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for the blurrb thing 'do you ever think about marrying me?' <3

Do you ever think about marrying me?

“Do you ever think about getting married?” Shawn asked you, turning down the music in his car.

His question surprised you quite a lot. You turned your head, gazing over at him sitting in the seat beside you. His shy eyes met yours shortly, before looking back on the road.

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The 2018 Mustang GT Performance Pack Level 2

Evenings in the garage. Weekends at the track. Gearheads everywhere can appreciate the extra time and effort the Mustang team took to quickly prototype and hone the Performance Pack Level 2 for the new 2018 Ford Mustang GT.

Longtime tire and wheel engineer Chauncy Eggleston led development of unique 19-inch wheels that help provide notable steering and handling response improvements. Mustang veteran Jonathan Gesek, former aerodynamics specialist at NASA and now with Ford’s aerodynamics group, spearheaded development of a high-performance front splitter and rear spoiler. And Jamie Cullen, Ford supervisor for vehicle dynamics development, led test efforts to ensure ultra-responsive steering, braking & handling performance.

The result of their covert efforts is available to order now and will reach North American showrooms this spring when pony car enthusiasts can get the new 2018 Ford Mustang GT with Performance Pack Level 2, a collection of drive-enhancing components designed for – and by – people who love the thrill of taking the wheel of a true performance car.

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The Secret (10)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

You tried not to be hurt by Baekhyun’s rejection, to carry on as normal and focus your attention on Zoe, but when you were alone with nothing to distract you, your mind seemed to drift back to the moment he walked out of your apartment. That night, you cried for what felt like hours until you were empty, reflecting on the mess you’d made of your life. And then in the morning, you woke up to Zoe singing in her bedroom and pushed your feelings to the side.

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Authors: @2moms-0fucks and @piecesofscully

Rating: Teen

Chapter Word Count: ~6,000

“Like watching a dream, the sounds and movements around her are exaggerated with each passing millisecond. Muffled sounds. People moving in slow motion. If Dana Scully is ever asked one day to explain the events on the bridge, she won’t know what to tell them.”

Notes: This is our gift to the fandom. Patty and I have spent 8 months working on this monster, and while there were times when we didn’t think we’d be able to finish it, we believed in the story we were telling – and even more so, we wanted to share it with you all. It’s our love for the show, its characters, and our desperate needs for redemption in their emotional arcs that led us to write this. And so, we share it with you. A special thanks to @bohoartist for helping to beta this beast, giving us your honest feedback and helping us to write to the best of our abilities. Countless love and appreciation to everyone else who listened to our bitching and moaning these last 8 months. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. 


Cars sit bumper to bumper along the two-way road that leads to the bridge. The night ahead of them is flooded with a sea of red lights, glowing and flickering as the cluster of drivers tap on their brakes to scoot ahead inch by inch. For miles and miles, horns blare angrily as fearful motorists do all they can to move. Gridlock enslaves the city and it’s outskirts as everyone attempts to evacuate, all too fearful of being the next victim, the next target.

The weathered truck sits idly and its headlights reflect off the car only inches from his front bumper. Years of being parked under the hot sun has aged the blue paint of the truck’s hood, oxidizing and chipping the once vibrant color, leaving it stripped bare and dull before its time. As the owner of the truck scratches his thick and prickly beard that was quickly becoming more gray than brown, he smirks to himself that his beloved truck isn’t the only thing aging prematurely. He lifts his chin to look in the rearview mirror, and his blue eyes stare back at him, their edges lined and wrinkled from harsh living conditions under the sun. When did he get so fucking old?

“This will be our final broadcast before we head off air here in a sec–” a shaky voice speaks to them from the speakers. “The station wants us to play a clip on a loop…something about a vaccine being made…I don’t know–” the announcer trails off, and the older man in the cab reaches forward to turn up the volume. His young passenger sits up, eyes glued to the green numbers on the small radio.

“From everyone here at KDCR, we wish everyone…,” the voice pauses, and the radio silence is dead air for seconds on end. Finally, the shaky voice returns, his message simple. “God help us.” Then nothing.

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A Virgin - Charles Xavier x Reader

Requested by anonymous

Prompt: "Did you really think I would love you less because you’ve never had sex before?“

A/N: I’ve been gone a long time because I suck, SORRY. I hope this imagine isn’t total trash and that you guys will actually enjoy it. It’s a little bit short…oops..I love you all

Originally posted by pr0paganda

You were taking quick strides down the corridors of the Xavier Institute, hoping and praying that you wouldn’t run into a certain psychic. Rounding the last corner, you saw your bedroom straight ahead, but to your horror, he was in the middle of the hallway speaking with one of his students. You tried your hardest to go unnoticed, but luck was not in your favor.

“Y/N?” His soft voice asked. 

You attempted to avoid eye contact and gave an awkward smile, immediately looking to the floor.

He turned back towards the young mutant. “Kurt, will you please excuse me?”

“Yes sir, Professor.” He replied in his thick German accent.

Your stomach flipped as he wheeled towards you, a charming smile on his face. Although he seemed happy to see you, something in his eyes seemed like worry. “May I speak to you in private?” His voice sounded more nervous than usual. Your cheeks heated up and you nodded. After a few moments, you realized your feet were still planted in the same spot.

“Er…to your room, then?” He mumbled.

“Right, sorry,” You hurried past him and headed to your door. He followed you inside and you peered out the doorway, making sure no one saw the two of you before you closed it.

You thought about how you would rather die then have this conversation. Filled with dread, you dragged your feet towards the bed and sat down on the edge of it. He wheeled himself closer and sat across from you, looking at you with concern.

“Do you want to tell me what happened last night?”

“I would honestly rather not.” You anxiously played with your fingers.

“You just ran away, (Y/N)…and I want to know why. Was it something I did? Something I said?”

You rolled your eyes and sighed. “No, Charles. You didn’t do anything. I just…” You trailed off and embarrassment washed over you, making it impossible for you to finish your sentence.

