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for the blurrb thing 'do you ever think about marrying me?' <3

Do you ever think about marrying me?

“Do you ever think about getting married?” Shawn asked you, turning down the music in his car.

His question surprised you quite a lot. You turned your head, gazing over at him. His shy eyes met yours shortly, before looking back on the road.

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The Secret (10)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

You tried not to be hurt by Baekhyun’s rejection, to carry on as normal and focus your attention on Zoe, but when you were alone with nothing to distract you, your mind seemed to drift back to the moment he walked out of your apartment. That night, you cried for what felt like hours until you were empty, reflecting on the mess you’d made of your life. And then in the morning, you woke up to Zoe singing in her bedroom and pushed your feelings to the side.

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A Virgin - Charles Xavier x Reader

Requested by anonymous

Prompt: "Did you really think I would love you less because you’ve never had sex before?“

A/N: I’ve been gone a long time because I suck, SORRY. I hope this imagine isn’t total trash and that you guys will actually enjoy it. It’s a little bit short…oops..I love you all

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You were taking quick strides down the corridors of the Xavier Institute, hoping and praying that you wouldn’t run into a certain psychic. Rounding the last corner, you saw your bedroom straight ahead, but to your horror, he was in the middle of the hallway speaking with one of his students. You tried your hardest to go unnoticed, but luck was not in your favor.

“Y/N?” His soft voice asked. 

You attempted to avoid eye contact and gave an awkward smile, immediately looking to the floor.

He turned back towards the young mutant. “Kurt, will you please excuse me?”

“Yes sir, Professor.” He replied in his thick German accent.

Your stomach flipped as he wheeled towards you, a charming smile on his face. Although he seemed happy to see you, something in his eyes seemed like worry. “May I speak to you in private?” His voice sounded more nervous than usual. Your cheeks heated up and you nodded. After a few moments, you realized your feet were still planted in the same spot.

“Er…to your room, then?” He mumbled.

“Right, sorry,” You hurried past him and headed to your door. He followed you inside and you peered out the doorway, making sure no one saw the two of you before you closed it.

You thought about how you would rather die then have this conversation. Filled with dread, you dragged your feet towards the bed and sat down on the edge of it. He wheeled himself closer and sat across from you, looking at you with concern.

“Do you want to tell me what happened last night?”

“I would honestly rather not.” You anxiously played with your fingers.

“You just ran away, (Y/N)…and I want to know why. Was it something I did? Something I said?”

You rolled your eyes and sighed. “No, Charles. You didn’t do anything. I just…” You trailed off and embarrassment washed over you, making it impossible for you to finish your sentence.

“You just what?” 

“Things got a bit…heated and I didn’t want to give you…false hope.” 

He looked at you in confusion.

You took a deep breath. “I’m just afraid that you’ll get bored with me because…well because I’ve never had sex before and it’s just so humiliating how nervous I am about it. And even though I’m falling in love with you, I still don’t think I’m completely ready.” You held your head in your hands, not daring to meet his vibrant eyes.

To your surprise, he started laughing. Feeling hurt, you looked at him in a mixture of anger and disgust. “What the hell is so funny?” You raised your voice.

His laughter faded but a prominent smile remained on his face. He reached out and pulled your hands into his lap, running soothing circles over them. “Did you really think that I would love you any less because you’re a virgin?” 

“Well…you’re obviously not one so I figured you would want someone experienced, okay?”

“How do you know I’m not one? I am paralyzed, you know.” He chuckled.

“I can read minds, you know.” You shot back. “And with those thoughts, you’re definitely not one.”

He chuckled and pulled you towards him, gesturing that he wanted you to sit on his lap. 

You sat dow and leaned your head back on his shoulder. “(Y/N), I love everything about you. And this doesn’t change my feelings for you at all. You being a virgin is so…” he trailed off, searching for the word, “hot.”

You laughed and leaned your head up to look at him. “You really don’t mind waiting?”

“Of course I don’t. If anything, it makes me want you more. I’d love to be your first.” He squeezed your waist. You blushed and leaned back into him. “Because I love you and you’re so very special to me. I know it’s important to you and I would never rush you into anything you’re not ready for.”

You smiled and reached up to kiss his cheek. “Just be patient with me, Charles.”

“No worries, my love.” He pressed his cheek to the top of your head and gave you another tight squeeze. 

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So I have no idea about the quality of the product or seller (or if there is a good seller elsewhere) but the 10 in 1 Spinner and Fidget from Incredible Science looks super cool if it's good. It's basically a fidget cube in the shape of a tiny remote (which seems like a v good size and shape) and it also works as a spinner!

[image description: two 10-in-1 fidget toy/spinners on a white background. The toys look somewhat like a garage door remote control, being a black oblong shape fastened to a round, black metal ring attachment. The left fidget, working from top to bottom, shows four round blue buttons, a notched-edged spinning wheel sectioned into six pieces numbered from 1-6 with a small upwards-pointing arrow at the base of the wheel, a black roller ball and two blue plastic gears. The right fidget, also top to bottom, shows a round blue spinning wheel, the reverse side of the crimped wheel with words written in each of the six sections, and two ridged blue push switches.]

