Another Place consists of one hundred cast-iron, life-size figures (cast from artist Antony Gormley’s naked body), spread out along three kilometers of the Mersey river shore, stretching almost one kilometre out to sea.

A few of the statues were recently clothed for a short time when Edge Hill University students dressed the statues in costumes replicating different time periods. The costumes were removed, and figures re-exposed when the tide came in.

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Anyone want to go to Edge Hill University in September 2013?

Please message me if you are applying there :D I want to study Film and TV Production, so it would be even better if you want to study the same course!

I just want to see if there’s anyone on tumblr that I can chat to about Edge Hill and then possibly meet if we do go there next year!

I love it so much and would be SO EXCITED if I got in, it’s unbelievable…

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

Edge Hill University! 

This is officially my first choice for study abroad. Of the three schools to choose from, one’s in London (my second choice) and one’s in Scotland. This one is a mere half-hour from Manchester and two hours from London. It’s perfect for me and such a beautiful campus. Major plus, it’s a huge draw for international students, meaning I’ll not only be learning the ways of the British, but the cultures of other international students, too! 

I started crying when I was looking at the website. I’m going to be a mess when I step off that plane and I won’t regret it one bit! 

Oh, and here’s a picture of the main building looking like something out of a Bronte novel: