A year without Maya… 

Painting: Edgar Degas L’attente (Waiting; detail,1882) 

Photograph: Vladimir Yurevich Vyatkin After the performance (1983)

Now I will believe

That there are unicorns, that in Arabia

There is one tree, the phoenix’ throne, one phoenix

At this hour reigning there.

William Shakespeare The Tempest

Music: Charles-François Gounod Walpurgis Night – excerpts filmed at the Bolshoi Theatre

Hijos de la perra (Jaidefinichon)

Cuenta la leyenda.

Sobre unos amigos.

Que un dia aburridos
Hicieron historia
Y crearon un blog

Nombre necesitaba
Chifu no pegaba
Jaide-finichon fue

Con memes reían
Y una nutria

Unos podcast malos
En podcaster

Y un canal de gameplays
Ellos inventaron
Le pusieron Goth

Pasaron los años
Pasaron penurias
Pero siempre los 3

El Jaime se enooja
Ese colon ay Dios
Ya quiere explotar

Edgar habla cochinooo
No le di color
El Nico te va a putear


El Naiko y el Bestia
Son familia

El Bestia volao
Pasa colao

El Naiko lageado
Esto no lo cuenten
Pero usa peluquin

Siendo nosotros mismos
Logramos un sueño
Llegamos al millón

El Jaime se enooja
Ese colon ay Dios
Ya quiere explotar

Edgar habla cochinooo
No le di color
El Nico te va a putear


Wayward Kings| Edgar and Luca

Continued from [here]

“You’re right. I shouldn’t be. And I don’t plan to stay here. I would be missed down below, and it would not look good on either of us for me to stay. Besides, today is supposed to be about you. But.. I couldn’t let you face this alone.” Edgar’s hand tightened around the other boy’s as he turned to face him. “I will be here afterwards, and I am here now. You can do this, Luca. I know you can.” Luca looked so tired, and scared. Edgar couldn’t bare to see him this way.

Double Edged Trust

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“All that ways that matter, I’ve come to know that is a relative term. A subjective point of view differing from entity to entity. However I believe you mean it in the best way.”  Her words hung in the air between them as she allowed them to be processed before saying what she really wanted,”Curious about what my darling?”

un edgarito bien sensual xd

fondo culiao penca pero igual mi imaginación no da para tanto XD no me gusta mucho la cara, :v quedo como muy niñito caguai xd perooooo lo hamo con el kokoro por que ñe

- por que chucha todos tienen que usar sombrero o casco weon ;-;

y y y no se, le invente un tatuaje bien coshino por que estaba como muy naturalss XD primero le quería poner ´´lucky you´´ como el tatuaje de la harley quinn nueva pero no quedaba bien :c

y eso ojala les guste, por que esta hecho con amor y lagrimas y mala cuea u.u 

(lo voy a subir a twitter hoy si es que hacen live de maincra para que ojala lo vean T.T)

Ruffled Feathers


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“What gives you the right? I don’t care who you are, or what you are, nothing gives you that right.” Anger burned inside of him. He was sure his voice was raised, sure he was being disrespectful, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. She had crossed the line, and she needed to see his anger.

Edgars are better than people, pugs, don’t you think that’s true? ‘Cause people will beat you and curse you. Everyone of them’s bad, except you. Oh thanks, buddy. But people smell better than Edgars, Maya, don’t you think that I’m right? That’s once again true, for all except you! You got me, let’s call it a night.