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it is done. you know, looking back, maybe i put too much effort into this lmao

lvslie  asked:

alright, roman/greek au art prompt!! <3 (however you'll interpret it's gonna be so amazing i already know ittt)

come, my love, let me show you my domain. come and see the world to which you bring such light (x)

(nine and rose as hades and persephone, strongly inspired by rodin’s the kiss)

and in celebration of inktober, some bonus pix of my messy warm-up sketches! 

send me a halloween/inktober prompt!

I feel like these two would make a really good couple?

tried to draw some cute korean adcs while watching semi-finals this week. i feel pretty ambivalent about the results but at least i was kinda able to capture how cute skt bang is heheh :3

i’ll stop drawing pro league players, i promise… back to quality content next week.

More yugioh! I’m gonna be at this for a while, guys. That one in the left corner is something to do with a retold Memory World that keeps flitting through my mind in various forms.

I never thought I’d say this, but I kinda think short(er) hair can work for Bakura.


Marcus is a psychic, paranormal investigator, exorcist and an expert in communication with spirits. He’s a big dork, bisexual. Thinks that he’s irresistible man, but in reality he’s just an awkward penguin, awkward and clumsy. When he nervous or in a middle of a brainstorm - he eats nuts. What’s it with him and nits - no on knows. He’s passionate, kind-hearted, stubborn. He doesn’t likes low temperature, and get’s chills even when it’s +25 C’, because he’s too close to the World of the Dead. Because of that, he wears a lot layers of clothes, and gets cold very often. He likes to get warm, everytime he can - hot water in a tub, warm cups, heaters, puffy blankets, Lars…
He has a panic fear of hights, and because of that he trie to escape need to fly - because planes it’s a flying coffin. (In a future he got rid of this fear (at least for some time) only because some brave man hold hi nand through the all flight.
When he was 5-6 years old, his parents (his dad was an alcoholic) sent him to orphanage. Because he was too weird and problematic child. And because of that, every time when he was adopted - later was sent back, again and again. So he were in an orphanage till he became a young adult.
He worked here and there, till something not brought him to Sarah. (His boss).
He was traumatised, because of multiple betrayal of his parents, he hides it and painfull attitude to the families. Sometimes he feels emptyness and deep grief, but doesn’t shows it.

Lars is an empath. He gets possessed very easily, he has no tolerance to possessions whatsoever.
He’s a florist. Every morning he takes flowers which are left after cutting bouquets, and walks around giving them away for free, or leaves them in post boxes. He’s weird.
His flat is like a garden or a herbarium - there’s plants everywhere, alive and dry. Everything in his flat has some old, unusual energy.
He grew up with his dad. His mom died when Lars was 2 years old. He was a boy scout, and with his dad they went in a long hikes. He knows how to make a fire with one match, or even without it. He knows how to stand up for himself, though he prefers not to do any harm, and to solve problems peacefully.
He never wanted to work with Sarah and Marcus in a first place, but agreed, though he doesn’t works officially.