because she’s held crystallized on Paradis island. Like I said in another ask, as long as she can serve the protagonists’ best interest, she’s going to earn all their sympathy.

Another theory is people are finding Annie and Reiner more sympathetic than Bertolt or Zeke because they tortured themselves mentally and blatantly over killing their former companions, whereas Bertolt was more threatening in chapter 78, despite the intentions of the warriors being the same. Every warrior hated what they had to do to the people they had to live with for three years, but I feel like Annie gets a special treatment because either she’s a female character and female characters being ~truly bad~ (as in, lacking agency and being rounded by her male teammates without having a say-in) is something inconceivable, or she hated her teammates with every essence of her being to the point it would be better for her to desert the Marley warriors and I debunked this assertion in a previous ask

But it’s as you said: Annie actively worked against the Eldians on Paradis: killing SL members during the expedition, killing Sawney and Bean, tracking members of the wall cult to learn more about Krista… her joining the MP instead of the SL is probably to arouse less suspicion and because she’s overall more effective in carrying plans on her own instead of working in groups. Like I said, it almost worked if she wasn’t drawn to exhaustion and tailed by Levi and Mikasa. Eren was in her hands, meaning the mission was over as soon as she could escape with him, her letting him slip explains this reaction:

Annie crying - Ch. 30

Also, I disagree with you about Annie not contributing to Shiganshina’s fall. While she probably wasn’t conceived at the time as a full-fledged titan, she’s probably the one who gathered the titans around, as suspected by Armin:

Armin explaining how the titans have been led inside Wall Maria - Ch. 23

Her titan is fast enough so other titans can follow her without her getting caught. that’s an effective strategy to lure most titans from the south near Wall Rose, making Eldians feel even more trapped than before. Alternatively, that would explain why most titans were concentrated in the area before getting guillotined. That tactic worked perfectly to exterminate the left flank of the expedition and Erwin used the same to lure titans against Reiner and Bertolt.

Besides, she hadn’t any more opportunities than this one, so it’s safe to assume she was with Reiner, Bertolt and Marcel at the same time.

What do you think about that panel where annie was spinning a soldier like yoyo? I have a hard time finding an explanation for that action. It really contradicts whatever Isayama showed us of annie outside her titan form. During her last fight with eren, when she accidently killed innocent civilians she was shown to be visibly shaken. One day, she treated that soldier like a toy and the next day she’s showing remorse for killing people. I just don’t understand that panel.

Focusing on your last sentence, I’ll develop Annie’s state of mind during the expedition:

Once you’re on a mission where you have to take the lives of people without further consideration, you have no choice but to put some blinders over their status as human and your own. If I recall correctly, soldiers also treat war as if it was a big game in order to feel less bad. It also helped the ones Annie squashed weren’t close to her, when it was someone she spent three years with, the decision was a bit harder to take. 

Each warrior had their own blinders: for Reiner, it was accomplishing the task, no matter what, for Bertolt, it was a complete disconnection with the outside world, for Zeke, it was a baseball game. Some of the SL soldiers also began their dissociation state recently:

Jean trying to set aside his feelings - Ch. 77

Jean obviously has trouble offing someone else’s life, both here and in the Uprising arc where Armin had to shoot that MP woman. And even after Reiner’s supposed death, he still stopped Hange from killing him for good, implying he’s not exactly ready to cast his humanity aside.

Besides, when Annie was shocked to see wall cultists crushed under her body, it was a complete different situation than the one in the forest. She was tossed in the city by Eren and her landing on a group of people was a complete accident. It’s natural she was shocked.

Hope that answers your question!  

EDIT: Adding @momtaku’s input:

Annie was ahead by a significant amount in the sympathy poll for the entire week. Reiner only pulled ahead on the last day. It was amazing to me since, like you said, she hasn’t been in the story in years and Reiner had just gotten a  series of heart breaking panels. I enjoyed your assessment of this. I think you are right that it’s more the potential of Annie, than Annie’s actual behavior that has caused this. That plus being female.


Thanks for the +650 followers! love you guys, like alot! it makes my day read yours ask and tag uvu <3

Since this started it all, here is finally what happened… Bad kitty, you suppose to be friends, not scare them and scrath their faces. 

Fellwolve!Red by @sanspar / bunny!blue by @keksbela / kitty!sans by me

There’s a bonus in the keep reading…

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“Hey, what kind of sunglasses would look good on my face?”
“Hmm, well you have what we in the biz call a ‘square face.’”
“Okay. What sunglasses go with that?”
“Round frames help square faces look less horrible and blocky.”
“Hey now.”
“Sorry, ‘horrible and blocky’ is another term we use in the sunglasses biz. Try these on.”
“I like them.”
“Yeah, see the rounded edges make you look less like a disgusting geometric monster that ravages the city with his ugliness, curdling milk with his hideous aura, voiding checks with his stench, and just all around ruining people’s lives.”
“Hey now.”
“Sorry, ‘disgusting geometric monster that ravages the city with his ugliness, curdling milk with his hideous aura, voiding checks with his stench, and just all around ruining people’s lives’ is just what we say in the biz. No harm intended.”
“Alright. Well, I’ll take the sunglasses.”
“Sure thing, you ugly fuck.”
“Hey now.”
“You’re an all-star.”
“Get your game on.”
“Go play.”
“Hey now.”
“$150 for the glasses.”
“We’re not gonna do the whole chorus?”
“I don’t sing full choruses with ugly fucks.”
“Hey now.”

Bitter Friendships (Part 3)

Here is the long awaited part 3 of Bitter. 
The first three paragraphs are pieces of writing I forgot to put in Part 2. They were meant to summarize what you and Anti did in the three days after the attack. 
Sorry! I’m a forgetful person :/ 
Hope you enjoy! 

