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Sooo, this is the photo I ended up taking for this thing that’s going on about Sakisaka Io coming to the Barcelona Manga Con. I ended up wearing one of the yukatas I had horribly wrinkled up after months of neglection along with a random thingy-bingy  I wrote up in a daze as I fell asleep the night before in an attempt to do something a bit creative… but it all sort of fell through when it turned out I could only submit a single photo (I had originally thought of sending a comic strip of three, the third one ending with me ungracefully sobbing over the volumes…).

Anyway, translation under the cut!

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And here is the cosplay that took up most of my time and effort to make and it made my day when someone actually recognized me! The Edge Chronicles is a series I began reading when I was younger and when I rediscovered it and collected all the books I was missing last year it was a tidal wave of nostalgia that I was determined to pay homage to. There are still unfinished bits but I am so happy with the work that I did on this costume and I hope to wear it again when the snow melts and I can bring someone into the woods with me to take more pictures!

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