Anon! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I’d seen knock-offs of these toys around before, and there’s a post in the queue, but I hadn’t seen conversations about the original version of the toy or its original name, so I’m grateful for the nudge in the right direction.

The Stick Spinner is listed at $14.95 USD on Incredible Science. I can’t tell if there’s international shipping on offer, as the shipping info page takes me to the customer returns page, so non-US folks who are really excited by this item might have to send them an email to inquire.

For folks who are looking at this and struggling to figure out how this works as a spinner (like me), there’s a YouTube video showing this toy in action.

(It’s kind of loud, there’s annoying-to-me background music, the captions are auto-generated and the presenter takes three minutes to get to the point of demonstrating the toy. Seriously, skip to the 3:00 mark.)

There’s already knock-off versions available: check out this one for $5.26 USD on Amazon (does not ship to Australia, so probably North American only) and this listing for $4 AUD on Wish.

(The search terms “fidget spinner two in one” seem to get me the best results if you want to check out other vendors; “10-in-1” and “stick spinner” got me nothing.)

After checking out the video, I’m feeling the need to want to try this one out myself. This looks like a lot of fun for stimmers who want a multipurpose stim toy that doesn’t weigh down pockets or bags and includes a spinning component.

Again, thank you so much, anon!

- Mod K.A.

RFA, V and Saeran with MC at the beach/beach carnival date >.0

Yayayay first headcanons lololol wish me luck oh god

so this is like a mix of at the beach and going to a carnival on the pier… y’know how in movies they have a carnival with stores and some rides on the pier??? yeah that

if anyone wants, i’ll make two separate ones for each but for now…. eh… i’m too lazy



- this kid omg

- he forgot that going to the beach during the day meant that other people would also see you in a swimsuit

- whoops

- high key jealous when he sees other people looking at you

- would def have a water fight with you

- scREAMS when there’s seaweed touching his leg

- so you scream

- and it’s just endless fucking screaming

- at the end of the day you two sit and watch the sunset from the ferris wheel

- blushes so hard when you lay your head on his shoulder. your hands are intertwined and you’re both just sitting in silence enjoying each others company (i’m gonna cry thats so ideal for me omg)

- the soft little bby aw


- you bet he’s jealous as fuck when you both get in the water and people are looking at you

- kisses you in front of everyone

- you’re the best looking couple there tbh


- “Zen, love, this is the tHIRD TIME IN AN HOUR”



- def has one of those beach umbrellas or tents not that kind

- at the end of the day you’ll both walk along the pier getting food and looking at stalls

- definitely a kiss during the sunset on top of the ferris wheel

- awwwe


- organised af jaehee mode: activated

- reminds you to drink water every half an hour because “it’s hot MC and with all this exercise you’re quickly becoming dehydrat…”

- shhhhhhhhh just enjoy the beach love

- ends up just ignoring when people stare at you two. Hell yeah you’re perfect, she’s glad the rest of the world can see that

- but she will kick ass if someone cat calls. no one does that to her MC

 - 100% blushy blushy when you guys go swimming

- other than that you guys are walking around the beach shops and window shopping “no MC we do not need a hot dog suit for a dog we don’t even have a dog”

- just as it hits twilight, the pier lights up and you two end up sitting on the end of it with your legs over the edge, the ferris wheel behind you lighting up and making reflections dance on the waves before you

- you both stay together, whispering sweet nothings to one another and sharing soft forehead kisses (sO CUTE)



“MC, i can just rent a beach, or we could go to the Caribbean why are we at the public beach

- >.> just enjoy the time pls

- very high key jealous when you two start to swim

“MC, cover up. People are staring at you.”

“Jumin, no. just ignore them please” cue pouting/puppy dog eyes/anything you want to use on him to get him to crack

unlike Baehee, he ends up buying you a lot of stuff as you guys walk past the beach shop thingies, though you (demanded) agreed that you get to choose what ^^;;

- you two end up getting matching sunglasses (hell yes i live for sunglasses) and you demand that you take a selfie together

- at the end of the day, you both take a helicopter flight around the coast to watch the sunset

- soft kisses above the ocean???? yes please

- the helicopter ends up circling back around and you gasp and smile, pointing to the lit up carnival. he watches you in content as you continue to stare in awe at the bright colours of the ferris wheel.


- the tomato head still doesn’t get out much


- so excited bc he never got to go as a child????? you can see the happiness in his eyes and smile


- you spend a l l  d a y going around the booths, getting food and going on rides

- he’s like a child, his eyes lighting up whenever he sees something interesting

- towards the end of the day he disappears for five minutes???????

- then he comes back and drags you to the ferris wheel. after two minutes, you two get ‘stuck’ at the top.

- he pretends to be all disappointed but inside he’s just smiling the ‘i-did-something-i’m-not-telling-MC’ smile

- but you know

- ”Saeyoung…



- you two just burst into laughter and chill at the top for twenty more minutes just eating all your food and looking at the stuff you got


- the poor angel is blind i’M SORRY

- but lets pretend he got the surgery okay my heart still isn’t over it

- since he got the surgery he’s wasted no time in wanting to see what he considers the most beautiful

- You

- so you’re at the beach for the day and he’s just capturing all of your moments.