“You just what?” 

“Things got a bit…heated and I didn’t want to give you…false hope.” 

He looked at you in confusion.

You took a deep breath. “I’m just afraid that you’ll get bored with me because…well because I’ve never had sex before and it’s just so humiliating how nervous I am about it. And even though I’m falling in love with you, I still don’t think I’m completely ready.” You held your head in your hands, not daring to meet his vibrant eyes.

To your surprise, he started laughing. Feeling hurt, you looked at him in a mixture of anger and disgust. “What the hell is so funny?” You raised your voice.

His laughter faded but a prominent smile remained on his face. He reached out and pulled your hands into his lap, running soothing circles over them. “Did you really think that I would love you any less because you’re a virgin?” 

“Well…you’re obviously not one so I figured you would want someone experienced, okay?”

“How do you know I’m not one? I am paralyzed, you know.” He chuckled.

“I can read minds, you know.” You shot back. “And with those thoughts, you’re definitely not one.”

He chuckled and pulled you towards him, gesturing that he wanted you to sit on his lap. 

You sat dow and leaned your head back on his shoulder. “(Y/N), I love everything about you. And this doesn’t change my feelings for you at all. You being a virgin is so…” he trailed off, searching for the word, “hot.”

You laughed and leaned your head up to look at him. “You really don’t mind waiting?”

“Of course I don’t. If anything, it makes me want you more. I’d love to be your first.” He squeezed your waist. You blushed and leaned back into him. “Because I love you and you’re so very special to me. I know it’s important to you and I would never rush you into anything you’re not ready for.”

You smiled and reached up to kiss his cheek. “Just be patient with me, Charles.”

“No worries, my love.” He pressed his cheek to the top of your head and gave you another tight squeeze. 

Break Up Novella


I truly am blown away by the amount of interest the first part of this novella. I’m hoping you guys are enjoying, I’d love to hear what you think so please let me know, here we have the second part, and I hope you enjoy! x 


NOVEMBER 4, 2015

Harry had never felt so broken, at least he didn’t think he ever has.

The last time he remembered being so broken was when his parents split when he was younger, but he couldn’t control that, that had nothing to do with him.

But this.

This had everything to do with him.

He was the reason your relationship was done with.

This love that the two of you worked so tirelessly for, he ruined.

He ruined it with words he didn’t mean. Words that were jumbled out due to the heat of the moment, stress and a heavy load of tiredness. 

He wished, so strongly, that maybe if he hoped enough, he’d open his eyes and see that nothing had happen. That you’d be right beside him in bed, cuddled close, soft snores escaping your lips.

But who was he kidding, that was the dream, but he had to face reality.

He had messed up.

He messed up so bad to the point where he made you feel unloved and not cared for.

He messed up by doing one simple thing, staying quiet.

He didn’t go after you when you shoved past him that night. He didn’t say the words ‘I love you’ when you were doubting it. He didn’t fight for you, like he should have.

Then he had a second chance, the morning after, when you came back. But the expression written on your face told him, that you were a matter of fact, done with him. You could barely look him in the eye, and that’s what made him want to go sick. 

A person that, back a few months and years ago, you’d constantly adore, and love on, was now just a memory, that you seemed to want nothing to do with, and he didn’t blame you. 

He was selfish. He thought more of himself, and not of you, and that’s not what a relationship was. A relationship, is two people working together, to build something, together. Doing things together. Figuring things out together, and while he was lying in bed, wallowing in his thoughts, he realized that he left you doing it all alone, a long time ago.

He sighed, switching his position in his bed, and looking at his bed side table. The sun had just came up, the birds chirping and tweeting as he laid there, staring at the one thing he hadn’t been able to tear his eyes off of. 

A photo.

His favorite photo.

It was of you.

He had taken it on your third date, he insisted that he take you out to the carnival that night. You were both on the Ferris Wheel. Him being afraid of heights, he did everything but look down, but you? You were enamored by the whole thing. 

The people below you, the smoke coming from the small booths where food was being fried and served. The twinkling lights of the other carnival rides and everything else.

So he decided to snapshot that moment, with a smile.

It was a photo of you looking over the edge of the Ferris Wheel cart the two of you were in, hair aligned nicely down your back, as you just admired what was below you.

It was his favorite picture, one, because you were in it, and two, because it showed how happy you were, and that’s all he ever wanted.

His day could be an absolute load of crap, but coming home, to see you smiling? Well that’d flip his whole day around, and he would no longer be down.

His phone had rung for what seemed to be the millionth time, except this time, it wasn’t his mother, it wasn’t his sister, it was Niall.

He debated on answering the phone, but then realizing he’d have to admit as to what actually happen, he decided to let it ring and go to voicemail.

Finally, after what seemed to be like hours, there was finally silence.

No birds chirping, no phones ringing, just him and silence.

You sighed, eyes still glued to the picture on his bedside table, tears beginning to blur his vision, as the feeling of emptiness filled his chest again and he was reminded on how much he actually missed you.

* *

The pounding on the door had woken him from his slumber.

He looked at the clock, seeing it was a quarter to four, and he decided not to move. He figured it was just someone delivering something and if he didn’t get up and answer the door, they’d leave.

But the knocking persisted, and Harry let out a loud groan, shifting out his bed, wincing at how sore his muscles actually were from staying in bed for the last week, and barely moving, only to go to the toilet, and maybe put a little food in his body. 

Approaching the door, he swung it open to reveal Niall.

“Well there you are, mate! Thought you were dead or something” he laughed. “Although it does smell like something died in here…” he cringed, looking past Harry’s shoulder to see the house in somewhat of order, then looking back to Harry.

He looked like a mess.

His hair disheveled, eyes heavy, clothes hung crookedly on his body, all wrinkled. 

Bags prominent under his eyes, tear stains on his cheeks, cheeks ashen, he just didn’t look like himself. 

“Mate, what happen to you?” he questioned, eyeing him up and down.

“Nothing” Harry muttered. “Why are you here?” he asked him.

