Camp camp AU idea: Street camp

Idk if this has been done yet. But like… Street kids version of camp campbell campers?

Hear me out,
General idea:

All the campers, but like super street rat style, they gotta beg or steal to survive. David is a former camp councilor for camp Campbell, but worked only for a single year, before it was shut down when the childrens health and safety organisation refused the obvious bribe from Mr Campbell and did further digging into the place and found a decaying body with no explanation to it. Gwen works a shitty job as an assistant teacher at her local primary (elementary) school… Because those who can’t ‘do’ 'teach’. But she’s her plan is running out and she has herself more than half way out the door already.

Specific ideas:

- David works voluntarily for an orphanage on odd days and works full time at a school as a councilor

-David first meets Max when he ran away from home and attempted to go to the orphanage when he didn’t know what else to do

- Max, Nikki and Neil stick together and will probably or already have, robbed a bank at some point and actually gotten away with it, only to dumb the money with david (they are the dream team)

- Preston is a failed child actor and now performs on the street for money

- Nikki is delusional af and thinks being stuck on the outside is like and endless adventure

- Dolf joined a gang. He just. Joined a gang, he is now the youngest tattoo artist ever probably

- Nikki used to go to loads of summer camps and has specific memories of it. Calling their outdoor adventure 'street camp’

- nerf and edeth get kicked out of their home a lot

- with the help of Neil, max once started a revolution with rats

- dolf has a pet squirrel named nutsie. (I’m sure you can tell how that goes)

That’s all I got for now, I keep thinking of this idea @sorceress1410 told me to do something with it. SO I WILL ;0