- your expression when you squeal and jump back from the cold water, you chasing seagulls, you making a daisy chain on the grassy hill during your picnic lunch, the way your eyes light up just as the lights on the pier do in the evening

- he smiles softly and laughs as you drag him over to the ferris wheel just as the sun begins to set

- he takes a few quick photos of the sunset and the ocean before turning to you and taking the most beautiful pictures of your awestruck expression as you go around on the ferris wheel

- then he puts his camera down and pulls you into a soft kiss

- i just love V so much i can’t make comments he neEDS A BETTER ENDING


- this soft pea tho

- he’s so precious

- when you first mention the beach his immediate reaction is “ah-nope, bitch bye” (except he loves you and would never call you a bitch) (unless we’re talking in the bedroom here amirite)

- then you mentioned the carnival…. and the ice cream

- that’s the tipping point

“Fine, MC, we can go. But I’m not saying i want to do this, this is for you.”

- which in Saeran-ese means: you mentioned ice cream and i’m 1000% for it but i need to keep up this bad-boy act

- you guys spend all day just wandering around and trying all of the ice cream flavours

- at the end of the day, the stands/shops just gave them to you for free

- His eyes are just lighting up because he’s never been to the carnival before and it’s so new to him

- my heart

- twilight is settling over the sky and, finally having finished all of the ice cream flavours, you two wander over to the ferris wheel

- you get on and just sit with each other in silence, both of you in peace

- your hands are intertwined and your legs are tucked underneath you as you just admire the view and enjoy each others company



Anywaysies, please request things. I’m thinking of making a figure skating one (…… okay but not only because of yoi) soon but it might have to wait it’s not 3:50 am here at all no

Thank you for reading my trash!!!!

Bye bye then!! poof

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today i was driving to a fancy lunch and i was wearing my high ass high heels and my dress and well i don't know if anyone saw me. but when i was at red light i was screaming LAUREN! LAUREN! WHAT THE FUCK! and maaaaaybe slamming the edges of my steering wheel because the end of your episode was awfully rude... and i probably looked like an asshole 😂 just thought you should know what you're responsible for

pt 2: no but really tho congrats on a wonderfully written episode! you do such an amazing job with this show and i’m so glad to be able to listen to it!

The thought of a fancy lady screaming in her car about my show is honestly such a delightful image, so thank you for that. 

I hope the people who saw you were incredibly intrigued and spent the rest of the day wondering what you were doing. 

Wade Wilson (Deadpool)- A Comforting Fantasy (Request)

Request: Hello! Can you do a Wade Wilson x Reader before he becomes mutant-ified and reader comforts him? Thank you! ❤️ P.S. Love your blog!

Thank you requester! It’s always nice to be told our blog is loved and we love all of you. This is a Deadpool request that isn’t apart of our mini-series, written by the lovely Ives, so if you’re craving some more Deadpool and haven’t read it yet, that might be the place to go XP I won’t lie, I had a lot of fun with this though I don’t know how good it is… But nevertheless, I thank you for your request and a very pleasant Happy Reading to you :)


You and Wade were sat in the doctor’s office. You’d just been given the news. You’d just been handed Wade’s death sentence. You talked to the doctors, clutching onto Wade’s hand.
“Isn’t there anything we can do?” The doctors gave you some techie biological doctor talk and you tried desperately hard to understand. You nodded and asked more questions until you were sure there were no more that you could ask. You nodded. Wade had just been looking at you, his eyes tracing your face. You were both silent as you left the office, still clutching each other’s hands. Your grip was so tight you were sure your hands were going to go numb….
Why did it have to be like this?
Why? What had Wade ever done wrong? You knew his past had a few bad patches but his intentions had always been in the right place.
You weren’t giving up.
You both got into the car, Wade at the wheel. Why you trusted him to drive, you had no clue. Every time you handed him the keys you knew you were going to be hanging on for dear life at his reckless behaviour. But now… now it was Wade hanging on for dear life. The best man you’d ever met and he…. You breathed in deeply and looked over at him, offering him a tight-lipped smile. He also breathed in, but he looked like he was swallowing a lump in his throat. Everything was still for a moment. Terribly, suffocatingly still.
“Dammit!” He yelled and slammed a fist against the edge of the steering wheel. “Dammit!”
A tear rolled down your cheek that’d you’d been holding.
“Wade….” You started.
“I just…” He looked down towards his feet. “We were going to get married, Y/N….” A few tears were rolling down his own cheeks. You grabbed his arm.
“We still could.” You smiled at him.
“We could.” He admitted. “But… I wanted more time with you… I never thought I wouldn’t get it….” Your heart missed a beat, the realisation a part of your life might be missing him in it was too tragic. It hurt too much. It was like someone took an important piece of a jigsaw puzzle, something big and right in the centre, and they peeled off the paint and gave it back so it was blank. It was there, but there was nothing there also. Something that should be but wasn’t. You shook your head.
“If you did have that time with me…. what would we do?” Even if you didn’t get your puzzle piece for real…. you still wanted to know what it would’ve looked like. What you would’ve painted on it if given the chance. Tears threatened to spill over the edges of your eyes but you held them back. Wade was upset. That was what mattered.
“What do you mean?” Wade was confused.
“I mean… if we could grow old together…. I’d make sure we lived somewhere not in the city so you couldn’t get into trouble so much.”
“Somewhere out in the country…. Near a beach so we could walk on it.”
“And a park nearby so if we had kids we could go down there every Sunday.”
“And with an ice cream shop so if Mum’s being crazy, me and the kids can go hit up the ice cream shop so I’ll be their favourite parent.” You rolled your eyes. Of course he would.
“And…. when we’re old…. we’ll be sat on a park bench, looking back at all the Sunday afternoons spent there, that time one of the kids got their kite caught in the breeze… that time one of them jumped into a puddle and splashed like, everyone…. that time the kids were like ‘actually we like mum better ‘cause she’s funnier than dad’ and you’ll grab my hand because we’ll still be romantic suckers.” Wade smiled.
“And even when we’re old, we’ll still have amazing sex.” Wade nodded to himself.
“Of course your mind went there.” You rolled your eyes again. Wade smiled and started up the car. You both knew it was a fantasy but… it was helping you cope for now. You just hoped Wade wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Wheel Sizes for Roller Derby

