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do gran and grande mean the same thing ? or they have different meaning ?

They have the same meaning, there is just one little nuance:)


Is a neutral adjective (doesn’t have masculine and feminine forms, it’s the same) that means big. It has a plural form:

El edificio grande. The big building.
Los edificios grandes. The big buildings.
La estatua grande. The big statue
Las estatuas grandes. The big statues


Is the short form of grande. It is only used in singular for both genders. Gran always goes before the noun.

El gran edficio. The great building.
La gran estatua. The great statue.

When you want to use the plural and put gran before the noun, it turns to grandes.

Los grandes edificios. The great buildings.
Las grandes estatuas. The great statues.

  • When this adjective goes after the noun it comes to mean big as in its measure and physique only.
  • When this adjective goes before the noun it has a meaning of high quality.
    El edificio grande = the building is big
    El gran edificio = it may be big but also has qualities such as being secure, being an example for other constructions, etc.

Detalle fachadas lateral y posterior y el nivel superior del estacionamiento., Edficio Seguros La Comercial, Paseo de la Reforma 116, Col. Juárez, Cuauhtémoc,  Ciudad de México 1964

Arqs. Héctor Mestre y Manuel de la Colina

Foto. Armando Salas Portugal

Detail of the side and rear facades and the upper level of parking, Seguros La Comecial building, Paseo de la Reforma 116, Juarez, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City 1964