Killing Calm

There is no apology that can even begin
To attempt to fix the act you’ve committed,
The words that have left your mouth.

I finally snapped today.
I finally snapped at you after you had repeated
What I had entrusted to you
and Over
and Over
and Over
and Over.


I berated you for it.
I have no regret for that.

I don’t know what else is going on
In your life.
I don’t know what you think
When I snap at you like that.
It’s only happened twice.

But you wish to spread my information
About my deepest wishes and desires
As if you’re passing out pamphlets
To a production
That the drama department is putting on.

The sole actors?

And him.

And the light of my world.

And the one who you don’t
Seem to deem fit of ensuring
My happiness while I’m with him.

You seem so freaked out
About my desires.

Maybe it isn’t my desires you should worry about.

Maybe it was never my desires you should have worried about.

I want this
Because I trust him.

I want this
Because I want him
To show me
How to properly love myself,
How to properly care for myself,
How to properly heal.

Because you had no problem
With the last boy.
No problem at all with
He who almost bedded me

Against my will.

So excuse me
If I get a little anxious
And secretive
When it comes to my relationships.

Excuse me
When I stop telling you things
For fear that it will be
Meeting my gaze.

Instead of

I let that killing calm get the better of me
Out of my own fears.
Out of my own reasons.

Because if I hurt you first,
Then there’s no way
You can shatter me anymore.

Because you have the power
To shatter me.
To break me.
To completely and utterly…
Destroy me.

But if I break you first,
Then maybe,
Just maybe,
You won’t realise the power you possess.

I let that killing calm get the better of me
I admit that.
I admit that my personality
Continually becomes less
And less
As I become more anxious.
As I become more isolated.
As I become more distant.

As I become more…

I rarely feel anymore.

I only really feel when
I’m with family.

You are a part of my chosen family.

Royalty calls them Courts.
Wolves call them Packs.
Lions call them Prides.
Soldiers call them Brothers-in-Arms.

You are my Second in my court.
You are my Beta Female.
You are my Pride.
You are my Sister-in-Arms.

You are my Sister
By choice.

I wouldn’t give you up for the world.
And I love you.

But I let the killing calm get the better of me

I don’t know if you can say the same
In return.

CeK // 10;23 pm

Dear Ada Koller,

That doesn’t surprise me too much.  After the DL-6 incident, the Dark Age of the Law, and so many other big events, the legal world has gained a lot more attention than it used to.  Even people who don’t go to the trials are bound to find something interesting about it.

And when it comes to attorneys, Mr. Justice, Mr. Edgeworth, Maya and myself are definitely among the aces.

-Phoenix Wright

phoenix wright the surprise brand-new father™ bonding with lil trucy by doing kids’ craft projects at home. fingerpainting and macaroni art and whatnot. sometimes uncle larry comes over to help. trucy is very excited about her new dad’s drawing skills (gotta put that art degree to good use!!) and asks him to doodle stuff for her all the time. her favorites end up tacked onto the wall and they stay there for years, until apollo & athena arrive and the WAA turns into an office again. but of course phoenix can’t convince himself to take them down so he frames them and puts them on his desk instead

anonymous asked:

You have a great blog. There's some talk that this could be the last season of House of cards, but they don't want to announce it until you see the final chapter of Season 5. What do you think? If not, how many more seasons you think they'll do?

Thank you! I try :)

I think there are several variables that will determine whether or not HOC continues past Season 5. The most important question is do TPTB - Netflix, Kevin, Robin etc - want to continue? We don’t know how Season 5 will end yet, but they do. Do they feel that Frank and Claire still have a story to tell? Netflix now produces dozens of shows, and even though House of Cards is their flagship series, do they feel viewership will continue to justify production costs? Will fans continue to tune in? It could be that Netflix will wait to see if people are still eager to watch the Underwood’s outlandish and devious machinations given the current surreal, unpredictable, and scary nature of real life politics. Writers will have a hard time competing with the batshit crazy reality currently bedeviling many of us across the globe.

Having said that, perhaps people will tune it because they will find comfort in an Underwood White House. As diabolical as Frank and Claire have been in their quest to gain and hold onto power, at least they are intelligent and capable, and Frank has legitimate ideas as to how he wants to govern - even if he meets with the usual bipartisan resistance. Fans may seek asylum with the Underwoods, as nutty as that sounds :)  Also, If there is a prolonged writer’s strike, that could well affect the future of not only House of Cards, but countless other scripted series.

All I want as a fan is for House of Cards to end well, whether the last chapter comes in Season 5, or sometime after. We know it will not be a happy ending in a conventional sense, because destiny does not give anti-heroes in Shakespearean and Greek Tragedies happy endings. But I do hope there will be poetic justice as the curtain falls on the epic story of Frank and Claire.

Dear Anonymous,

I’m not sure what gave you that idea.  I cared about finding the truth just as much as Wright did, and was determined to keep the court from straying from it.  Wright’s ramblings never seem to go in a single direction unless he’s either pressed for time or has a stroke of luck.

If I seemed a bit more ill-tempered than usual, I had a few different reasons for it, one of which was a clumsy mistake on the part of one of my subordinates.

-Miles Edgeworth


magrydyne  asked:

Phoenix for the character thing? :)

:D  My favorite blue boy himselffff tysm 

  • My NOTP for them: naru//mayo and hobo//pollo
  • My BROTP for them: Phoenix and Maya!!!  And Phoenix and Mia!  And Phoenix and Rayfa at this point, since he practically adopted her aha.
  • My second choice pairing for them: uhhh I GUESS IT WOULD BE KRISWRIGHT (kristoph/phoenix) even though I ship it veeery differently than wrightworth aha
  • My fluffy pairing for them: wrightworth!
  • My angsty pairing for them: …wrightworth counts for this too doesn’t it.  Also kriswright can definitely count here too depending on how it is written
  • My favorite poly ship for them: wrightworthquill (phoenix/miles/simon) is like my ot3 I love it so much it needs more love
  • My weirdest pairing for them: I’ll put kriswright here since I ship it basically as a hateship and don’t really see either of them as falling in love or anything?  It is more of a convenience thing/trying to learn more about each other thing, if that makes sense.

SO I’M SORRY BASICALLY I ONLY HAVE TWO MAIN PHOENIX SHIPS and one is much stronger than the other aha.  

Send me a character!