Let’s talk wheel size for roller derby!


Diameter refers to the height of a wheel, the roller derby standard for such is 62mm. There is a direct correlation between diameter of the wheel and top speed. The larger the diameter, the greater the potential top speed (all other factors being equal). The wheel literally rolls out further along the ground for each full rotation, the distance compounds quickly.


The other popular diameter wheel, 59mm, is only 3mm shorter but those 3mm create quite a different feel. It takes more energy to reach the same top speed of a larger wheel (all other factors being equal); however, the advantage is in the responsiveness.

Consider this: When you spin around in circles, you turn slower with your arms away from your body; once you pull your arms in, you spin faster with less effort.

Same thing with the 59mm wheel. The closer that weight is to the rotational axis (hub in the case of a wheel), the less effort it takes to create speed in a spin. And conversely to stop - because physics.

Maneuverability is The width of wheels simply refers to how wide the wheel is, and this also varies. Width affects the contact patch of the polyurethane with the ground. The larger the contact patch, the greater the stability. Conversely, the smaller the contact patch, the greater the maneuverability. 


This is pretty simple. The wider the wheel, the larger the contact patch and the more friction you have. Friction equals stability and also means you have a large contact patch to dig in with your plows. It also means that your wheel protrudes more can can get tangled in your wall.

A narrower wheel means draws the weight distribution closer to the midline of the body. This physically changes where your edge is located and how far your plates have to move to be capable of engaging your edges. A narrower wheel also means less friction which means that it is easier to pick up the wheels off the floor. The result is faster feet. Faster feet increases maneuverability.  

Widths vary from 35mm-44mm (roll line makes even narrower I believe).

As with all gear changes, there is an adjustment period. Different wheel sizes wheels are fun to play around with! Consider this before only changing up the hardness of your wheels.

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I can't stop laughing at the length and circumference thing... that is just... wow, lmao.

Well, they wanted to know the SIZE of m'dick… they didn’t specify.

I could have a thin dick, but it would touch bottom. A ROPE COCK!

I could have a short dick, but it would stretch out the edges. A CHEESE WHEEL DICK!

This is for @nightpriestess ! Thank you for requesting a general reading!

I did your typical Past - Present - Future spread, but while doing this reading I felt like there was not a great distance between what was, what is, and what will be.

First, the Seven of Pentacles - a symbol of hard work and labor.

Next, the Ten of Wands - a continued symbol of hard work but hard work with drive, purpose, and the promise of success.

Last, the Wheel of Fortune - this card shows that change is coming. You must always remember that fast or slow, change comes. If you’re in the center of the wheel you won’t feel the fervor and speed as that of the position near the edge of the wheel.

Shadow card: the Lovers (inverted) - the lovers being inverted indicates failure in a lot of readings.

Takeaway - you are an incredibly strong and driven person. You have interesting hobbies and work activities that seep into your life. Your hard work is about to come to fruition. That which you have been striving for seems to be coming. Change is coming, and it seems to be positive. Since “failure” is your shadow card, it’s the furthest from your reading. Success and victory seem to be on the horizon.


Band Member: Luke

Type: Vampire AU (This is my Halloween fic!)

Description: You never planned to spend your Halloween like this, helping some stranger to run from the things in the forest but he needs your help and you can’t refuse those baby blues. So now you’re wrapped in some mess that you know can only end one of two ways.

You hated nights like this.

The rain was relentless, it refused to stop after you’d finished your shift at the bar. You’d told your boss you would only work the early shift on Halloween after last year’s incident. Some drunk guy dressed in a clown suit had followed you all the way home, only giving up when your then-boyfriend gave him a mouthful. If your shift ended at midnight, you didn’t have to worry about the crowds of witches, werewolves, and vampires being too drunk by that time. This year, you’d decided that driving was a better choice now you lived alone and your apartment was further out of the city.

