Edgar Renteria signed with the Reds with a contract that could be worth as much as $3 MM depending on incentives reached. I guess that $2 MM is the difference between a lack of respect and just the right amount of it.

What future headlines may read:

Unlikely: Edgar Renteria Singing Spurs Reds to World Series 

Possible: Edgar Renteria Takes Advantage of Great American Ballpark, Sees Offensive Numbers Increase Slightly

Likely: Edgar Renteria Gets Injured, To Miss Time

Definite: Edgar Renteria Exists as a Person

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One year ago today.

Alternate title: Why I will always love Edgar Renteria.

Other alternate title: I love this call by David B. Flemming.

Yeah, I’m going to say it: I gave him a good pitch to hit. I smiled and he smiled back. I figured it wouldn’t hurt my career stats too much to give up a home run in that situation. That man, he deserves it. It’s incredible, what he brought to our team, not to mention what he did in the postseason. You’ve got to have a soft spot for that.
—  Sergio Romo on pitching to Edgar Renteria today