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Info on part 2 of To The Edge of the Sky

Since the Thunderclap has ended, we’re releasing some information about the next part of the demo as promised: 

  • Title will be: To the Edge of the Sky: Phase II
  • New Characters: Five and Six
  • Five is a master of disguise who typically works undercover
  • Six is an infiltrator
  • You will learn more about P.H.A.N.T.A.S.M. and get to see inside of it.
  • You will learn more about Zero, Nine and Four, as well as yourself as the main character
  • It should be available in multiple languages upon release or shortly after, depending on our fan translators.
  • We’re planning to attempt to bring it to iPhones for the first time with Phase II’s release

A surprise last minute addition to the To the Edge of the Sky: Please allow us to introduce the second and final character and CG artist to the #TTEOTS team, Hazel! She’s an established fanartist within BTS’ fandom and we’re so grateful that she managed to apply before we closed applications! We’ve attached a few of her pieces for you guys. Hazel and Monz will be working together collaboratively to bring the best possible experience to ARMYs for TTEOTS later this year.

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She’s really excited to work with us and we’re really excited to have her working with us! The two have demonstrated significant skill in different areas in their work, and we look forward to seeing the amazing artwork they put together. Like Monz, Hazel has a lot she wants to share with you all and has committed to working hard and giving her absolute best on the project^^

I found out I had an Amazon gift card, which was probably the best news ever


Unexpected sunset beauty by Andrew Kearton
Via Flickr:

Can We Pretend: Part 1

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stiles x reader
word count: 2,783

warnings: kissing, teasing, swearing, fingering

authors note: i wasn’t too sure about writing or posting this at first, but after thinking it over multiple times, i decided to just do it. thank you so much to my baby @dylanobsessed for encouraging me that this was a good. i hope that by putting this out to you guys in such a way, will make you more aware of someone’s true intentions with you.

part 1 // part 2

summary: reader wants to make her ex jealous and stiles is more than wiling to help. although, things get a little too carried away. 

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This miniature animal figurine made of velvet clay, sculpted and painted with acrylic by hand. 

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 Lunar eclipse - one of the most beautiful natural phenomena, not inferior to the dramatic of solar eclipse. I saw a total lunar eclipse twice - and this really inspires awe. A dark, heavy, brick-red moon with a pale edge hangs in the sky, and it seems somehow especially voluminous. Not just a luminous circle in the sky, but a huge ball in thousands of kilometers from us…