Part 1 - Here 
Part 2 - Here

Warnings: No warnings, a bit of angst though

Originally posted by marielgum

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summerhlm  asked:

Help? I am looking for some long (40K+) Hermione/Severus fanfics, preferable complete. A slow burn that makes your heart yearn and stop, but they don't fall too far out of character. *BONUS* If you know some, one without a happy ending or one that leaves you to decide (complete though)

Sorry I took so long on getting to your ask.  I have been busy lately, but I am here with a list of goodies that I hope you enjoy.  With each title I have put down the author’s summary.

  • The Master, the Warden, the Headmaster and the Deputy By: mak5258
    • Snape and Dumbledore enact an old tradition in the castle, hoping to gain a much-needed edge. More-or-less AU starting at book 6.
  • Mutual healing By: Sybilla.Slytherin  (it’s 4k less than 40K)
    • The Second Wizarding War is over and everyone is getting on with their lives. Severus Snape finds himself lacking a physical voice due to the damage to his throat, yet gains a surprising friendship in a young woman half his age but very much his equal in intellect. A tale of friendship, understanding and intimacy between two people.
  • Pride of Time By: Anubis Ankh (First Story)
    • Hermione quite literally crashes her way back through time by roughly twenty years. There is no going back; the only way is to go forward. And when one unwittingly interferes with time, what one expects may not be what time finds…
  • Divide of Time By: Anubis Ankh (Second Story)
    • Begins at chapter 31 of Pride-of-Time. Hermione does not de-age herself- not everything can be fixed in time, and sometimes the only solution is to move forward with what you have…
  • Brave New World By: patriciatepes
    • Voldemort arrived at Malfoy Manor quicker than expected, and like that, the war was over.  Now, Hermione is Snape’s “assigned companion,” and as determined as ever to stop Voldemort and save her friends.  But that’s hard to do in Voldemort’s new world…
  • The Gilded Cage By: ApollinaV
    • Clever Miss Hermione Granger believes that by marrying Azkaban prisoner 11652 she can effectively skirt the new Ministry Marriage Law requirements.
  • World Enough and Time By: lena1987
    • Starting with a letter found in his bedside table when he assumes the role of Headmaster in 1997, Severus Snape and Hermione Granger begin a strange correspondence. The new Headmaster is glad for the comfort of a confidant, but Hermione has just one problem: it’s the end of 1998, and Professor Severus Snape has been dead for months. A story of time and second chances.
  • Forged in Flames By: MsWhich
    • In her last year at Hogwarts, Hermione and her Potions professor find themselves forced into a situation that neither of them wanted…but that will ultimately change not only the course of the war but their feelings for each other. AU.
Grounded Part 2

Remember when I promised to have this up by the weekend… this is technically a weekend even if I am a month late.

This is it guys. All finished! Hope you enjoyed!!

Part One

“I told him to take it easy.” Astrid was marching through Berk searching for her wayward boyfriend. He hadn’t been at his house that morning when she had gone to visit. “He promised me he’d take it easy.” She pulled her furs in tighter around herself. The wind howled between the buildings and the air smelled of snow.

Astrid spotted her target. Blue eyes narrowed. “But of course he’s not going to take it easy,” she mumbled to herself. “What was I thinking? It’s Hiccup!”

Astrid stomped into the forge. “Your dad is looking everywhere for you.” She leant against one of the pillars near the entrance.

Hiccup was sitting on a stool, a pile of leather in his lap. His crutch lay discarded on the floor.

“Astrid.” He raised his hands. “This is not what it looks like.”

“Really?” Astrid mocked.

“Really.” Hiccup put his work down. “I’m taking it easy! I am. I just had to get out of the house.”

Technically he wasn’t wrong. The sewing he was doing didn’t look particularly strenuous. Curious, Astrid walked over.

“What are you working on?”

“I’m making some adjustments to Toothless’s saddle,” Hiccup gestured to the parchment rolled out beside him. “The saddle itself wasn’t badly damaged, but I’ve got some ideas for some improvements.”

Astrid picked up the drawings.

“These look really good.” She sat on the floor by the stool going over the lines. “What are these?” She pointed at two of the markings on the paper.

Hiccup peered over her shoulder.

“Handles,” he explained. “They control the tail fin just like the pedals,” he pointed to another design. “I can lie along Toothless’s back and still help him fly.” Hiccup’s voice filled with excitement, the way it usually did when he spoke of flying. It was hard not to get caught up in it. “This lever here will switch between the pedals and the handles.”

“Have the pedals changed?” A few more modifications had caught Astrid’s eye.

“Yeah,” Hiccup leant down with a wince. Realising he was going for the other pile of parchment, Astrid gathered the pieces up to hand them to him. He rifled through the stack, looking for the right one. Locating the one he wanted, Hiccup showed the pictures to Astrid.

“This one here is for flying.” Hiccup waved the first drawing in Astrid’s face. “And this one is for walking, and maybe one more for walking on ice.”

“These are great,” Astrid’s brows wrinkled together in thought. “But are you really going to carry around all three of these?”

“That’s the beauty of it Astrid.” The parchment fluttered wildly in Hiccup’s flailing hands. “It’s one leg with interchangeable feet. See here-“ It was flapping too much for Astrid to really see the design. “-you twist this bit, and it swaps them over.”

It was always nice and warm in the forge. Today, with the wind howling outside Astrid was almost willing to forgo her chores for the day, preferring to sit in the warmth and watch Hiccup work. But she had wasted too much time with him already. Reluctantly, she got to her feet.

“Your dad wanted me to tell you,” Astrid tidied up the stack of papers, “Bucket’s been complaining, so it’s looking like there’s a nasty storm brewing.”

Hiccup put his work down.

“We’ll need to make sure the dragons are secure and close up the stables.”

“We’ve got this Hiccup,” Astrid put her hand on Hiccup’s shoulder. “I’ll gather the Dragon Riders. Between us, your dad, and the A Team we’ll get everything secure before the storm hits.”

Hiccup reached up to take Astrid’s hand.

“I can help. I can’t just sit around and do nothing. I could… I could supervise!”

Astrid narrowed her eyes.

“If I let you come with me, will you promise me you’ll stay on Toothless?” Astrid asked. She bent down to retrieve Hiccup’s crutch and hand it to him.