The roads wound endlessly in this part of countryside, each side was lined with trees. You’d always thought it was pretty in the daylight but at night, it looked sinister under the moonlight. You glimpsed at it as you tapped your wheel to the beat of Bohemian Rhapsody. Out of the corner of your eye, you could have sworn that something moved within the depths of the darkness. You told yourself that you were being irrational. You started to sing along just to take your mind off of the cold feeling that was spreading across your stomach. You could have almost lost yourself in the song if it wasn’t for the voice that joined in.

You slammed your brakes on, screaming in the process as you narrowly missed swerving off of the road. You swore loudly, praying it was your imagination but when you glanced in your mirror, you realised you weren’t as crazy as you hoped you were. The car stuttered and stalled on the right side of the road, your front wheel edging dangerously close off of the road.

A blonde, pale guy stared back at you with the same horrified expression you had on your own face. He had dried blood dripping from his mouth which you guessed was part of his Halloween costume. You stared at him in sheer stunned silence until you finally regained the power of speech.

“Who the actual fuck are you?” you shouted as you maintained eye contact with the boy.

He opened his mouth but you weren’t finished with your horrified rant.

“And why the fuck are you in my car? How the fucking fuck did you get in anyway? How long have you been there? Jesus Christ on a bike, you nearly killed us! What the fuck told you that this was a good idea? Was it Grace that gave you my car keys? I swear she’s never liked me but this is some next level hatred.”

The guy waited for you to finish, you swore he almost laughed.

“My name is Luke, I needed somewhere to hide, you left it unlocked, I’ve been here for about an hour, Jesus Christ wouldn’t have had a bike – they weren’t invented until 1817, I was desperate, and I have no idea who Grace is.”

“What?” you asked.

“I answered your questions in order,” he said in a measured tone.

“I left my car unlocked?”

He nodded with wide eyes. “Yeah, I don’t like breaking into things that aren’t mine.”

You decided that he must be drunk and pulled your phone from your pocket. You had no idea who you planned to call for help since your family lived too far out to come to your rescue.

“There’s no service out here,” he told you.

“Great,” you mumbled. “Just fucking fantastic.”

You felt your heart pick up pace. This was definitely worse than last year, last year you had backup whereas, on this long stretch of road, you were utterly alone.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said calmly. “I just need help.”

“Help?” you echoed.

He nodded slowly and his eyes shifted towards the forest.

“Some people are after me, I needed to leave the city and I guessed I could hitch a ride. I’m an idiot, I should have just kept running. Just take me to the next petrol station and I’ll find another way.”

You eyed him suspiciously as you tried to decide who exactly he was running from.

“Are you running drugs or something?” you asked.

Luke laughed gently and shook his head. “No, never. I’m not mixed up in that. I just got out of a bad situation and let’s just say my bosses aren’t happy with the fact I’m leaving.”

You sighed as you started your car back up. It protested but eventually you managed to get it started and you began to drive down the road.

“Where are you heading?”

Luke looked pleasantly surprised by your decision not to throw him out of the car right there.

“Erm, I don’t really know. I haven’t had much time to plan.”

You frowned at the mysterious pale boy. “So you’re telling me you have no idea where you’re going but you ran out on them anyway? What was this, a cult or something?”

You laughed at your own idea, it was too ridiculous to even consider. But when you looked in your mirror, his expression was stony serious.

“Oh shit, really?” you said in disbelief.

“It was sort of a cult, I guess,” he muttered uncomfortably.

You were about to ask another question when something ran in front of your car. You screeched as you turned to avoid it, smashing directly into a tree. The jolt hurt your neck but the brunt of the damage was definitely taken by your car.

“What the fuck was that?” you asked Luke as you peered into the woods. “If that was a deer, then that was a deer with a rocket up its arse. Did you see how fast it moved?”

Luke stared into the trees like he’d seen a ghost.

“We have to move. Do you know any religious places around here?” he questioned you as he opened the door. “Churches, mosques, anything afflicted with a religion basically.”

You tried to think as he climbed out and clambered around to open your door. He checked you over for injuries, asking you several times if anything hurt before he helped you out.

“There’s an old church about five minutes away,” you answered with a furrowed brow. “But I’m almost sure it’s not Catholic so if you want to confess or whatever, it’s not going to have a confession box.”

Luke laughed at your naivety as he pulled you to start running. “I’m not catholic.”

“Then why the hell do you need a church? And what about my car?”

You looked back at the damage to your precious car and Luke tugged at your arm as you began to lag behind.

“I’ll call somebody to tow it later but right now, we need to run to that church like our lives depend on it because they do, okay?” he said through grated teeth.

You didn’t ask any more questions as insane ideas flooded your mind. Was he part of a gang? You guessed it was the only explanation you could think of that made any sense. Those types of things never wanted members to escape, right? Or was it some religious cult and that’s why he needed a church? You had no idea, all that you knew was you were crazy for getting involved.

As you guided Luke up to the broken gate that hung from its hinges, you saw how he was suddenly hesitant. You stared up at the church with him, it was an old stone building on the outskirts of the small town you lived in. The vicar always kept the building open until late, especially since it was All Saints’ Day now as you glanced at the time on your phone which was still struggling for signal.

“Luke, come on!” you hissed at him as you pushed the gate open and stood on the other side.

“I can’t,” he answered quietly.

