edgar & alan frog


Chapter 30

Edgar slid a stake out of Alan’s knapsack.  The Frog Brothers exchanged a final nod.  Edgar positioned the stake so that its point rested over the vampire’s heart.

He lifted his mallet back and drove it in with a single blow.

The vampire opened his mouth and screamed.  His eyes were open too.  Something poured out of the wound, something too thick and dark for blood.  He kept on screaming.  His scream would never end.

The vampire fell from the ceiling, hitting the cave floor with a sickening thud.  The dark, thick slime gushed from around the stake, erupted from his mouth, his nose, his ears in great, bubbling gobs.  The vampire’s skin cracked and fell away.  Sam realized the thing was decomposing right in front of him.

There were other screams overhead, shrieks of anger rather than agony.  The first vampire’s death howls had awakened the rest of them.

The two closest to the Frogs opened their eyes before the brothers could move.

The last vampire’s eyes opened and looked straight at Sam.  Sam knew this guy!  He was the gang leader, David.

And then Sam knew.  The gang leader must be the vampire leader.

The vampire leader growled and showed his fangs.  But when he spoke, it was with David’s voice.

“You’re dead meat.”

The Lost Boys novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner


Sam Emerson: I nailed one of them downstairs with a bow and arrow.

Alan Frog: All right, Sambo!

Edgar Frog: We trashed the one that looks like Twisted Sister.

Alan Frog: Totally annihilated his night-stalking ass!

Edgar Frog: Well, Nanook helped a little.

Alan Frog: Death to all vampires!

Edgar Frog: Maximum body count!

Edgar Frog: We’re awesome monster bashers!

Alan Frog: The meanest!

Edgar Frog: The baddest!


My “The Lost Boys” (1987) collection: 

- “Be One Of Us” T-shirt;

- Neca Cult Classics’s David figure;

- Cross-stitched Frog brothers, Edgar and Alan, made by my best friend;

- Soundtrack CD;

- The extremely rare novelization;

- 2-Disc Special Edition DVD with a cover filled with fake blood.