“Yes, I promise!”


“Hiccup Haddock you liar.”

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anonymous asked:

ok time to fess up: Ive seen that "human steve" post a million times, and i DONT GET THIS PART: “Human-Steve, you are… you are eating, but it is not one of your ritual fueling times. Are you dying? Is everything alright? Have you not been receiving enough sustenance? Do I need to get you better things to eat? Human-Steve, why are you trying to hide that food?” Just??? Wha????? help me peradii, ur my only ho

ahh this is because Human-Steve is trying to Snack and this alien species – maybe they’re kind of reptilian – do not understand what Snacking is because they only eat once a day AT THE MOST. food is a Massive Thing for them and they are Very Concerned about Human Steve and his bizarre eating habits, because Human Steve has been complaining lately about how he has been increasing in mass - which is true, to be fair, he’s getting kind of pudgy at the edges - and eating less, and cataloging what he eats on his wristpatch and taking pictures of what he eats and now he is eating and refusing to allow anyone to show what he eats. 

WHY IS THIS says the reptile alien



because it is Bad For Me

Then why do you eat it?

Human-Steve, with tears streaming down his face, says IT IS DELICIOUS

And that is what it means

Cassandra Pentaghast - Sneaking up on Cassandra Pentaghast, the Seeker, the woman of nails required a will of iron. And a death wish. She’d be training, as she usually is. Sword swinging, sweat dripping down in her face. Most questioned why she trained fully clothed, in her armor, when most would at least strip down a layer of armor. But she liked the challenge, the weight on her shoulders, back and chest. It was a game she used to play with Antony, seeing how fast you could move with metal weighing you down. Surely, if he were here, he would be proud to see that she hit almost as fast as a rouge. As previously mentioned, one would have a death wish if they planned on sneaking up on her. The Inquisitor moved fast, just barely dodging the sword that would swing around. Her eyes would be sharp, lips thin and taut. The expression would melt away, shock replacing it. Then distaste. “Inquisitor, please, announce when you are- Oh!” The shock of lifting her up and off her feet would bring that shock back to her face. Her eyes would be wide, feet dangling. She had received hugs before, but not one so…tight. Her armor kept her lungs safe though, and her feet would gently touch the ground. She’d be at a lost for words, cheeks slightly red, expression confused. “It is…good to see you to Inquisitor. But if you have time to waste, you can train with me.” Poor, poor Inquisitor.

Cassandra Pentaghast (Romanced) - She would be less on edge when training. Not so intense, training out of habit and not necessity now. She would not be so quick to whirl around, sword raised, but she would turn sharply, face curious at the approaching steps. And then she would smile, slowly and small, but a smile none the less. The Inquisitor visited more and more, exchanging small flirtations, or simply wanting to talk. Occasionally, he would manage to convince her to step away from her vigorous training regiment to gently press soft kisses on her face, lips and hands. By the look in there eyes, this would be one of those times. She was already setting her sword to the side, but squeaked when her feet were clearly no longer touching the ground. The woman was no common maiden but her cheeks would be red as she was held close to his warm chest, The Inquisitors chest. Shame would heat her ears. People could see! But the soft kiss on her lips would melt away her worries and she’d bury her face into his neck, whispering a soft half hearted insult.

Solas - Most did not linger in his room, the silent and intelligent elf occasionally intimidating, peculiar or odd. That, and no one felt so calm around him, the mysterious out of nowhere individual who had made his way into the Inquisitor’s inner circle with his intelligence and words alone. When he hears feet lingering, though, his eyes would slowly rise. The Inquisitor. A friend, someone he didn’t need to don a cold appearance to. He would rise, bare feet padding on the stone floor. “How may I be of assistance?” A simple one. one that did not warrant a hug. He would panic, for a moment, but he would soon relax as he was squeezed gently. He’d grunt softly, gently patting their chest until he was put down. His eyes would be curious, cautious as he raised an eye brow. “Inquisitor, I don’t need to point out how odd it would be if one of your staff saw you embracing the elf.” If an elf he would say ‘the apostate’, if an elven mage he’d simply continue looking on with curiosity. Once the Inquisitor left, he would smile ever so slightly, fondly, sitting back down at his seat.

Solas (Romanced) - The fade was a beautiful place. A place away from prying eyes and prying people. If a mage, it would be a simple thing to find her and pull her to the dream like Haven, suspended in a timeless and beautiful sunset, if not, he would tug her slowly out of her dreams, pulling her into his arms. The silence that would reign would be a warm one, eyes gently regarding each other, lips twinged ever so slightly. He would not be surprised as he felt the artificial gravity changing and shifting and he’d chuckle, happily going into her more than capable arms. She’d huff, coaxing his legs around her waist and arms around her neck and just like that she’d carry him around. He found it charming, really. And it was no negative that it kept them close and warm in this fake haven. He would close his eyes, pressing a soft kiss against her neck as she chattered on about stuffy nobles or annoyances in her travels or business as Inquisitor.

Varric - It had to be some sort of unspoken rule, don’t pick up a dwarf. It’s belittling. Hah, that one was good. But still, it was considered disrespectful. But did the Inquisitor care? Of course not. Breaking social laws when you make them came hand in hand. The hearth would be alight, warming his hands and toes. He was used to the clomp, patter and tap of feet as they passed by, his current station in the main hall made sure of that. But when he heard those feet coming towards him, it could only be Hawke or the Inquisitor. He turned on his heel, a smile curling on his lips. And then he’d see the arms. No. Oh no. The humanity. Being so far off the ground gave him a bit of vertigo, but the totally un-amused expression on his face hid it. “Haha. Very funny. Picking on the dwarf because of his height. That’s nice and all, but I enjoy the ground Inquisitor, and I’m sure you like having clean clothes. You should put me down before we both regret it.” With record pace he was set down. A smile would tug at his lips and a soft chuckle in his throat though , of course, as he waved the Inquisitor off.