He shuffled uncomfortably before he looked at you and chewed the ring in his lip.

“I found you a church, why aren’t you thrilled? Come on, Luke, we need to get inside and find help! If you didn’t want a church, we could have gone into the town and walked to my apartment then developed a plan for you.”

Luke tilted his head back and sighed. “I needed a church because the things that are chasing me can’t walk on holy ground.”

You gave him a look of disbelief but then you saw how he wasn’t joking. Your heart raced at the thought that you were up against something supernatural.

“Those things that are chasing you, they’re vampires, right?”

Luke nodded. “Yeah, that’s pretty much it.”

You realised that Luke was resisting your attempts to walk inside of the gate and you sucked in a breath as you stumbled backwards. His pained expression told you he knew that you’d worked it out. How had he expected you not to notice?

“Well fuck me,” you mumbled. “You’re a vampire too?”

Luke nodded again but he didn’t look at you, he stared at the floor.

“I needed to leave, they’re my nest but I can’t condone their ways anymore.”

“Then why bring me to a church you can’t get to?” you asked him as you decided his backstory could wait until you were inside and warm.

“There’s an old wives’ tale,” he said quietly, “that if a damned soul is led by a human then they may walk on hallowed ground. I thought it was worth a shot.”

You stared at him and how tense he looked at the thought of trying it. You wondered what would happen if it was just a story. Would he crumble to ash like they did in the movies? You had no idea since the whole mirror thing hadn’t worked in your favour.

“Even if you don’t want to help me anymore, you should be safe at least,” he added. “I’m sorry for getting you mixed up in this.”

“What happens if they catch you?”

Luke bit his lip again before shrugging. “The last person to do this was my friend. She managed to get three hundred miles away before they caught her. They dragged Elizabeth back to the clan and chained her outside so by mid-afternoon, she was dead. If anybody tried to help her, they were chained with her to die as well. I haven’t known anybody else stupid enough to try it.”

He looked away for a moment as he tried to compose himself again.

You took a deep breath and extended your hand to him.

“I guess I should say something like ‘welcome’ or ‘it’s okay for you to come in’ but I don’t know. I’ve not done this before because until about a minute ago I never knew vampires were real,” you rambled.

Luke smiled as he took your hand and took a timid step into the graveyard. He winced like he was expecting pain but his face and body relaxed when he realised it was okay. A smile spread across his face.

“It actually worked,” he whispered to himself happily.

You tried to pull your hand away once you realised how cold he was but Luke kept a gentle grip on your hand.

“I don’t want to chance it until we’re actually inside,” he admitted before adding. “If you don’t mind.”

You shook your head and kept hold of his icy hand until you were inside the church. You looked up at him to check he wasn’t burning or whatever he was supposed to do when on sacred ground.

“I’m okay,” he reassured you. “I’m a little stunned Elizabeth was right about this.”

You picked a pew close to the front, figuring that if anybody else worked out Luke’s trick, you could have more warning. You smiled at him when you finally sat down.

“You still have my hand,” you pointed out.

Your hand felt like it was a gloveless winter day but it wasn’t too bad, you quite liked how your hand fit in his.

“Oh, sorry,” Luke mumbled apologetically as he released your hand. “Hey, you should try and sleep. I doubt we’ll get any help until early morning anyway. And before you ask, no I don’t need to sleep. Sometimes I do just to pass the time.”

You laughed at the way he knew what your first question would be.

“Elizabeth asked the same thing,” he said with a fond smile that only came from remembering. “She used to sleep every day just so she felt human.”

You wanted ask who Elizabeth had been to Luke, she sounded more than just a friend but you knew it wasn’t the right time. Whoever she was, she sounded like she’d been special to Luke. Maybe Luke had turned her into a vampire and that’s what made her special.

“Believe it or not, I’ve slept in weirder places,” you said.

Luke held up his arm and gestured for you to lean your head against his chest. You weren’t sure whether it was a great idea but you decided that it was better than trying to balance on the thin wooden seat. You sighed as you rested your head against his chest, expecting a heartbeat which hadn’t existed for a good few years. It was weird at first but sleep called your name more than the reaction to pull away from him. Luke hummed until you felt your eyes growing heavy and you finally fell asleep.

You woke up from the nightmare with a start, Luke’s hands were already on your upper arms to stop you from falling flat on your face. The sun wasn’t up yet which disheartened you. You were hoping you’d wake up to Luke saying he’d found food and a way he could leave without being carted off back to the clan.

“I have nightmares too,” he said softly. “I used to sleep to see if I could dream of my family but the dreams became nightmares so eventually I just stopped trying.”

You rested your head back onto his shoulder, your head feeling like lead.

“So why are they so bothered if you leave?” you asked him.

“They have to be,” he said. “It’s part of the Dawn Pact we all make when we’re reborn. Basically if you want to leave, you have to evade them until the sun rises or they can chose a punishment the leaders believe is fair. If you make it to sunrise, you’re free and they cannot harm you or your new settlement in retaliation.”

You looked up at him and traced the outline of his jaw from this angle.

“Why did you want to leave?”

