edge of shadows

  • Me: I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty hardcore gamer
  • Me: *pulls out 18 Nancy Drew game disks*

[Cyberpunk Video Games Soldiers]
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high school supercorp au. kara struggling to keep her superpowers at bay around the pretty super nerd. kara hasn’t grown into her hero image yet & lena hasn’t grown into her name.

There’s a giant leading me to God knows where
I’ve got news, I’m going my way
Fighting, and I feel I’m getting somewhere
All is right, all is right.

From high atop the water tower on the very edge of town, a shadow sat, pushing up her glasses as they fell slightly down the bridge of her nose. Just below, an entire city stretched out toward the sea, the lights bleeding into it, which then bled into the horizon, into the very sky itself. Down by the boardwalk, someone was throwing away old bread and cotton candy while the gulls gulped them down with contented caws that got lodged in their noses. The smell of the freshly cut, end-of-summer lawns wafted through the night, perfuming the last night of summer break perfectly.

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I love you. 
I love you, I love you, I love you,
and I don’t give a damn what anyone has to say. 

Let them tell me that you will ruin me. 
Let them warn me about
     the blood pooling in the lines of your palm,
     the disaster lurking at the edges of your shadow,
     the sleepless nights and sunless days shifting in your eyes.
Let them talk their voices hoarse. 
I won’t listen, you know. 

I love you. 
I love you, I love you, I love you,
and even you cannot convince me otherwise. 

You can chase me away all you want, my love.
Wave your steel-blade fingers in front of my eyes.
Shout at me with your death rattle voice. 
Kiss me with your bloodthirsty lips. 
Rattle my bones with your earthquake heartbeat. 

Try all you want, my love,
but you cannot save someone who doesn’t want to be saved
and if loving you is damnation–
and if losing you is salvation—
then by God, I will leap into every circle of Hell
with my eyes wide open and a grin on my lips. 

As the snowman loves the Summer
As the shadow loves the Sun
As the boy with wings loves the Sea–

—  we all love what destroys us ( j.p. )