Vivienne - Now if the Inquisitor didn’t have a death wish with Cassandra, they surely had a death wish now. It was easy to find the woman, sitting at her balcony, sipping on wine and talking to some Duchess of where ever and a Duke from how come, to the Inquisitor the only who that mattered was Vivienne. They’d probably loose their steam half way through, watching her eyes flick over to them. They’d slow their pace, lips going from their wide smile to a smaller, more nervous smile. “Hello Darling. There you are, I’ve been looking for you. Madame, Ser, if you do not mind.” She’d wave them both off, her polite smile turning into her sharp one, a chuckle leaving her lips. “The woman got her title from buying it, not earning it, and he is no nobleman. A merchant who knows how to primp himself, surely, but no nobleman. I wasn’t truly looking for you, just looking for an excuse. What do you need, Darling?” They’d hesitate, hands twitching. Well, it’s now or never. The Inquisitor would lunge forward, holding the woman to their chest. And then they’d lift her up, giving a small twirl. And then they’d slowly set her back down. Fear, anticipation and regret would thrum in their ears but then, oh. She was smiling. “Yes yes Darling I’m happy to see you too. But such affections should be saved for the private company of friends, not outside in the open for all to see. I trust you will not make this mistake again?” Her eyes would go hard, lips thinned and eyebrows raised. Just happy to be escaping with their lives, they would nod and be off on their way to their next hugging victim. Vivienne would watch, silent, eyes going warm before she returned to her wine.

Iron Bull - Truly the Inquisitors biggest challenge yet. Literally. The Iron Bull was a man who could surely weigh up to a druffalo, and being on the receiving end of bear hugs ends today. They would walk into the Tavern, a stride in their step and a thrill of anticipation would curl down their back. They’d stand their, arms crossed, gazing down at the Iron Bull. “Bull, I want a hug.” The Inquisitor would say, a smile curling on their lips. Who was the man to deny such a sweet request. He’d rise from his chair, chuckling deeply as he opened his arms, prepared to lift them off their feet. But then he would grunt, deep and breathless as he felt the most crushing hold on his chest. And then he gasped. The last time he had been off his feet was when a dragon had knocked him clear across a field. But this was not a dragon. His hands would fall to their shoulders, holding on tight, grinning wide as he watched their feet step back shakily. He expected to be dropped right on his ass. But their feet stood still. Their knees stopped shaking. And they stood perfectly still, nuzzling him. Nuzzling. The Tavern was dead silent. And then righteous applause, screams even. The shout he’d give as well would be the loudest, a deep and rumbling laugh would leave him. The Inquisitors red, yet proud face would be the most endearing thing he’s seen since Krem woke up with a cow lick.

Iron Bull (Romanced) - It was usually Bull in charge. The man was naturally dominant, what could he say? But the Inquisitor had something else in mind today. They would wander into the Tavern, eyes flitting around until they landed on the large grey mass. Weaving through the masses to his true goal was an easy task and they would smile. “Come with me?” They’d say softly, and Bull’s friendly exterior would melt, a warm chuckle on his lips. “Of course, Kadan.” From there most knew to get out of the way, and get the closest ear plugs they could. The trek to the Inquisitors room was one that was welcome, adding to the tension, to the silent foreplay of their eyes raking over one another. Once in the room, the Inquisitor would be quick, grabbing Bull’s thighs with a soft grunt and lifting him up, pressing him against the wall. The Iron Bull? His eyes would be wide, blinking slowly. And then he’d grin. “So that’s how it’s gonna be, huh? Alright. I’ll make you work for it, though.” The entirety of the Inquisition would weep, for no one got sleep that night,

Sera - She would be in her room, easy to find, mumbling softly as she fiddled with a jar. She’d snap to attention when she heard someone enter the room, throwing the jar out the window with a half innocent smile. Screeches could be heard and a faint buzzing. “Wasn’t me. Gravity done did it. Not me.” She’d say, predicting some sort of lecture. But all the Inquisitor could do was give a deep sigh and a fond smile. She’d then get suspicious. But her suspicious would turn into wheezing because she should not be so far off the ground. A wheezy chuckle would leave her lips and she would kick her feet back and forth, demanding to be put down. They do exactly that. Her bum hits the ground with a thump and she hisses, blinking. “Okay okay. Guess I deserved that.” Her smile would be contagious and warm and the Inquisitor would smile right back. 

Sera (Romanced) - Up to no good, as always. She wouldn’t be quick to react or jump. Most knew not to come into her room unless they wanted to get a prank or two. But Inky? Well, they were always welcome. She turned on her heel, shaking the jar of bees in her hand and a manic grin curled on her lips. “Ya up for som- Oh! Oh. Hehehe.” She’d let her feet dangle, and she would gently throw the jar onto a stack of pillows she ‘borrowed’. Thin arms would wrap around her neck and she’d press a soft kiss against the Inquisitors lips, sighing softly. “If ya wanted some sugar you could have just asked for some. Near got a face full a bees!” The Inquisitor would huff, showering her with kisses and dragging her off to the roof, where they could sit and cuddle. 

Blackwall - The man had claimed the barn as his own, his place of sleep, his place of wood work and his place of relaxation. He had somehow ended up having it all to himself, though that was not his intention. He wanted to make it clear that he was a soldier like any other. But of course, only special treatment for the Inquisitor’s inner circle. Speaking of the devil, the person in question would saunter in. He’d smile, dusting himself off as he walked over slowly. He’d open his mouth to address them, but well, he didn’t get much of a choice. He was a heavy man, muscle and body wise, but the Inquisitor proved to be more strong than that. He coughed softly, face going red as he dangled for a moment. “Well. Ehem. Hello to you too, Inquisitor.” His feet hit the floor, looking on with a half smile. The Inquisitor would be pleased with that, grinning.