He tugged at his lip ring and sighed. “My clan are very old, they believe we need to uphold traditions I don’t agree with. They hunt even though vampires can survive without causing suffering. I raised the idea to our main leader, Adaline, and she told me I was a modern fool.”

“You sound like you care about them,” you said in a way that sounded more accusatory than you’d wanted.

“They’ve been my family for almost a century. My blood family have been dead for many years so the clan was all I had. They’ve become my brothers and sisters but I can’t agree with the way they live anymore. Elizabeth showed me we were still partially human and since then, I haven’t been able to hunt with them and it’s causing tension.”

You played with his fingers, bending them and making them dance as you listened to his story.

“What will you do? Will you find a new clan?”

“Of course he won’t,” a voice from the back declared. “He’s coming back to us.”

Luke stood up quickly, shielding you from the woman’s view. You heard her footsteps as she walked down the aisle.

“Adaline,” Luke said curtly.

“You really thought you’d managed it,” Adaline said smugly. “Oh Luke, do you not realise I’m just too good for your silly games?”

Luke backed away from her, stepping up behind the altar as the woman finally came into your view. Her long white hair was in a bun at the back of her neck, making her look like a bride as she lingered by you.

“One of the blood bags let me in, I really think you’re the most intelligent that ever tried to leave. So when we go back, I won’t kill you because you’ll be useful. I think you’ve proved yourself, Luke.”

You saw the shackles that she was playing with, seeing the small etchings of the religious symbols made your stomach turn. They’d burn, surely. Maybe they’d scar if Luke’s skin still did.

“I won’t come with you,” he said defiantly. “I’ve made it this far, Adaline!”

She laughed like he’d just told her a joke but before you could even glance back at Luke, the cold metal chain was against your throat. You didn’t have to see her to know she was smiling like the Cheshire cat, the chain tightened until your breath began to burn your throat.

“Come with me or I’ll have my fun with your play thing before we leave.”

Luke stared in horror, hoping it was just a bluff but you knew it wasn’t. Her breath was on your neck as her lips trailed down your skin, lightly pressing against your flesh until she found her way to the nape of your neck. You braced yourself for her to bite but Luke’s hands were already pulling at the chain that restricted you.

“Don’t hurt her,” he said harshly. “She hasn’t done anything wrong.”

“You involved her,” Adaline reminded him but she pulled away from you and moved back towards Luke. “So will you come willingly?”

Luke nodded mournfully, he’d been so close. You watched as Adaline prised open the cuffs to put on. You looked away, unsure you were ready to hear his skin hiss in protest. But you smiled when you saw it instead. Daylight.

“It’s the dawn!” you called out. “It’s too late! The sun is up!”

Adaline’s eyes snapped up in time to see the light filtering into the church. She smiled faintly as she stepped back.

“Congratulations, brother. You made it, you managed to survive until daylight so the clan will uphold the Dawn Pact. You are free to go,” Adaline told Luke.

You detected sadness in her voice but she reached out and placed a hand of his shoulder.

“Don’t forget us, Luke. Maybe you could bring yourself to visit from time to time.”

Luke returned her smile. “Maybe, Adaline.”

“Stay safe, okay?” she added before she began to walk out of the church.

She clapped her hand and a drowsy human stumbled towards her with a pretty lace parasol. She looked back regretfully before stepping out into the day.

Luke didn’t hesitate to pull you into a hug, his chin rested on top of your head as he pulled you closer.

“I’m so sorry you got dragged into this,” he mumbled into your hair. “Thank you though, most people would have ran a mile.”

“Believe me, I wanted to,” you muttered.

He laughed heartily, the sound vibrating in his chest.

“At least it’s over.”

Luke pulled away and looked at you like you were crazy.

“I wish it was but it isn’t. Adaline and her clan are bound by the pact but other vampires aren’t, if she told a sister clan then I’ll be hunted them since they aren’t tied by a pact. It’s happened before.”

“Great,” you sighed. “But before we start a new set of vampire worries, I need breakfast and to get my car towed.”

Luke nodded and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“That sounds like a plan I can live with.”

Bloodstone II

Itasaku for Uchisaku week 2016 @madasakuweek

Sakura made herself an eyesore where she knew she would be seen; lounging across the hood of the sleek, midnight black 1972 Dodge Charger. Autumn break had the temperatures in the valley dropping and for a native such as herself, the heat of the metal frame warmed her like a lizard on asphalt.  

When the owner of the vehicle emerged from the office building to see who decorated his hood Sakura couldn’t help but grin at the look of utter disgust that overtook the stiff’s face. His face was hardly ever expressive, but she could tell by the tightness of his eyes and the shadow of a curl in his lips. He didn’t look happy to see her and that thrilled her.

“Ah,” he began in a monotone. “The pariah is back. I had thought you left for good. Did they kick you out so soon?” He stopped in front of his car and stared down at her, refusing to approach any further in his perfectly pressed navy suit.

“It’s called fall break, and it’s nice to see you too, Uchiha. You’ve missed me.”

Itachi Uchiha would have rolled his eyes if he were any other person, but instead he huffed a breath and frowned. “Hardly. Please remove yourself, least you wish to be flung from my windshield at sixty five miles an hour.”


“Those are the speed limits and I intend to take advantage of them.”