“Well you weren’t answerin’ me phone calls, and your sister and Anne said the same, so I figured I’d pop by and see what’s goin’ on” he replied. “Everything good?”

“Everything’s dandy” Harry replied sarcastically, walking away from the door and towards the living room sitting on the couch, hearing the front door close and footsteps near the living room. 

“Where’s the missus?”

Harry’s heart faltered, body going numb.

He licked his lips, staying quiet for a moment, before sighing. 

“She’s gone” he told Niall, with a sigh, and closing his eyes, before knuckling at them to make sure he didn’t cry.

“What do you mean she’s gone? Like out to the store?” he questioned further, not really understanding what Harry meant. 

“No, Niall!” he shouted suddenly. “She’s gone! She’s out my life! She left! She’s gone!” he replied loudly, lips quivering as this was the first time he said it aloud and Niall froze.

Fuck” he heard Harry mutter, as he sniffled and wiped his eyes, looking down at his feet, not wanting one of his good friends to see him like this.

“God, mate. What happen?” he whispered, sitting beside him and looking at him, trying to figure out what to say, but really, he didn’t know what to say. 

He didn’t think he’d ever have to console Harry through a situation like this, because he thought you were going to be forever. Harry always talked about how happy you made him, how whenever he walked by a jewelry store, he’d pop in sometimes just to look at some of the engagement rings to see if anything sparked interest. He always mentioned how he knew you had a box stashed away under your bed of wedding and home decor magazines that you had tabbed off, on what your dream dress looked like, and the color scheme you’d want, and how you’d want your house to look like, with the big claw foot bathtub, and how he’d give it to all of you in the future, and quite possibly the near future.

So with Harry telling him that you two were done with, was something he never expected to hear.

“I fucked up, okay?” Harry told him brokenly. “We got into an argument, I was tired, and it got heated really fast, and I said things that I shouldn’t have said, and god” he whimpered, heart breaking, bringing him back to that night. “I basically made it out to seem like I don’t love her, and that’s the last thing I’d ever want her to think, because it’s not true” he sniffed.

“God, mate! Why would you be so stupid” Niall uttered. “The girl loves the hell out of you” he uttered, shaking his head.

“You don’t think I know that?” Harry questioned, voice slightly rising but then apologizing, because he knew Niall was right, and there was no reason to be rude towards him. 

“Have you talked to her?” Niall asked him. He shook his head. “I’ve tried calling her, but every time I do, it goes straight to voicemail, and I don’t have the heart to say anything…I don’t even know what I’d say” he answered sadly. “She’s ignoring my texts, I just – I don’t know what to do at this point…it makes it seem like she really wants nothing to do with me and wants to move on.”

Niall sighed, not wanting to say what he had to say next.

“So then maybe…it’s time to move on” he softly suggested, and Harry looked up at him with wide eyes. Eyes that read hurt, and astonishment from his comment. 

“I can’t just move on from her, Niall!” he groaned. “I’ve been with her for almost two years! I can’t just throw something out like that!”

“And I’m not saying you have too!” he replied quickly. “At least not now, but give it time, and maybe you’ll see that maybe it was for the best, and if you two are meant to be, you’ll find your way back to each other.” he finished.

Harry sighed, knuckling at his eye.

“I had a ring in mind for her…” Harry told Niall quietly. “Didn’t tell anyone, because I didn’t want anyone to say anything by accident, but there was a ring I saw at the jewelers a couple months ago, and I’ve had my eye on it ever since” 

“Harry…” Niall whispered, heart sinking, and chest going numb.

His best friend was going through the unimaginable right now, and there was nothing he could do about it. 

* *

You had been getting constant text messages and phone calls from multiple people, but mostly Harry, but you couldn’t bear the idea of answering his phone call and facing him. After all, after what he said to you, or more so didn’t say, made you think that there was nothing to fight for.

Grazing your finger over all the text messages he’s been sending you, you pressed your texts between you and him and were flooded with a load of messages. 

Please, answer your phone. We have to talk.

Come on love, I’m sorry. I miss you, please.

I can’t sleep without you here, please come back home.

I miss you so much, I need you to know how sorry I am, I didn’t mean a word of it.

Alright, don’t answer, but know, that I love you, and I’m not going to stop fighting for you.

You squeezed your eyes shut, locking your phone and letting a tear slip down your cheek. 

Did you answer? 

Did you not?

Your thoughts were disturbed when there was a ringing sounding through your laptop, and it was a video call from your best friend, Lucy.

You smiled softly, wiping at your cheeks to wipe away the stray tears before pressing the accept button. Seconds later, her face appeared along with the sounds of her husband, singing in the pool. You giggled quietly, waving to her as she vaguely told him to ‘shut up!’

Well hello, hello” you chuckled, and she rolled her eyes. “Hey, my love! Apologizes for that horrendous singing you just had to endure, we went to the karaoke bar the other night, and ever since then, Ethan seems to think that he could actually sing” he chuckled. 

“Oh, he’s not that bad! Let the man enjoy!” you told her, hearing a loud holler of a “thanks, love! I agree!’ behind Lucy. 

“So, what’s been up with you? Enjoying the Maldives?” you asked her. “Oh yes, it’s so beautiful. We’ve been out in the ocean practically every day, the food is amazing” he sighed contently. “But I feel like I should be asking you that question…I’ve seen a lot of stuff online…” she cautiously brought up, and you bit your lip, snuggling deeper into your hoodie. 

“Uh, yeah” you whispered. 

“What happen?” she warily questioned, and you sighed. “We got into a big fight, and one thing led to the other, and we kind of broke up” you explained. “He basically made it aware that he didn’t love me anymore, so I found no reason to stay anymore” you gulped, nodding your head sadly, wiping at your tired and now wet eyes. “But it’s alright” you continued. “I’ll find someway to be okay, hopefully” you whispered. 