Blackwall (Romanced) - The barn had become more than just his lodging. It had become a memory, a reminder of the night he did his biggest wish and largest regret. Now that he thinks about it, it was foolish. Anyone could have walked in. He shook his head at the thought, grunting softly. But he would be knocked out of his thoughts, eyes slowly turning as he heard the foot steps. Say her name, and she comes. “My lady.” He murmured, already heading over to lure her into a hug or a kiss. And he got exactly that. He blinked, though, because she had a hold of his wrists, he wasn’t able to take control. He watched curiously, his back hitting the wall. And she lifted him up. His face went red, a deep and hearty chuckle left his lips. His legs rested on her waist, an arm slung around her shoulder, and the kiss was soft and light. He’d have it no other way.

Cole -  “Warm, soft and safe, in your arms they can’t hurt, in your arms they are safe. They would have to bend and break your fingers, destroy and shatter the bone. You want to protect us, you want us to be happy, you love us. You want a hug. I would like one too.” The Inquisitor would smile, eyes slightly sad as they picked the boy up. He felt frail, thin. It worried them as they gently rocked on their feet. Cole’s ghostly arms slid around them, giving a warm hug. He said softly, eyes downcast. “You do not need to worry. We are safe. You keep us safe. You help. And we love you too.” The Inquisitor isn’t crying, your crying.

Dorian Pavus - Ah, the pursuit of knowledge. Truly a noble pursuit, really, one of the few out there that remained forever in the ambiguous grey area. You could read to learn how to fight, cook, to kill, to pray, to debate or to help you with a particularly troublesome blister on your arse. And where was Dorian? In the library, of course. His fingers skimmed over the titles, occasionally sighing or rolling his eyes. Truly, the Inquisitor didn’t read these? They were all so…dull. And uninformative. Really, they had to have their own special collection hidden away in that room of there’s because no one but a Free Marcher would pass this off as readable. He heard footsteps, but paid them no mind, continuing his browsing, fingers being wretched away and was that the ground with his feet not on it? Why, yes it was. He noticed the awful beige color of his kidnapper and he chuckled. “Oh my. A poorly dressed brute is carrying me off. Someone, help.” The Inquisitor chuckled, setting him back down. “Predictable. No one helped. My captor themselves had to set me free! Very predictable.” He shot Mother Giselle a look, turning back to his reading.  

Dorian Pavus (Romanced) - Reading had become a lot more complicated now a days. Not because he had lost his will to study, of course not, knowledge was power and he wanted that as much as he wanted gels for his hair and mustache. But, his mind had been on other things. Other someones. An other someone. The Inquisitor. The man was truly something to marvel at, muscle and charm. He sighed softly, holding a hand to his chin. He didn’t even notice, didn’t even hear his approach. The Inquisitor pressed against him and he chuckled, pressing right back. “Oh my. Is that a staff or are you happy to see me?” He would purr, head tipping back for the softest of kisses to the Inquisitors chin. He predicted the next part, feet being swept off the ground, an arm under his knees and one on his back. He laughed heartily, eyes twinkling. “Sweeping me off of my feet like a maiden? I’m already deflowered, you know, your fault of course.” Mother Giselle’s poor eyes. 


Notes: @real-life-dragon-age-trash Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! This was a pleasure to write. Took me an hour. loved this prompt. Love you. 

I don't quite know what this is but I wrote it anyway

 Did I hear @forcearama  request more sad Obi-Wan and Baby Luke? I think I did! Have a very quickly written fic used to distract me from my head cold. This didn’t exactly go where I thought it would, somehow it turned into an AU and shifted character focus on me, but hey the only way you can improve is by practicing right?

It is strange, he thinks. To the untrained eye this is a barren wasteland, miles and miles of sand and rock baked hard under the harsh light of twin suns. And yet… beneath the surface he can feel the  movement of an industious colony of dustbeetles carving out a additional tunnels to accommodate their growing hive. In the next canyon over a herd of banthas is taking shelter from the midday sun, their minds a peaceful balm against the sharp hunger of the krayt dragon that stalks in the shadows. Further out he tracks the passage of a group of Tuskens as they make their way towards a hidden cave system - it looks like they will miss the Jawa sandcrawler, trundling along it’s trade route to the outer settlements. There is life here, all the more precious for its scarcity, and the man who was once Obi-Wan Kenobi takes comfort in that.

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GOT7 reaction - introducing you to the boys for the first time

Shoutout to @xxrissixx for helping me with this reaction! 💖


he would be nervous because he wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable but once they start to make conversation he would feel a lot less on-edge but he would stay to make sure you are ok asking if you needed anything.


He would have a serious “family meeting” with the boys at the dorm when he told them about you. He would be very serious about what he says and as soon at the boys say they accept you, he’d be grinning ear to ear.


He’d be so excited for you to meet the boys for the first time. He’d most likely do it after a dance rehearsal or something very casual. He’d be a bit shy at first but when the boys give their approval he would want to shout it from the rooftops. literally…


He would be serious about it too. However, I see his being the type to be very private about it, even with his members. He would let you meet them, but as far as personal detail go, he would be closed-book. (I know his name isn’t Junior anymore, but this gif is too cute to pass up)


He would let it slip. I know kpop idols prefer to keep things secret, but Youngjae would accidentally tell them and they would immediately want to meet you. He would then introduce you to the boys and get their ‘blessing’


He would be fairly public with his relationship in moderation. I see him telling the boys right away and just not having a secret relationship. That is, as long as management doesn’t say otherwise. (hopefully they’re cool with that)


He would be nervous, not because he doesn’t think they won’t approve, but because he knows he will get the teasing of the century for dating someone. The boys are like his older brothers and he knows that if they find out the “baby” is in a secret relationship, it would only make things difficult.

Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 12

[Pt 1] [Pt 2] [Pt 3] [Pt 4] [Pt 5] [Pt 6] [Pt 7] [Pt 8] [Pt 9] [Pt 10] [Pt 11] [Pt 12] [Pt 13

Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 4,314

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

A/N: Sorry for the wait~ Saranghae~

When Yoongi’s phone buzzes on his nightstand he immediately groans—tired and peeved. Who the fuck is waking him up at—

He cracks his eye open.

–6:30 in the goddamn morning?