“Where do you intend to throw me off the road?” She leans forward. “It wouldn’t be anywhere near the Iron Rails?”

Itachi hisses. “You’re a gnat in the wind.”

“And you’re an outsider to this valley.” When his stare narrows she leans forward. “We all you Uchiha are mesa invaders, you know.” She pauses. “And…other things, but the mesa invader title is the kindest I think.”  

“I’ll call you your names to your face.”

“Warms my heart when a boy gives me pet names.”

“Get off my car.”

Sakura pouts. “I thought you wanted to throw me from your windshield. That not the plan anymore?”

“I need to leave, make up your mind and be done with it.” Itachi reaches into the pocket of his trousers and removes his keys. He rolls them over in his hand once more letting them slip partway between his fingers before catching them. He turns his wrist over and angels his chin at her. “Are you going to move or must I lay hands on you?”

Sakura grins and it’s a feral twist of her lips. “Wow, you’re not making it difficult for me to twist your words at all, you know. By all means, lay hands.”

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Hated Family Friend - Ashton Irwin Imagine - Requested - Smut



He had to be coming over again, that stupid Ashton Irwin with his freaking curly hair and his damn eyes and rippling muscles that all absolutely paled against his massive and irritating ego. ‘Course our moms had to be friends and we went to the same school so I saw him all the damn time but no one else every seemed to be able to see just how much of an ass he was. So to the point, how long can I stay up here in my room with my laptop and phone without Ashton disturbing me?

The answer was not long.

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Through the Rearview Mirror

summary: [AU] You would think no one sees you singing in your car, but the person in the car in front of you does.
pairing: Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura

The car was a person’s sanctuary just like the shower or the bed. Being able to belt out songs in the shower or getting to stay in your pajamas until 4 in the afternoon in bed was an unspoken right of passage. No one was allowed to criticize or judge you for that. It was that simple. And when it came to the car, well, it was another holy ground.

Some spend the time to do their makeup in the car. Others take a quick nap while parked next to a tree. And then there were some who blasted their car radio and singing the words to the lyrics of a song while tapping their fingers against their steering wheel to the beat. Usually reaches its peak during a waiting period for the traffic light to change from red to green. Haruno Sakura did all of the above.

But today she was singing a different anthem. Instead of her usual car tunes of pop music and electronic dance music, she had switched to a radio station that seemed to be playing break up songs. Noting the irony, she allowed the dial to remain on that station.

Having just ended a terrible relationship, she was in that limbo stage where she knew it was right for her to break it off with her jerk of an ex yet she still missed him and was wondering if it was a mistake to throw away a two year relationship. She was already 25 and if she wanted to have kids by 27 then she would need to marry by 26 in order to enjoy a year of honeymoon bliss. Since she wanted to date the guy for at least two years before marriage, then that meant she would have to have met them last year. 

Sakura sighed. She was already behind schedule in her life goals. As she stared mournfully at the car in front of her, Adele’s “Someone Like You” came on the radio. As the sad soulful tune began to fill the empty sounds of her car, Sakura gripped her steering wheel harder. 

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Eye of a Hawk

Pairing: Young!Clint x Reader 

Prompt: A Clint Barton imagine please? Where the reader was captured by Hydra at a very young age and when Clint saves the reader, they are about the same age as he is. The reader has never been to the carnival so Clint takes them there and they kiss on the ferris wheel. :) Thank you! And so glad you’re finals are done :) (Anon) 

Warnings: None 

So I imagined Clint to be in his late teens in this story, but you could imagine Clint however you want :)

Ok so I have been working on this for a while 😅 I was working on a pretty lengthy one for a few days, before it all accidentally erased! I had to rewrite it all again, but I realized that the “rescuing” sequence of the story (where young Clint rescues the reader from HYDRA) was a bit unnecessary. So I cut it down quite a bit and rewrote the story, which is why it took such a long time to get this story up. If I can, I might release the rescuing sequence and consider it as a prequel to this story. Sorry for the delay, and I hope you enjoy!

    You didn’t even notice that you were holding Clint’s hand in a death grip.

    “Ah, Y/N stop squeezing too hard!” Clint yelped. You looked down, seeing that Clint was trying to shimmy out of your grip.

    “Oh, sorry!” You said sheepishly as you released him. “It’s just that—”  

    “Yeah I know, you’re scared that HYDRA is going to find you again,” said Clint tiredly, massaging his hand. “It’s been two months after the rescue, I think HYDRA gave up on you.”

    “I hope so,” you murmured as Clint held your hand. Somehow, his simple gesture immediately gave your warmth. 

    “Want to get it out of your head?” Asked Clint, interrupting your thoughts. You looked up. He smiled. “Let’s play a game." 

    "A game?” You said incredulously. “Where?” Clint laughed, and nodded towards all of the little booths surrounding the two of you. You were so caught up of worrying that HYDRA was going to locate you again, that you forgot where you were. 

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DM explaining the situation to me, a new player in 3.5(I think):
DM: so we kind of created an airship
Me(ooc): what’s it look like, what’s it made of?
DM, after a long pause:kind of triangular, but rounded at one edge, where the steering wheel is.
Me, in character:what’s up with the flying pizza?