“Oh, babe” she frowned. “I don’t know what to say…I didn’t think there’d ever be an end to the two of you.” you nodded as a tear slipped down your cheek. “Neither did I” you replied, as your voice cracked and you sniffled. 

“Alright, I don’t want to be a banter to your vacation, so you enjoy with Ethan! Send him my love” you smiled softly. She nodded, blowing you a kiss as you waved goodbye and pressed the end button on the video call. 

* *

NOVEMBER 25, 2015

He was sat at the bar, on his fifth beer. 

He had hoped that that nagging in his chest would stop once he was in on his third beer, but everything but that went fuzzy.

His brain was fuzzy, eyes hooded, music thumping around him, everything changing as he kept the beers coming, but the one thing that stayed the same, was that feeling in his chest. The heavy, unwanting feeling that he felt was pulling him down, a feeling he hadn’t felt in a while, a feeling he wanted to just simply go away, even if it were just for the night. 

“Alone tonight too?” a voice spoke beside him as he raised his head from where it was hung observing the speckles on the counter top of the bar. 

“Mhm” he hummed, looking at the woman to put a face to the point. He cleared his throat when he looked at her, seeming as if he was trying to, look better, for this woman? 

She was beautiful. Soft features, long legs, hair slightly curled, draping past her legs, soft smile and pearly white teeth. Clothes tight around her middle, but it seemed to suit her for the night. 

“You?” he asked her, and she nodded. “Blind date ended up not showing…so…” she chuckled, pondering a bit. “Mind if I sit with you? You seem like you could use some company” she told him, and he nodded. “Yes please” he waved his hand up to the bartender. “One beer for this pretty lady” he smirked lopsidedly, over at the woman of which he didn’t know the name of, but five almost six beers deep, he didn’t seem to really care.

* *

“Mm, hold on” he mumbled against her lips, lifting us bum up a bit taking the keys out his pocket. “Sorry” he sheepishly smiled. “Keys were pokin’ in me bum” he laughed drunkenly. “Now where were we?” he winked, pulling her down back to him, pulling up the dividing screen between the driver and the both of them in the back seat so they could get some privacy. 

Pulling her even closer, she grind her hips against his as he moaned into her mouth. “’Ma make you feel sooo good tonight” he slurred into her ear, grasping at her bum and rolling them in his hands. She moaned, throwing her head back for a second, lips being placed on his neck, sucking the peppered skin, being sure there’d be a mark in the morning. 

The driver pulled in front of Harry’s house, and the two of you, as quickly as drunkenly possible, booked it out the car and up the stairs of his home. 

As he placed her onto his bed, attending to her as he felt she deserved, he couldn’t help but feel that this was a bit wrong. Surely, it wasn’t. He wasn’t with you anymore, so he wasn’t cheating. But he still felt like he was betraying you. You had been separated for a little over a month, but still it felt wrong, but the alcohol in his body, and the tightness in his pants told him otherwise. 

“’re you okay?” he asked her. “Not hur’in you?” he slurred and she shook her head with a small smile, bringing him down, and pressing her lips to his, unbuckling his pants, tossing off his shirt, and making sure that the both of them were naked. She smiled, looking down at him in all his glory, biting her lip before licking her lip and bringing him close to her, and pressing a sloppy kiss to her lips. 

Harry was nervous to say the least, he hadn’t been with anyone other than you for over three years. He didn’t know how to attend to anyone but you. He was use to what you liked, where you liked to be touched and where you liked to be kissed, so being with another woman at this current moment, he was flustered in what he was suppose to do and how to go about it. 

“Just fuck me already” he woman under him panted, sucking at his neck and he nodded, bringing his forehead to hers he brought his hips down to hers, sinking into her and he groaned, closing his eyes and burying his face into his shoulder, he panted, knowing he wouldn’t last long, but she was too lost into what was happening to even care.

He couldn’t stop thinking of you. He had you flashing before his very eyes with every thrust he brought into the woman. Biting gently into her shoulder, she let out moans left and right saying she was close, and the rest was a blur, because he fell asleep right after, with this mystery woman by his side.

He was awoken to a bit a clatter going around the room as the woman slipped the panties up her legs and swooped her shirt over her head. 

“Hey, ‘morning” he hummed with a soft smile. “You don’t have to go” he rushed, sitting up and rubbing his eyes, the whole room spinning. “I can make us breakfast and-” she shook her head with a soft smile, pulling the skirt up her legs. 

“No, I think it’s best I go” she told him. “But-” she paused him with a quick kiss to his lips. “Trust me, I think it’s best I go, but for what it’s worth, I can tell you love her a lot” she smiled softly. She turned to him one last time before excusing herself out the door and that’s when he knew, he must have said your name throughout some point of the night. 

He sighed as she exited the room, and he grabbed his phone, eyes squinting at the screen brightness, due to his hangover, and the first thing he saw, he wished he hadn’t. 

It was photos of him and that woman, plastered all over the internet and twitter, a purple hickey visible on his neck in two places, knowing it was from when they got a bit touchy in the bar, and couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and he did the first thing that came to mind, knowing he probably shouldn’t have, but he couldn’t help himself. He had texted you.

Hey, maybe don’t go on twitter today.

Sunshine | Jeon Jungkook x Male Reader

pairing: Jeon Jungkook x male! reader

genre: angst

warnings: mentions of suicide and sickness

summary: Jeon Jungkook believed that he had spent far too long in a life without promises, so he hauled himself up onto the roof, and was so close to finally ending it all. Just as he was about to take his own life, a pair of hands wrapped around his waist, and held him in place.

word count: 1,397

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wooden steps splice the cliff
sandstone and red earth held
together by sedge. grit scumbles
the soil & salt sloughs the
handrail’s grain until
splinters are foreign to its
silk-peeled touch. sand is coarse
here, small cove hewn from rock
& sharp edges, where the gulls
wheel black specks over grey
water & the sun is broken gold
lost like fountain pennies
sunk in a green cathedral.

anonymous asked:

Oh poor unfortunate soul! Almost everyone ask for smut. Can you write a scenario where Todoroki, Midoriya and Bakugo play some party game (like Mario Kart but it doesn't really matter which one, the sillier the better) and they are very serious and competitive about it?