Sighing, Yoongi throws his covers to the side and reaches for his phone, squinting when the brightness of his screen momentarily blinds him. He’s only been back in town for one day, so one of his men better not have fucked up with the shipment in Daegu because there’s no fucking way he’s—

Oh. It’s a text from Namjoon.

Frowning curiously, Yoongi sits up and swipes his phone open, clicking on the text message.


I have to take care of some business. Y/N is at my place. Check on her in the morning…please.

Yoongi’s eyebrows raise into his hairline at seeing the slight plea on the end, because Namjoon never really bothers using “please” in any of his orders. Just “thanks” or “see me when you get back”. But…then again, this isn’t really an order—it’s a favor. Yoongi isn’t obligated to come over and check on you, but Namjoon is asking him to because he wants to make sure that you’re safe while he’s away.

The soft-hearted fool.

Rolling his eyes at his friend, Yoongi shuffles out of bed and starts towards the kitchen, scratching his bare chest tiredly. He immediately starts a pot of coffee, not willing to leave without his life blood, and then returns to his room to throw on some real clothing. He settles on his favorite pair of ripped jeans and plain white t-shirt—struggling to get both over his limbs considering that he’s still half-asleep.

Finally getting his clothes situated, Yoongi returns to his kitchen and manages to find a travel mug for his coffee—being sure to pour himself as much as possible for his ride over to Namjoon’s place. After adding sugar and cream, Yoongi grabs his wallet, keys, and handy-dandy handgun, and slips out of his apartment.

The world outside is barely awake and Yoongi is grateful for it, knowing that the trip across town won’t take too long.

Hoping into his car, Yoongi sticks his keys into the ignition and taps the gas the minute the car is on. It’s not that he thinks you’re a bother, and that going to check on you is pointless—because it’s not. He gets why Namjoon would be concerned, after all the trouble he’s had. But Yoongi knows it’s only a matter of time before he has to leave on another assignment, and he wants to get all the sleep he can before that time comes.

A full 15 minute drive later, Namjoon’s building finally comes into view, and Yoongi slows down, turning towards the underground parking structure. He spots a car coming up the ramp as he slips around the corner, and glances up, figuring that he should be paying attention in case some random man or woman waves a friendly good morning to him.

But who he finds in the oncoming car is no random person. In fact, he knows this man’s face all too well.

“Fuck–!” he curses, slamming the gear shift into reverse just as Jimin floors the gas and zooms past him. Immediately, Yoongi narrows his eyes and scans Jimin’s car as he flies up the cement.

He spots a body lying in the backseat.


Tires squealing against the pavement, Yoongi begins his pursuit, heart thundering against his chest. What does Jimin want with you? Yoongi knows that Jimin and Taehyung are friends, but as far as Yoongi knows, Taehyung has no use for you—he only likes to play around and mess with things that aren’t his. And Jimin would never come to pay you a casual visit at Namjoon’s apartment like this—the risk of getting caught and killed is too great.

Then…who the fuck had hired Jimin to nab you?!

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“<Why wouldn’t Yeerks be speaking Yeerk or whatever?> I asked.

<I don’t know,> Ax admitted. <But the standard speech synthesizers use Galard. Maybe they acquired less sophisticated speech synthesizers. Sometimes it’s easier to get older, less cutting-edge technology.>

<You mean they bought speech synthesizers on sale?> Rachel asked.

<At the Pluto Wal-Mart,> Marco said.”

- Book #14: The Unknown, pg. 108 (by K.A. Applegate)

Something about you

Newt meets Tina and Queenie’s sister, who has been blind since birth.

This will be a multi chapter fic, I hope you all enjoy it.  

 part two

Part three

Part four

Part five


Originally posted by stallingdemons

Newt cautiously made his way into the pub behind Tina, Queenie and Jacob. This place was far more his cup of tea than the blind pig, a log fire crackled, giving the place a warm orange glow, a welcome contrast to the bitter cold outside. the wallpaper was peeling slightly at the top corners, beautiful soft piano music drifted in the air; it reminded him of the type of place that his father would frequent.

Queenie and Tina immediately strolled over to the piano, where y/n sat, playing beautifully, their dresses sparking as the beading caught the light. Newt had briefly met her a couple of nights ago, but that had been it, and after all that had happened since then, newt felt it was only right that he take you all out for a thank you drink.

It was Queenie who had suggested this place, insisting that newt and her younger sister would get along famously. Tina however wasn’t too keen, she seemed especially protective of y/n, not that she thought that newt or Jacob would do anything to hurt her. It seemed to be out of habit more than anything else, people were careless and don’t tend to think before they speak. She just wanted to protect her youngest sister from the cruelty in the world, she had known so much of it already from such a young age, it didn’t seem right that she should have any more.

Newt and Jacob got the drinks, letting the sisters chat for a few moments before the youngest began playing again. Newt let the music wash over him, allowing it to carry him away to some far off place, before Queenie’s bright voice brought him back to earth. “thanks for the drinks honey, y/n will be finishing up soon, then she can join us.’ Newt smiled slightly, something about the youngest Goldstein intrigued him, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was.

A smile on her face, Queenie began chatting, keeping newt from becoming nervous, he was occasionally grateful for her legilimency, only occasionally mind you.

Before too long, the music drew to a close, and y/n stood and took a small bow to the hand full of people Sat closest to the small stage. Queenie and Tina were by far the loudest, giving whistles and whoops along with their applause, she blushed furiously on the stage, as she patted her leg for her bloodhound, Toby to help to clear her way and to guide her to where her friends were sitting.  

Both sisters stood, embracing their blushing sibling, ‘you were wonderful honey bunny’, Queenie praised ‘as you always are’ Tina added with a smile.

Y/n managed a small wave from behind her sisters backs, to newt and Jacob. Newt returned the wave with a smile stupidly, before remembering that he would have to use his voice. “good evening, you did play fantastically’ newt managed to choke out through his embarrassment, her smile widened, she seemed to light up the room, giving the fire a helping hand.

