edgar wilson


“Wagner’s music is better than it sounds.” –Edgar Wilson Nye, a 19th Century humorist. The quote was made popular by Mark Twain, who always credited its source.

From the archive: Photo of Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese at Warner Bros. Cartoon Studio, Fernwood & Van Ness, 1954. They’re shown holding recordings of Wagner in preparation for “What’s Opera, Doc?”, released in 1957. At the bottom is Chuck’s hand-written list of the music to be used in the short animated film. It was the first short animated film inducted into the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry in 1994. 

“Nevermore” design, featuring Edgar, the Gentleman Writer

I may have just started playing “Don’t Starve” and I may be a little excited about it and I may have a thing for Poe :-) 

Byam Shaw’s illustration for Poe’s William Wilson in ‘Selected Tales of Mystery’ (London : Sidgwick & Jackson, 1909) on the frontispiece with caption ‘A masquerade in the palazzo of the Neapolitan Duke Di Broglio.’

“It was at Rome, during the Carnival of 18 – , that I attended a masquerade in the palazzo of the Neapolitan Duke Di Broglio. I had indulged more freely than usual in the excesses of the wine-table; and now the suffocating atmosphere of the crowded rooms irritated me beyond endurance.”

Things that were actually pretty great about Ant-Man
  • The Pym particle vial looks like Steve’s blood and for a minute Peggy gives Howard this look and you can see how she never stopped knowing, best friends or no, that he’d fuck her over for profit.
  • Peggy Carter being in control of the room
  • Peggy Carter in the late 80s, Howard’s going to be dead soon though they don’t know it, and she is tired
  • Sam Wilson, the only person in the film to actually give someone with the suit a run for their money—and this WITHOUT anything but his own gear and regular kick-ass skill set
  • Sam Wilson, suave badass on the hunt for Scott Lang and looking amazing
  • Sam Wilson, looking for Scott Lang not to take him in or kick his ass, but to help Steve
  • They don’t call the Avengers because the Avengers of the moment are a tire-fire in progress
  • Those story re-telling sequences, HELLO
  • Scott Lang does actually know what his daughter is interested in (the “oh poor deadbeat dad, poor him!“ narrative is terrible and that’s a whole other post, but AT LEAST, bare minimum, he didn’t give her terrible birthday presents and the film didn’t shit-talk Maggie (what crumbs I cling to!)
  • JANET’S NOT DEAD (??!!???!!?)
  • Giving Hope Van Dyne her goddamn due 
  • Scott Lang as a superior ant-dad (god, this movie was WEIRD)
  • Casualty control: the explosion is miniaturized, minimal damage, no civilian deaths
  • Casualty control: Luis goes back for the guard!
  • The villain of the piece is the one that spouts the bs “Oh, Hydra’s different now” because, remember, everyone at home, they’re nazis
  • Stilted dialogue only exists to be made fun of
  • Scott Lang used the Thighs of Doom