edge composites


Designed with formal design principles in mind, this typeface, named “Space”, explores the effect of positive and negative space on the letterform. The eye searing stripes are at times hard to enter but in most cases the letter’s lines push the eye to the edges of the composition and offer relief.

Although the design focuses primarily on individual letterforms and not so much the interaction of letters to form words, the back of the cards do pair a word starting with the letter on the front of the card to demonstrate the legibility of the typeface. A photograph of the word (repeated to form a pattern) is also included.

Specs: 4x4 in single sided on 110 lb card stock, front and back glued together.

Designed by Gabe Tiller


2009 Speedvagen Road by The Vanilla Workshop
Via Flickr:
The downtube looks like it has a standard panel from the drive side and repeating text from the non-drive side. The Seat tube is the opposite. The full assym effect works best from the riders position looking down over the bike.


SVR_4_1018 by The Vanilla Workshop
Via Flickr:
Bob Huff (our long time photographer) took these photos