edgar and ellen


The cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)

Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
as Ramona Flowers
Kieran Culkin
as Wallace Wells
Ellen Wong
as Knives Chau
Alison Pill
as Kim Pine
Mark Webber
as Stephen Stills
Johnny Simmons
as “Young” Neil Nordegraf
Anna Kendrick
as Stacey Pilgrim
Brie Larson
as Natalie “Envy” Adams
Aubrey Plaza
as Julie Powers
Chris Evans
as Lucas Lee
Brandon Routh
as Todd Ingram
Mae Whitman
as Roxanne “Roxy” Richter


It was a strange thing for one of the twins to do, but less so for Ellen. It was shortly after their fourteenth birthday that she had up and left without much more than a note. 

Dear Brother,
 Left to go find exotic plants for my greenhouse. Feed Morella. 

~ Ellen

Edgar had glared and frowned and pondered over the note. How long was she to be gone? Initially, he shrugged it off, but as time wore on the effects of being left alone completely began to take their toll on the teen.

The first few months were the most difficult. Edgar would often search the mansion and the grounds for his sister, but there was no one to be found save for Pet and Heimertz. It became routine for him, despite his lack of results. 
As the note had told him, the boy fed Morella daily. He’d received a few nicks and bites on his hands and in turn was gifted with a few more scars. Pet was his constant companion and often rode Edgar’s shoulders, giving the teen something to talk to at least. It was this behavior that drew the pair close. 

After the first year, Edgar seemed to be alright. He was consistent with his serum making and prank pulling. The usual schedule of his daily life hadn’t altered too much, but then SHE came along. That horrid ginger. That prissy princess. The young scientist snarled as he found yet another eviction notice on the front door. Another round of war.
The battle for the house was long and arduous, but the clever boy had managed to come out the victor. Alas, it was not without casualties. Some of the house had been damaged (more so than the usual wear and tear) and was going to take a lot of work to fix. The green house had lost several panes and two of Ellen’s floral specimens had been killed in the crossfire of hate.

Edgar salvaged as much as he could, but wasn’t skilled enough to save the damaged plants. Morella was alright, however. Which made the lone twin sigh in relief. After suffering a few angry bites from the plant, he wandered back to the house to look for glass he could fix the greenhouse with. The rest of that week was going to be long.

As it had been predicted, the week had dragged on slowly. In fact the next year had dragged on slowly. Even with all the hubbub from the Knightleighs, but Edgar held his ground and defended his home as valiantly as any soldier. Though, in the process of his loneliness and the constant battling to keep his home, the teen was descending into madness farther than he’d ever experienced it. 

It had been a cold, dreary and stormy night in Nod’s Limbs. Edgar was sitting in one of the large, moth-eaten armchairs in the library. There was a dim fire in the fireplace and Pet was resting on his lap with its eye closed. 
The book he’d been trying to read had fallen to the floor and the now fifteen year old was staring into the cinders of the fireplace. He was gently petting the lump of fur in his lap