Briana White (@brianawhite22)

So yes like many others I have been bullied for about 5 years now. and I know many people say this but Jake has truly saved my life. I used to get notes in my locker in 6th grade telling me to kill myself, and nasty things people should never even think about saying to others. I have tried multiple times to kill myself and I even self harm. well I used to. I’m now clean thanks to Jake. Ever since I can across Jake, my life and turned. and has a positive vibe… most of the time. I still have days I second guess myself and my reason to be here. but jake is my reason. He’s the only reason I’m here. His music has meaning and can get me and thousands of others through anything. That’s what makes Jake an inspiration, the fact that he hasn’t just changed my perspective on life but others too.I have met Jake about 6 or 7 times. yeah that’s not a lot but I treasure every memory I have with Jake.

1st time: Cleveland, OH. I didn’t go to school this day. I went early to Jake’s show, and I met him. I met the whole crew outside. I wrote in the big five star notebook and every page was filled… I gave it to jake with a hat, and candy and other things. Edgar then posted a picture with Jake and my stuff. Also I drew a picture of Jake, and yes it was good I’ll admit. I met Edgar outside by the bus and I asked him to have Jake sign it and he said “I’ll try my best” so I went back in line and I was talking to my friends when someone tapped me on the shoulder and I’m like “WHAT?!” I turn around and it’s Edgar…. he came all the way in line to find me.. and he handed me my folder I had Jake’s drawing in. and he just smiles then walked away. I opened it and Jake drew glasses on my drawing with a lighting bolt like Harry potter. then wrote “I can be your Harry Potter you’ll be my Heromine” I was freaking out. then I met Jake in the meet and greet. I was front row and I had silly string and glow sticks and stuff to use during the show… during the show I sprayed jake with silly string and he laughs and goes “this girl. OMG she’s spraying me!” and he’s like “I’ll get you back don’t worry”… then he takes it form me and sprays me back! holy shit though hahaha. I was dying. Then he took my glow sticks and wore it as a necklace and that was the most for that day. 

2nd time: Nashville, TN. I met a girl at the show in Cleveland and she was 5 years older than me but we got along so well and we decided we were going to drive 10 hours to see Jake in Nashville, and well we did! We drove there and got a hotel, so the concert was at 1 the next day and we were too excited to go so we didn’t sleep. We got ready and drove to the venue and stayed there ALL night. Yes we looked like shit when the time came for the show but idc. lol. Anyways we were the first ones in line. Jake pulls up…. no one believe us that it was him so we went back and talked to Jake by his car and my brother saved our spot in line. Then after Jake had to go inside cause people were coming. Then we went in the venue and met Jake. We were the first to meet Jake and I walked up to Edgar and handed him two notes and told him one is for him and one is for Jake and he goes “thanks Briana” and I’m like ummmm what?! and he’s like “your names Briana right?” and I started crying like he knew who I was. Then Jake started laughing at us. So I met Jake and kissed his cheek and everything. Then I was in front at the show and I had silly string, water guns, stuffed animals, and a whole bunch of shit this time. During the show Jake was talking to me about how he liked my phone case (it was of him) and then he took my phone while performing and recorded himself! Then I sprayed him with silly string and he’s like “OMG this is warrrrrr!” “I’m going to get you back, just wait, hahaha.” then he took it from me again just like last time and sprayed me with it. Then I sprayed him with my water gun and he’s like “girl OMG hahaha what’s up with you, this is really war now” then he took it form me and sprayed me with it as well. and it was just unbelievably perfect. and I brought a fake camo machine gun. and acted like I’m shooting him and he got scared then took it and was like “OMG guys this is awesome look at this!” “idk what it does but I’m in love with it” then shot me and my friend and Edgar with it. After the show we waited for Jake, Joey and Edgar and we followed them in the car to the airport but they knew we were following them and they tried to loose us and couldn’t. Then we pulled up next to them and he was waving to us and it was just perfect. That was such a perfect day. 

(There was a couple more times in between but not much happened)

last time: Cleveland, OH. I just recently saw Jake on the Us Against Them Tour and it was perfect let me tell you… I went into meet and greet after the show and the second and I mean THE SECOND I walked in Jake turned to me and goes “heeeeey…. I know you” while smirking so big. and I started bawling my eyes out… and he goes “no no don’t cry please come here” and he holds me while patting my head and rubbing my back. Guys I’ve never felt so safe and warm. Being in that position was life changing, but anyways JAKE MILLER KNEW WHO I WAS… he goes “I follow your Instagram right?!” and I’m like yes yes yes. (@millertarycrew) and he’s like “I love it!” and I hugged him so tight. Then we looked at my camera and smiled and I’m like WAIT NO. and backed away and he’s like “what what’s wrong?!” and I’m like nothing but can I kiss your cheek? and he goes…. wait for it guys… he’s like “why of course, you’re my only exception” SMILING SO FUCKING BIG omg. I bawled my eyes out and that point and I kissed him then after the picture he hugged me and said Thank You and then I gave him this camo back pack and inside was a superman cape… and I gave it to him and I said inside is a superman cape and I’m giving it to you because you’re my hero and you’ve saved my life Jake… and he holds me looks me in the eyes and says “seriously thank you so much for this” and hugs me so tight. and I was crying and he’s like “now keep posting amazing pictures on Instagram! and I ran outside. then I waited for him by the bus and met him again and he laughed and said "better Instagram these!” then I got home and posted them and he comment on one of them a kissy face emoji. That was literally the best day of my life!



Jake Miller - Dead & Gone

i want this song played at my funeral