edge photography


I have not posted much here on Tumblr lately, but here is a quick update that I am ecstatic about!

Firstly, I am raising a baby male Augur Buzzard for our show. He is SO relaxed and growing so fast! This is my first time raising one.

Secondly, I happened upon a baby Great Horned Owl. A lady and her husband found the bird and decided they wanted to try to raise and release him (which is not only illegal, but a TERRIBLE idea for the bird’s sake). They had him for a week and fed him nothing but raw beef, which a baby owl should not be eating. I have decided to take him on as my new falconry bird. Hunting with owls is not done with much success, but I know for a fact it can be done. We will see how it goes! :) 

*NOTE* At this age, they have zero interest in each other and have no problem being near each other. That will change very soon though!