You said “poor unfortunate soul” and now I have that song from Little Mermaid stuck in my head lolol! I don’t mind writing smut but stuff like this is hella fun to write;)

Also, this scenario is based off a real thing that happened the last time I played Mario Cart with friends (and our personalities when playing this game match up with these three so that’s kinda funny lol)

Ah I’m rambling again sorry! Here ya go love!

“What the actual fuck is wrong with your damn TV, Deku?”

Bakugou sat dumbfounded at the giant, old, box television sitting on the entertainment stand where Midoriya’s old television was. Midoriya scratched the back of his head sheepishly and Todoroki cocked his head in curiousity as well.

“Well, our TV broke so we had to pull this one out of storage. It should still work though.”

“Whatever. Let’s just fucking play.” Bakugou sat at the edge of the couch, wheel-remote in hand. Todoroki moved to sit next to him, reaching over and grabbing another remote off of the coffee table, inspecting it.

“I’ve never played this game before. How do you play?”

“Of fucking course you don’t know jack shit about this game. It won’t be fun destroying you if you suck!” Todoroki just blinked at him, still waiting a response. “Jesus fuck. You pick a character and that fucker will be on one quadrant of the damn screen. Then you press and hold the fucking 2 button when the timer counts down to zero and you turn the wheel like you’re driving an actual fucking car. Or have you not learned how to do that yet?”

“I know how to drive a car. And the controls seem simple enough. Thank you Bakugou.” The blonde grumbled a quiet whatever before fiddling with the controller.

“Oh! Kacchan didn’t mention it but you can get a start boost if you press the button slightly before the countdown hits 1. And there are boxes you can get that give you boosts or weapons of sorts and you press the back button to activate them. It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it.”

“Thank you Midoriya.” Midoriya flashed a smile before turning around and turning on the television and taking a seat on the other side of Todoroki. “Um…”

Midoriya cocked his head to the side in confusion. “Is everything okay Todoroki?”

“No everything is not fucking alright, Deku! Take a fucking look at your damn TV!” Bakugou threw the remote down and huffed, crossing his arms and leaning back on the couch.

Midoriya looked and let out an annoyed groan.

“Yeah, your goddamn screen is broken!”

“It’s not that back Bakugou. At least the picture still comes through.”

“Shut the fuck up, Halfie. Screens aren’t supposed to fucking be like that!”

“But…at least the top half is normal, right Kacchan?”

“But the goddamn bottom half has fucking inverted colors! How the fuck does that happen?! What kind of fucking TV is this Deku?!”

“It’s…the only one i have?”

“Whatever. I’m fucking leaving.” Bakugou stomped towards the door.

“Wait Kacchan-”

“So you’re going to quit before we even got started? Are you that afraid to lose to a beginner like me?” Bakugou’s hand froze on the doorknob before he slowly turned around, a murderous aura emanating from him.

“The fuck did you just say to me you bastard?! I’ll kick your ass!” He quickly made his way back to the couch and grabbed the controller. “You’re on douche-dick.”

They all picked their characters and karts, Bakugou demanding to be Player 1. They waited for the race to start, everyone preparing. When it started, Midoriya got the boost, Todoroki didn’t, and Bakugou spun out, immediately cursing and gripping the controller hard enough to almost break it.

The room was quiet, well, besides Bakugou’s incessant screaming and trash talk.

“Ha! In your damn face Deku! You’re in dead fucking last like the loser you are!”

“I don’t know why I’m so bad at this today,” Midoriya groaned as he waited for his character to respawn, watching as his rank went from second down to twelfth as Bakugou maintained his first place. Surprisingly, Todoroki rushed into second and was very close to passing Bakugou.

Part way through the race, a light bulb went off in Midoriya’s head. “Wait! This course is mirrored!”

“Yeah no shit Sherlock. A-fucking-plus deductive skills dipshit.”

“Well, I memorize the tracks so it’s no wonder why I’m not doing very good now.”

“Wait, what does that mean?”

“Don’t worry about it Halfie just pay attention to the screen when I whoop your ass.”

Bakuogu smirked as he neared the finish, not realizing just how close behind Todoroki was. The other picked up a speed boost that he activated, pushing him ahead of the blonde. Bakugou stared dumbfounded at the screen, mouth open as the screen flashed “Second Place”. Midoriya sat frozen in fear and Todoroki just hummed in contentment.

And then all hell broke loose.

Let’s just say that Midoriya was glad that his television was just a temporary replacement.

RFA, V and Saeran with MC at the beach/beach carnival date >.0

Yayayay first headcanons lololol wish me luck oh god

so this is like a mix of at the beach and going to a carnival on the pier… y’know how in movies they have a carnival with stores and some rides on the pier??? yeah that

if anyone wants, i’ll make two separate ones for each but for now…. eh… i’m too lazy



- this kid omg

- he forgot that going to the beach during the day meant that other people would also see you in a swimsuit

- whoops

- high key jealous when he sees other people looking at you

- would def have a water fight with you

- scREAMS when there’s seaweed touching his leg

- so you scream

- and it’s just endless fucking screaming

- at the end of the day you two sit and watch the sunset from the ferris wheel

- blushes so hard when you lay your head on his shoulder. your hands are intertwined and you’re both just sitting in silence enjoying each others company (i’m gonna cry thats so ideal for me omg)

- the soft little bby aw


- you bet he’s jealous as fuck when you both get in the water and people are looking at you

- kisses you in front of everyone

- you’re the best looking couple there tbh


- “Zen, love, this is the tHIRD TIME IN AN HOUR”



- def has one of those beach umbrellas or tents not that kind

- at the end of the day you’ll both walk along the pier getting food and looking at stalls

