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How they act when you are cleaning.

Warning: none

Authors note: A lil something cause I was bored and I was cleaning. Gifs not mine

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Daryl Ward

Originally posted by punksimulation

  • Him chilling on the couch while you vacuum
  • He lifts his feet up when you vacuum under his legs
  • His eyes closed as you clean.
  • Wakes up when you pick up the lint from the vacuum
  • His eyebrow quirks up to the view of your butt, “man, that’s a moon I would like to howl to”
  • Helps you clean also
  • He assists you in cleaning the tub, like he will bring the outdoor hose and spray the tub
  • He’ll be like, “stand back babe, I got this”
  • He will laugh at your expression, you yelling/laughing at him telling him to not bring the hose into this situation
  • He will spray you in the end and your bathroom becomes a swimming pool
  • Him saying sorry because now you have to clean all it up

Nick Jakoby

Originally posted by littlemessyjessi

  • Him being such a sweetheart that he wants to help you clean everything
  • When I mean everything I mean…EVERYTHING
  • He helps you with dusting the book case
  • Wearing one of your vintage pin up headband
  • He tells you it’s because he doesn’t want any dust to get in his hair
  • He giggles and smiles at you laughing at his joke
  • It literally brightens up his day
  • He sees you struggling to get to the top shelf so he comes to help out
  • He picks you up and places you on his shoulder, to which you shriek in surprise
  • Loves seeing you in a cute, vintage apron while working so hard
  • Both of you also work in his garden
  • That being like your guys time that you get to just enjoy each other’s company


Originally posted by justin-ripley

  • Yes Kandomere can afford maids but he knows that you don’t want to live like that so he listens to you
  • He blasts salsa music on Pandora and starts dancing salsa with you
  • Him trying to hold in his giggles because you have two left feet
  • Like your stepping on his toes and going totally out of sync
  • He stops you and puts your feet on his and teaches you to dance like that
  • He then remembers you guys have to clean
  • He taught you so well cause you are using the Cuban mop (yes I know he is from Venezuela)
  • He looks at you with desire and love because your shaking your hips to the Latin music
  • Kandomere almost slipping because you mopped the floors
  • You both having a good laugh at his clumsiness
  • Him going on the opposite side of the window while you and him simultaneously clean
  • He makes funny faces on the other side with you doing the same: making fish lips and crossing his eyes
  • He kisses you from the other side of the glass and you do too
  • He breathes on the glass and draws a heart with a message saying, “té amo”