A large wet nose pulled newt from his thoughts, Toby poked his head between newts legs from under the slightly sticky table. “hello Toby, did you enjoy listening to your mummy play? It was lovely wasn’t it.’ The large dog licked at his hands as he murmured to him, as he was smiling down at the sweet tempered blood hound, he felt someone brush against his arm. “sorry’ y/n mumbled ‘that’s quite alright’ newt wondered if the lovely woman sitting next to him could sense him looking at her with curiosity and admiration.

Newt concluded that she could, as her cheeks flushed with a rosy glow, she cleared her throat slightly as she tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. “teenie told me all about the misplacement of your creatures, I’m pleased they’re all home safe and sound.’ Her tone was light but genuine, newt chuckled as he scratched behind Toby’s floppy ears. They chatted about a great many things, music, newts creatures, school, where newt planned to travel to next  and your families, as Queenie and Jacob danced and Tina chatted with a friend at the bar, occasionally glancing back to make sure that her youngest sister was alright.

“would you like to dance?’ newt asked a little awkwardly, he had noticed your hand tapping to the beat of the jazz as you swayed along. “oh, are you sure, I mean you don’t have to. I’m not very good’ she rambled slightly, newt smiled ‘of course, I’m terrible as well so we can be bad dancers together’ Newt managed to put a little more confidence in his voice than he was actually feeling.

She offered him her hand, newt took it gently, his rough fingers ghosting over her knuckles, Newt barely heard it but she let out a tiny breathy gasp. He guided her to the dance floor, he stayed towards the edge, so people were less likely to bump into you. He laced your fingers together and placed her hand on his shoulder before he placed his own on her back. He began leading her in a simple dance,she fit perfectly into him. He could feel her fingers gliding over the fabric of his jacket and the skin of his work worn hand.

Yes their was definitely something fascinating  about the woman currently dancing in his arms.


Have a great day and be safe

Certain As The Sun: A Feysand Fic Part 3

My laptop is about to die and I forgot my charger at school so I won’t be able to update again until Monday so HERE YOU GO!


Tamlin and Lucien left to meet the King of Hybern five days ago, and in those five days I had been perfecting my plans.

I had been sure to act as “normally” as possible. Sitting in the garden, painting, finishing wedding plans, and of course missing Tamlin terribly and behaving as if I didn’t know what to do without him by my side.

“I’m sure he’ll be all right, Lady Feyre,” Alis had reassured me. We had been sitting in my room, Alis sewing up a new dress for me while I sat and pretended to read.

I sighed. “I don’t know, Alis. I just feel—”And then I had forced myself to vomit all over the floor. Alis had gone into panic mode, calling servants to clean up the mess immediately and forcing me to get into bed.

Later on that night, when she came to my rooms to serve me dinner, she asked, “I have noticed that you’ve been eating quite a bit more since you’ve arrived, Feyre…I can’t help but to wonder if maybe…”

I looked up from my soup, eyes wide. “If what, Alis?”

She sat on the edge of my bed, and I nearly vomited again at the sight of the uncontainable excitement shining in her eyes. “Perhaps you’re…well, pregnant!” I stayed silent. “Oh, I know it’s extremely difficult for Fae females to conceive, but since you’re returned Tamlin hasn’t been able to keep his hands off you. I know that’s how Fae males are when the Mating Bond first snaps into place.” I forced myself not to cringe at her words.

No. Instead I smiled broadly, shaking my head. “I know Tamlin wants children. Plenty of them. And badly. But it’s better not to get our hopes up just yet. It’s not my time of the month yet for a few weeks. By then we’ll know for sure,” I said. “Still, it would be really exciting if I was pregnant.”

Alis nodded enthusiastically. “Ugh! Just to think when I first met you, you were no more than a mortal girl with nothing but hate in her heart for Fae kind. And now look at you! There may be a little High Lord in the making inside you!”

That was two days ago. I had requested that neither Alis nor anyone else bother me, as I was feeling particularly unwell and wanted as little interaction as possible. When Alis had asked if it was because Tamlin was away, I’d only nodded and blushed and smiled sheepishly. “It’s quite all right, my dear,” she’d said. “I’ve heard of Fae experiencing symptoms as if they were sick when separated from their mates.”

I’d quickly learned that if there was anything I wanted to get away with, I had only to mention Tamlin’s names and all the suspicions would magically disappear. They never dared question him. I was found snooping about outside? Oh, I was picking roses I thought would look great for the High Lord’s residence. I didn’t want anyone disturbing me while I was locked away in my rooms? I simply had to explain that I was setting up something particularly special for Tamlin and it would completely ruin the surprise if anyone knew. I could use his name to cheat Death herself and come away scott free.

It was well into the night when I had locked the door to my rooms, setting in place a perfect illusion of me sleeping soundly on the bed should Alis come to check in on me. It was like a shimmering veil over my actual room. Anyone who touched the door handle would suddenly find themselves inside my room, with me sleeping soundly and without a single care in the world.

Quiet as death, I left my rooms and down towards the kitchens. It would have been much easier for me to just winnow outside, but that required energy I was saving until I got to the defining line between the Spring and Summer Courts. It was oddly quiet and empty without Tamlin here. In fact, had I not known any better I could have sworn things felt almost as they did before I’d defeated Amarantha and set all the Faerie Realm free from her harrowing curse.

I made it to the kitchens without running into any servants, whom all seemed to be a bit less on edge without their High Lord around. It was as I was making my way towards the hidden staircase that lead out of the castle that I heard two voices. Both of them I recognized to be cooks that worked in the kitchens. I don’t know what it was, but something urged me to pause, to listen.

“—and High Lord Tamlin believes that all the planning will be done a few weeks, perhaps even a month ahead of schedule. Lady Feyre had been doing so well with it, and she seems to be just as excited as he is, why wait?”

The second voice let out a thoughtful hum. “Well if you ask me, he’s way too good for her. I mean, did you hear what she did Under the Mountain? Killed two, nearly three Fae in cold blood and didn’t look back. Didn’t regret it one bit. I know she did it for Tamlin and the Faerie Realm and everything, but I just don’t know how I feel about a murderer being a Lady. And Lady of the Spring Court, no less.”