- definitely a kiss during the sunset on top of the ferris wheel

- awwwe


- organised af jaehee mode: activated

- reminds you to drink water every half an hour because “it’s hot MC and with all this exercise you’re quickly becoming dehydrat…”

- shhhhhhhhh just enjoy the beach love

- ends up just ignoring when people stare at you two. Hell yeah you’re perfect, she’s glad the rest of the world can see that

- but she will kick ass if someone cat calls. no one does that to her MC

 - 100% blushy blushy when you guys go swimming

- other than that you guys are walking around the beach shops and window shopping “no MC we do not need a hot dog suit for a dog we don’t even have a dog”

- just as it hits twilight, the pier lights up and you two end up sitting on the end of it with your legs over the edge, the ferris wheel behind you lighting up and making reflections dance on the waves before you

- you both stay together, whispering sweet nothings to one another and sharing soft forehead kisses (sO CUTE)



“MC, i can just rent a beach, or we could go to the Caribbean why are we at the public beach

- >.> just enjoy the time pls

- very high key jealous when you two start to swim

“MC, cover up. People are staring at you.”

“Jumin, no. just ignore them please” cue pouting/puppy dog eyes/anything you want to use on him to get him to crack

unlike Baehee, he ends up buying you a lot of stuff as you guys walk past the beach shop thingies, though you (demanded) agreed that you get to choose what ^^;;

- you two end up getting matching sunglasses (hell yes i live for sunglasses) and you demand that you take a selfie together

- at the end of the day, you both take a helicopter flight around the coast to watch the sunset

- soft kisses above the ocean???? yes please

- the helicopter ends up circling back around and you gasp and smile, pointing to the lit up carnival. he watches you in content as you continue to stare in awe at the bright colours of the ferris wheel.


- the tomato head still doesn’t get out much


- so excited bc he never got to go as a child????? you can see the happiness in his eyes and smile


- you spend a l l  d a y going around the booths, getting food and going on rides

- he’s like a child, his eyes lighting up whenever he sees something interesting

- towards the end of the day he disappears for five minutes???????

- then he comes back and drags you to the ferris wheel. after two minutes, you two get ‘stuck’ at the top.

- he pretends to be all disappointed but inside he’s just smiling the ‘i-did-something-i’m-not-telling-MC’ smile

- but you know

- ”Saeyoung…



- you two just burst into laughter and chill at the top for twenty more minutes just eating all your food and looking at the stuff you got


- the poor angel is blind i’M SORRY

- but lets pretend he got the surgery okay my heart still isn’t over it

- since he got the surgery he’s wasted no time in wanting to see what he considers the most beautiful

- You

- so you’re at the beach for the day and he’s just capturing all of your moments.

- your expression when you squeal and jump back from the cold water, you chasing seagulls, you making a daisy chain on the grassy hill during your picnic lunch, the way your eyes light up just as the lights on the pier do in the evening

- he smiles softly and laughs as you drag him over to the ferris wheel just as the sun begins to set

- he takes a few quick photos of the sunset and the ocean before turning to you and taking the most beautiful pictures of your awestruck expression as you go around on the ferris wheel

- then he puts his camera down and pulls you into a soft kiss

- i just love V so much i can’t make comments he neEDS A BETTER ENDING


- this soft pea tho

- he’s so precious

- when you first mention the beach his immediate reaction is “ah-nope, bitch bye” (except he loves you and would never call you a bitch) (unless we’re talking in the bedroom here amirite)

- then you mentioned the carnival…. and the ice cream

- that’s the tipping point

“Fine, MC, we can go. But I’m not saying i want to do this, this is for you.”

- which in Saeran-ese means: you mentioned ice cream and i’m 1000% for it but i need to keep up this bad-boy act

- you guys spend all day just wandering around and trying all of the ice cream flavours

- at the end of the day, the stands/shops just gave them to you for free

- His eyes are just lighting up because he’s never been to the carnival before and it’s so new to him

- my heart

- twilight is settling over the sky and, finally having finished all of the ice cream flavours, you two wander over to the ferris wheel

- you get on and just sit with each other in silence, both of you in peace

- your hands are intertwined and your legs are tucked underneath you as you just admire the view and enjoy each others company



Anywaysies, please request things. I’m thinking of making a figure skating one (…… okay but not only because of yoi) soon but it might have to wait it’s not 3:50 am here at all no

Thank you for reading my trash!!!!

Bye bye then!! poof

anonymous asked:

So I have no idea about the quality of the product or seller (or if there is a good seller elsewhere) but the 10 in 1 Spinner and Fidget from Incredible Science looks super cool if it's good. It's basically a fidget cube in the shape of a tiny remote (which seems like a v good size and shape) and it also works as a spinner!

[image description: two 10-in-1 fidget toy/spinners on a white background. The toys look somewhat like a garage door remote control, being a black oblong shape fastened to a round, black metal ring attachment. The left fidget, working from top to bottom, shows four round blue buttons, a notched-edged spinning wheel sectioned into six pieces numbered from 1-6 with a small upwards-pointing arrow at the base of the wheel, a black roller ball and two blue plastic gears. The right fidget, also top to bottom, shows a round blue spinning wheel, the reverse side of the crimped wheel with words written in each of the six sections, and two ridged blue push switches.]

Anon! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I’d seen knock-offs of these toys around before, and there’s a post in the queue, but I hadn’t seen conversations about the original version of the toy or its original name, so I’m grateful for the nudge in the right direction.

The Stick Spinner is listed at $14.95 USD on Incredible Science. I can’t tell if there’s international shipping on offer, as the shipping info page takes me to the customer returns page, so non-US folks who are really excited by this item might have to send them an email to inquire.

For folks who are looking at this and struggling to figure out how this works as a spinner (like me), there’s a YouTube video showing this toy in action.

(It’s kind of loud, there’s annoying-to-me background music, the captions are auto-generated and the presenter takes three minutes to get to the point of demonstrating the toy. Seriously, skip to the 3:00 mark.)

