Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty | MoMA

Last chance! Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty closes tomorrow! The New York Times calls it a “thrillingly intimate” look at “the modern Degas you haven’t seen." 

[Edgar Degas. Forest in the Mountains (Forêt dans la montagne), c. 1890. Monotype in oil on paper. Plate: 11 13/16 x 15 3/4″ (30 x 40 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Louise Reinhardt Smith Bequest]

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an AU I made where Ranpo is a vampire, and Poe is a Writer, and having heard the rumors of ‘a mysterious figure haunting the abandoned mansion in the forest’ Poe figures that he might as well check it out for inspiration for the setting of the book he’s working on! I mean, vampires aren’t real right? so it’s probably just some mischievous kids or something.

walkin in the forest


RANPO ATTACK and wow hi ive never seen a human this cute hello theeere i was gonna suck your blood and stuff, but I’ll let you live if you’re my companion/manservant! i’m so merciful and amazing haha. btw i say ‘if’ but im like gonna kill you if you say no so guess this is ur house now pretty swag right yeah

poe: //quietly screeches

anonymous asked:

Thank you so much for the scenario of how Atsushi and his s/o spend their honeymoon. You're a wonderful person! Could I request a scenario or headcanon of Atsushi, Tanazaki, Akutagawa, and Poe hanging out with their s/o during the weekend?

Aww, guys you make me totally flattered with your compliments >///< I don’t deserve so much love! Thank you so much ewe

Atsushi Nakajima

- during weekends, Atsushi loves to sleep in with his s/o. cuddling the longest time possible in bed before waking up

- he would make them breakfast since during weekdays they cook for him

- a walk in the park or carnival would be in his mind, since he loves to take you out while holding hands

- he would totally avoid to run into Dazai and let him ruin your time

Junichirou Tanizaki

- Friday night: Pyjama party with snacks and stuff, Saturday night: video games the whole evening, Sunday: movie night with cuddling

- Tanizaki isn’t much of an outgoing person, he prefers to keep you all for himself so he look for activities in his apartment

- there are exceptions, for example he would go to the cinema with you, enjoying the darkened room to hold you close

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa

- killing people - well that would be his ideal weekend but you told him he weren’t comfortable so he don’t do this

- he loves to spend his time on abandoned places, where are no crowds and it is peaceful. He is fine with your company though

- Akutagawa is not an outgoing or romantic person, so don’t expect him to do anything. If you want something, you have to ask him. If he is in good mood, he accepts

Edgar Allan Poe

- Writing. You’re his inspiration, so you would use weekends to find more inspirations.

- Going to book stores to find new ideas and learn more of the japanese culture. Poe is curious about japan and want to see and read as much as he can

- at the evenings he prefer cuddling and watching crimes, just relax with you

- You have to drag him when you wanted to go out, since Edgar is more of an home sitter (is this even a word? xD)

Sometimes I’m just like: I don’t care, I really don’t.

Don’t tell me about it,
I don’t need to know,
Don’t talk to me,
I want to be alone
But I don’t want to be alone
I want you to care enough to see that I need someone there

Sometimes I don’t know what I want
I want to punch the wall,
But I don’t want to hurt my hand.
I want to open up and talk,
But I refuse to be vulnerable .

Please stop talking to me.

Leave, please.
Make it easy for me.

I don’t know why I’m being emotional
Maybe it’s the PMS-
Or everything just caving in and taking its toll
But it’s something I’m used to
I hate this feeling of “I don’t know”
Please, just tell me what to do.

318 - Curt Mega
  • 318 - Curt Mega
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WAHOO! A new episode of the Shipwrecked Comedy Podcast. This week, newly revealed Poe Party cast member Curt Mega stops by to chat about stunts and playing Lenore’s fiancé, Guy de Vere. 

Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party: NOW ON BACKERKIT! 

Poe has based different characters in his murder mysteries on members of the Guild.

  • Lovecraft was inspiration for an antagonist (an antagonist that was a little too good at what they did).
  • Alcott was once inspiration for a quiet heroine.
  • Montgomery was featured in a short story that ended up being more of a tragedy than a horror.
  • Fitzgerald ended up being an antagonist (on a much smaller scale than Lovecraft)
  • Mitchell and Hawthorne were written as the sole survivors in one story, he never told them they were based on them.
  • Melville and Twain ended up in the same story, though only one lived to the end of the story
  • Steinbeck was a hero, in the same story that Fitzgerald was the antagonist.

The Guild aren’t the only ones he bases characters off of, but they are some of the… highlights of his writing career.