edge wheels

The streetlight flickers in your glasses and the scent of your old t-shirt lingers on my lips. I feel my foot nervously tapping, it doesn’t match the beat of this song. I’m uncomfortable. My mind is racing, too much is happening. Your voice shatters the white noise my brain has formed from the whir of the lights above us, now all I can focus on is the rise and fall of your chest. My fingers are quietly tapping the edge of the steering wheel. I’m uncomfortable. The music is too loud, but I can still hear your breathing. My phone won’t stop buzzing from underneath my thigh, I can’t hear it over your laugh. The same thought repeatedly echoes through my mind. Please don’t be my favorite almost, please don’t be my favorite almost…
—  Letter #2
||13 Missed Calls, No Voicemails||

Rainbow Basher headcanon (you know, Mabel’s new truck):

Mabel is going to be even more of a terror to all evildoers, right? At least as long as they stay outside to do their evil deeds… Or at least that’s what they think at first.

Now I’m imagining a bunch of cultists preparing a sacrifice in some dank cellar and a truck just popping up out of nowhere, flattening some cultists in the process. (Thanks Dipper!)

Imagine the rumours that could eventually surround it. (It can go anywhere, it can show up anytime. The Rainbow Basher doesn’t adhere to the rules of physics. Its wheels are edged with fire, its music breaks your mind. It goes where it is needed and its truck bed never leaves empty.)
And after Mabel’s gone, the Rainbow Basher lives on in legend, appearing here and there. Sometimes with a driver, sometimes without.

(One of the leading demonologists of the world discovers it can be summoned, and therefore theorizes it’s actually Car, Basher of Rainbows, a low-level demon in Alcor’s employ).