There’s already knock-off versions available: check out this one for $5.26 USD on Amazon (does not ship to Australia, so probably North American only) and this listing for $4 AUD on Wish.

(The search terms “fidget spinner two in one” seem to get me the best results if you want to check out other vendors; “10-in-1” and “stick spinner” got me nothing.)

After checking out the video, I’m feeling the need to want to try this one out myself. This looks like a lot of fun for stimmers who want a multipurpose stim toy that doesn’t weigh down pockets or bags and includes a spinning component.

Again, thank you so much, anon!

- Mod K.A.

arlingt0n03  asked:

#16 and #30 Jamie and Claire

#16 a naughty kiss &  #30 sharing a bath/swim

“Are you sure we should be here?” I whispered while wrapping my naked body around Jamie’s even tighter.

“Oh aye, no one will come looking for us here.” He said between kisses that went the length of my neck.

“What about–”

He cut me off with his lips on mine. I groaned and tossed my head back as he began to explore down; sucking, biting, and kissing his way to my nipples.

“Shh, Sassenach. We dinna want anyone to hear.” He murmured from around my nipple.

Slowly he pulled us to the edge of the mill wheel, sitting me on top of one of the stationary rungs.

“I can’t believe you plugged up this mill just to have somewhere to sit for the night,” I started to laugh which quickly turned into a moan.

“It’s no just for sitting, mo nighean donn.”


I didn’t get to ask a further question as my mind had drifted off to the heavens in pleasure as his mouth claimed me from below. My groin half in the water, half above, but completely covered by Jamie. His hair wet, and long clung to his neck and the outsides of my thighs, his beard rasping on the most sensitive of areas, and his tongue bringing me to a quick and breathy release.

“Oh God, Jamie!” I cried out and his mouth reclaimed mine.

“I told ye, Sassenach, ye have to be quiet tonight.”

I whimpered in pleasure as he entered me in one sudden stroke. It had been too long. Three years had been too long. This want, no need, to be possessed and possess him finally breaking free. I began to cry. I couldn’t hold it in. The love I felt for him, finally being back where I belonged, and with the man who made life more meaningful.

anonymous asked:

What are some unique torture techniques to elicit a *false* confession. I'm writing a story in a fantasy setting, and am trying to think of something different than the ones you normally hear about (whipping, the rack, etc.). The character is in custody for about a week before the confession is made. It doesn't have to be "clean" but the character has to be able to survive without the use of modern medicine. Ideas?

Hmmmm. Well as you probably know I try to match techniques to real world cultures even for things like fantasy and sci fi. I get the impression you’re less interested in this necessarily ‘fitting’ the world though and if that’s what you want for your story that’s fine.

A quick note on unique tortures before we start.

They happen but they’re rare. Torturers overwhelmingly tend to stick with what they know. They do also experiment with aspects of other National Styles or things they’ve heard/experienced before. But this rarely means creating something totally unique.

Torture generally isn’t inventive or ‘interesting’. It’s usually people doing the same awful things over and over again.

If you want your character to go through something unusual then I’d suggest having a reason in story for the torturers to pay special attention to this character. Perhaps they’re under a huge amount of pressure to ‘solve’ the case they force the character to confess to. Perhaps they genuinely believe this character is guilty and think it’s a particularly horrific crime.

From my point of view it’s a lot easier to suggest a practice that happened commonly elsewhere in the world (or is less commonly depicted in fiction) rather than one that’s entirely unique. So… I’m afraid that’s what I’m going to do.

The tortures you came up with as ‘typical’ suggest a heavy western European influence to me. With that in mind a torture that was common in England historically but doesn’t seem to be in the popular consciousness as much is tearing flesh with red hot tongs. Definitely scarring, it could be disabling if areas near the joints are attacked (this reduces mobility) and while it’s potentially fatal it does not have to be.

Falaka is a practice that your readers will probably have heard of, but it doesn’t often crop up in fantasy stories so you might want to consider it. This is beating the soles of the feet. With harder objects, such as heavy sticks, it can break the bones of the feet and ankles. A way this was carried out that made injuries to the feet more likely was tying sticks to the legs behind the knees (keeping them straight) and raising them above the body, with the victim lying on their back. This wouldn’t usually be lethal but could result in catastrophic injuries to the feet, hampering the character’s mobility in future.

I’d also suggest ‘pumping’ as an old European torture that’s survivable and rarely seen in fiction. It involves forcing the victim to swallow a large amount of liquid. Usually water is used, often dirty water. Sometimes salt, irritants or human waste is mixed with the water. In historical times it was usually done by forcing a funnel into the victim’s mouth and pouring. The internal organs swell dramatically and painfully but the process leaves no lasting external marks or injuries. By the end the victim often has liquid pouring out of their mouth, nose and anus. The torturers usually increase pain by forcing the victim to curl up and applying pressure to their legs, crushing the swollen internal organs. They may also kick or slap the victim’s swollen belly.

One of my sources suggests a less usual ‘wheel’ torture where the victim was tied to the outer edge of a large wheel, mounted above the floor. A fire was lit under the victim and torturers turned the wheel to apply heat to varying parts of the victim’s body. I’ve seen multiple illustrations of this practice from historical Europe but I can’t say how common it generally was. Applying fire to the feet and genitals seems to have been the most common choice.

This would cause serious burns but the torturers would have some control over how badly burnt the victim was (unlike with a brand or hot tongs). The result is that damage could be mitigated. The character would likely have scars and they might have difficulty walking but they wouldn’t necessarily have large, life threatening burns.

The final European practice I’m going to highlight is a type of restraint torture that as far as I can tell was only used in a small part of England (the east near Cambridge).

The victim was made to lie down on a series of iron bars, evenly spaced out. A heavy metal collar was put around their neck, with large spikes going out from the collar. This prevented them from moving their neck and resting their head comfortably on the ground. It forced the victim to lie with their head strained so that the chin was near the chest. A heavy metal bar (or cuffs) were then applied to the legs.