The first cook chuckled. “And just who do you suggest to take her place? You?”

I could practically see the second cook’s smile as she said, “Why not? I think I’d make a damn good Lady. Jacinda, Lady of the Spring Court. I think it has quite a nice ring to it, actually.” There was a slight pause. “Not to mention I’d give anything to know what Tamlin is like behind closed doors. I’ve heard he’s amazing in bed.”

The first cook scoffed. “And just where did you hear that from?” Another pause.

“Okay I’ll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone,” said the second cook, her voice lowering. I focused my hearing and leaned closer to hear her as she said, “If Feyre finds out, Mother knows what could happen.

There are a few of the servants who’ve said, while Feyre was away at the Night Court, they’d seen Ladies from other Courts come and visit the palace. They’d always leave before dawn, and when the servants went to clean the High Lord’s rooms, they found…evidence.”

The first cook gasped. “But what about Lady Fey—”

“Lady Feyre,” the first one interrupted, “was gone for months, Evie. Tamlin wasn’t even sure she’d ever return back here. He is a man, you know. A Fae male. They have their needs just as much as the next person.”

I couldn’t stand to hear any more. Without a second thought, I hurried down the steps of the hidden passageway and left the kitchen and the two gossiping cooks behind. I quickly grew farther and farther away from the palace as I moved through the cold, dark, and dank passage. Had it not been for my Fae senses I would have been helplessly lost.

Eventually, I came to a halt as three different passages came before me. The one to my right was entirely dark, not a sound coming from it. The one directly in front of me had sounds of bustling people. The one to my left had sounds of rushing water; a river. I had planned this all out days before, and knew that that was the one that was going to lead me away from the Spring Court.

The passage was short, and upon arriving at the end of it there was an old gate with a rusted lock on it. One tug with my Fae strength and it easily gave way, the gate creaking so loudly I was sure the servants in the palace were going to hear, find me, and haul me back.

I quickly ducked through, finding myself standing no more than a few feet from the river I had heard. However loud it was, it did nothing to cover up the sounds of beasts prowling through the woods. It was then that I noticed I was still dressed in a ridiculous dress, my hair and makeup still done from when Alis had fixed me up earlier. I was heartbeats away from stripping off the dress, releasing my hair from the pins that were holding them up, and leaving the gaudy jewelry, along with the dress and pins, right there in the woods.

It was then that I heard a rustling and low growling in the bushes to my right. I’d have to run in the dress, it seemed. I didn’t wait to see what might have made those noises, sprinting in the direction I knew would take me towards the border.

Growls and shrieks and other ghastly, frightening noises filled my ears as I ran, but I forced myself to focus on nothing more than pushing my legs to go faster, telling myself that I could afford to get caught and sent back, not when I had already made it so far.

It seemed to take centuries, but eventually I made it to the Summer Court. It had crossed my mind to inform Tarquin of my escape plan, whom had become a reliable friend and invaluable ally during my time in the Spring Court, but decided against it. If anything were to happen I didn’t want anyone to be able to track things back to him and he suffer for it.

I wasn’t winded by the time I made it, but I did notice I was more tired without Rhys and Cassian’s daily training. Spending my time inside and plotting Tamlin and the King of Hybern’s downfall left little time for practice.

The last time I had used my shapeshifting abilities, courtesy of the High Pain In the Ass of the Night Court himself, I had been practicing with said pain in the ass and had managed to stay in the air for quite an impressive amount of time before I became too tired and landed.

I focused now on using that part of me, summoning midnight black Illyrian wings to carry me over the lands of the Summer and Winter Courts before I’d winnow through the Dawn and Day Courts. With it all laid bare before me like that, I considered turning back. I only had until tonight—tomorrow at dawn at the most—to make it to the Night Court and back.

And not get caught.

Before I could convince myself to turn back I spread out my wings, a grin like a cheshire cat on my lips, and launched into the sky.


By the time I made it to the Dawn Court, my wings felt like they were going to fall off. I wasn’t sure I had enough energy to winnow through both the Dawn and the Day Courts; I couldn’t risk checking into an inn and being recognized, so I winnowed into a tree, sat down, and was barely able to settle down before my eyelids began to droop.


When I woke it was still dark, though I knew I had slept longer than I had planned. I climbed higher up the three, eyes searching for the moon. I quickly found it, judging by it’s position that it had to be nearly ten.

Hopping down from the tree, I allowed myself to stretch, my senses slowly coming back to me before I winnowed as far as I possibly could. Again and again and again until I was almost at the edge of the Dawn Court. I rested for another thirty minutes, minutes that seemed to be as precious as stones. I hadn’t wanted to, but if I didn’t I knew I’d burn out and never make it to the Night Court.

Summoning my wings again, I flew for what could have been minutes or hours or days. It wasn’t until I felt a tug in my chest, almost as if something, somewhere was beckoning to me, that I knew I had made it to the Night Court.

Those familiar snow-capped mountains greeted me, and as I flew I saw parts of my home that I had never been given time to explore. Parts of the Night Court I was sure Rhysand would have taken me to visit had the circumstances been different.

And then a thought struck me so hard my wings stopped working for a moment, and I was freefalling.

I was in the Night Court. I was home. I was going to see Rhysand. My mate. 

My husband.

I pushed myself harder, faster, and it didn’t take long before the deep purples and blues and pearl hues of the lights of Velaris were winking at me. A sight I thought I’d never see again. And…


Right there was the house I had come to know as home. And Rhysand was inside it. I could tell. I could feel it.

I landed on the balcony of the dining room, my heart hammering in my chest as I heard voices coming from inside. 

“—I will do all I can to help, or die trying.”

“For Feyre.” Mor.

“For our High Lady.” Cassian.

Walking further into the building, arms crossed over my chest, I entered my home.

“Are you talking shit again, Cassian?”