This wouldn’t be entirely clean. The metal of the bars and restraints would dig in, leaving at best red marks and at worst deep cuts. Pressure sores are also possible. These could leave scars but so long as none of the wounds became infected the character would probably survive.

More generally I’d say it’s important to remember that prison conditions in historical European countries (that your fantasy may be based on) were often torture in and of themselves. Starvation, dehydration, unsanitary conditions, dark, cold and damp cells were all common. So was infestation by insects and rodents, lice and fleas. Solitary was relatively rare so far as I can tell, but overcrowding was common. I’m aware of at least one case in England where prisoners drowned in their cells because they were on a flood plain. Deaths from cold and disease appear to have been common.

Finally if you want the character to confess think about why they might do so.

False confession under torture isn’t common (the statistical sources we have show a rate of around 10%, which rises to around 30% when bribery is used as well). It does happen but you might also want to consider other reasons people falsely confess.

One of the most common reasons is a simple risk analysis. The accused person realises that they can’t adequately defend themselves in court (this may be because of prejudice, their financial situation or a number of other social reasons) and so they think that confessing is their best option. Most justice systems deal more leniently with people who confess and show remorse than they do with people who insist they are innocent. Think about whether this applies to your story and character.

Finally take a look at my Masterpost on the common effects of torture if you haven’t already. It should help you write this character after torture.

I hope that helps. :)

Edit: @acemindbreaker made an addition to this in a reblog about torture techniques similar to the Russian Conveyer and some of the modern Chinese methods, and some ‘interrogation methods’ that tend to produce false confessions. I think I’ve lost the connection to it because I do not know how to steer tumblr.


After School Special Part 5

Summary:  In an alternate universe where Jughead greases his hair more than Danny Zuko and Betty Cooper gives Sandy Olsson a run for her money at being the nicest girl in town. (No Danny Zuko and Sandy do make an appearance in this fic). Set in the early 1960s at Riverdale High. Slow burn leads to rapid fire (all the bughead smut you can imagine)

Part One   Part Two   Part Three   Part Four

Read on AO3 here

tags: @thejugheadshow @xobughead @de6ressive @starlitsummersky

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Wade Wilson (Deadpool)- A Comforting Fantasy (Request)

Request: Hello! Can you do a Wade Wilson x Reader before he becomes mutant-ified and reader comforts him? Thank you! ❤️ P.S. Love your blog!

Thank you requester! It’s always nice to be told our blog is loved and we love all of you. This is a Deadpool request that isn’t apart of our mini-series, written by the lovely Ives, so if you’re craving some more Deadpool and haven’t read it yet, that might be the place to go XP I won’t lie, I had a lot of fun with this though I don’t know how good it is… But nevertheless, I thank you for your request and a very pleasant Happy Reading to you :)


You and Wade were sat in the doctor’s office. You’d just been given the news. You’d just been handed Wade’s death sentence. You talked to the doctors, clutching onto Wade’s hand.
“Isn’t there anything we can do?” The doctors gave you some techie biological doctor talk and you tried desperately hard to understand. You nodded and asked more questions until you were sure there were no more that you could ask. You nodded. Wade had just been looking at you, his eyes tracing your face. You were both silent as you left the office, still clutching each other’s hands. Your grip was so tight you were sure your hands were going to go numb….
Why did it have to be like this?
Why? What had Wade ever done wrong? You knew his past had a few bad patches but his intentions had always been in the right place.
You weren’t giving up.
You both got into the car, Wade at the wheel. Why you trusted him to drive, you had no clue. Every time you handed him the keys you knew you were going to be hanging on for dear life at his reckless behaviour. But now… now it was Wade hanging on for dear life. The best man you’d ever met and he…. You breathed in deeply and looked over at him, offering him a tight-lipped smile. He also breathed in, but he looked like he was swallowing a lump in his throat. Everything was still for a moment. Terribly, suffocatingly still.
“Dammit!” He yelled and slammed a fist against the edge of the steering wheel. “Dammit!”
A tear rolled down your cheek that’d you’d been holding.
“Wade….” You started.
“I just…” He looked down towards his feet. “We were going to get married, Y/N….” A few tears were rolling down his own cheeks. You grabbed his arm.
“We still could.” You smiled at him.
“We could.” He admitted. “But… I wanted more time with you… I never thought I wouldn’t get it….” Your heart missed a beat, the realisation a part of your life might be missing him in it was too tragic. It hurt too much. It was like someone took an important piece of a jigsaw puzzle, something big and right in the centre, and they peeled off the paint and gave it back so it was blank. It was there, but there was nothing there also. Something that should be but wasn’t. You shook your head.
“If you did have that time with me…. what would we do?” Even if you didn’t get your puzzle piece for real…. you still wanted to know what it would’ve looked like. What you would’ve painted on it if given the chance. Tears threatened to spill over the edges of your eyes but you held them back. Wade was upset. That was what mattered.
“What do you mean?” Wade was confused.
“I mean… if we could grow old together…. I’d make sure we lived somewhere not in the city so you couldn’t get into trouble so much.”
“Somewhere out in the country…. Near a beach so we could walk on it.”
“And a park nearby so if we had kids we could go down there every Sunday.”
“And with an ice cream shop so if Mum’s being crazy, me and the kids can go hit up the ice cream shop so I’ll be their favourite parent.” You rolled your eyes. Of course he would.
“And…. when we’re old…. we’ll be sat on a park bench, looking back at all the Sunday afternoons spent there, that time one of the kids got their kite caught in the breeze… that time one of them jumped into a puddle and splashed like, everyone…. that time the kids were like ‘actually we like mum better ‘cause she’s funnier than dad’ and you’ll grab my hand because we’ll still be romantic suckers.” Wade smiled.
“And even when we’re old, we’ll still have amazing sex.” Wade nodded to himself.
“Of course your mind went there.” You rolled your eyes again. Wade smiled and started up the car. You both knew it was a fantasy but… it was helping you cope for now. You just hoped Wade wouldn’t do anything stupid.