edens paradise

If true utopia defines what is not desired, the gold-land of false capitalist utopia defines what is desired, over and over again. Such present delight enjoyed through the exclusion or exploitation of others is not Eden, it is hell, even if the enjoyer does not realize it.
—  Sharae Grace Deckard, Exploited Edens: Paradise Discourse in Colonial and Postcolonial Literature, 2007.
In the Beginning

Two in a garden
home a paradise of love,
evenings with the Lord.

Two voices speaking
in their ears seperate truth -
tales of love and woe.

Two trees, life, knowledge -
choosing the fancy fruit, death
they gave life no taste.

Two wanderers leave
the gentlest home man could know -
our paradise nest lost.

D W Eldred


My very own queen, my everything,
my beloved, my bright moon;
My intimate companion, my one and all,
sovereign of all beauties, my sultan.
My life, the gift I own, my be-all,
my elixir of Paradise, my Eden,
My spring, my joy, my glittering day,
my exquisite one who smiles on and on. 

– poem by Süleyman the Magnificent, translated by Talat S. Halman


Today on March 12th 2015, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth for the Vita and PlayStation TV went on shelves in Japan, marking the end of a handheld hiatus the franchise has maintained since June 2013. This is the first Digimon game released on the Vita, and the first time the Story series has been put on a Sony system; preceding game Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red & Blue came out on the Nintendo DS in March 2011.

Cyber Sleuth has not forgotten its roots though, as the game features 12 DLC missions involving the return of Sayo, the female protagonist of Digimon Story Moonlight (localized overseas as Digimon World Dusk.) The DLC missions involve helping Sayo battle the Seven Great Demon Lords, who served as postgame superbosses in the original Digimon Story.

Cyber Sleuth’s main plot involves the protagonist (Aiba Takumi if male, Aiba Ami if female) having their body stolen while inside the cyberspace EDEN, becoming a half-data entity capable of jumping between the real and cyber worlds at will. Alongside “ordinary” detective Kuremi Kyouko, they investigate the rise of the digital amoeba Eater, trying to recover their lost body while solving a slew of other cases brought to the Kuremi Detective Agency. The Eater is a rapidly reproducing digital entity that feeds off of humans and Digimon alike, while evolving into new shapes like its Eater Adam and Eater Eve forms  But while this investigation is going on, a faction of the Royal Knights organization led by their legendary strategist Duftmon breaks into the real world, launching a first-strike as part of a war of annihilation against all mankind to protect the Digimon. Duftmon’s “Paradise Lost” project is opposed by fellow Royal Knight member Omegamon, and his tamer Nokia. And at a critical moment in this seemingly straightforward conflict, the Royal Knights’ ace-in-the-hole Examon suddenly runs wild…

In addition to its main game, Cyber Sleuth features a competitive online play mode in which all tamer’ Digimon are set to level 50 and the types of Digimon they can use are restricted by memory limits placed on their teams. Players can do either local or ranking battles, fighting out a 3-on-3 match where turn manipulation, party recovery and strategic use of passive skills are all necessary to win out.

And so, from being created in his likeness, to being banished for wanting to be too much like him, we were cast out, and the garden of Eden transformed in to the garden of Evil

Some poets called it the entrance to the Underworld, but on some summer nights, it could feel like Paradise, Paradise Lost

Excerpt of Lana Del Rey’s TROPICO Monologue.

This royal throne of kings, this scepter’d isle,

This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,

This other Eden, demi-paradise,

This fortress built by Nature for herself

Against infection and the hand of war,

This happy breed of men, this little world,

This precious stone set in the silver sea,

Which serves it in the office of a wall,

Or as a moat defensive to a house,

Against the envy of less happier lands,

This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England

From Richard II, Act 2

William Shakespeare

Adam, the First Determinist?

In his Orthodox Theology: An Introduction, Vladimir Lossky (with tongue-in-cheek?) points out the theology behind Adam’s blame:

“When God calls Adam, the latter, far from crying out with horror and throwing himself before his creator, accuses the woman: ‘she, whom Thou hast placed near me,’ he avers.  Man therefore refuses his responsibility, throws it onto the woman and finally on God Himself.  Adam is here the first determinist.  Man is not free, he lets it be understood; creation, therefore God, has led him to evil.” [1]

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✗Lost in Paradise Eden ✗ Closed

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                                           (( ✗ )) Ana stared up at the blaring light outside of the night club, Eden. One small and simple word and yet to her it held so much meaning. Two of her friends had become regular members of the club while she’d held back, scared to take the next step. “Are you coming, Ana?” Her friend called to her pulling her out of her thoughts. “Yeah, I’m coming.” She followed behind Anya and Becky in the hope of trying to calm her raving nerves. She’d been in many clubs in her older years. Ana didn’t know why this one was making her so nervous. She pushed her hair out of her eyes in order to stop her hands from shaking. Eden was a club like every other club she’d visited. Get a grip. The media had been inside the club. From afar Ana could see the anger on the owners face. She knew he preferred his privacy. He never gave anything away about himself unless he had to. The man on the front door gave them a once-over. Ana didn’t like the feel of his eyes on her body. There was only one man she wanted to look at her now, and this guy wasn’t him. Stop thinking like that.

                                           “You don’t look old enough,” the doorman said. Ana blushed. What more was she supposed to do? Her face might look young, but her body was that of a woman. How could the man mistake her for being younger than twenty-one? Her two friends sniggered. She shot them a glare. Opening her coat wider, she placed a hand on her hip and stared at the man in front of her. “Are you trying to tell me that I don’t look old enough to be here?” she asked. “Not too young to stare at, though.” She snapped at the man feeling really annoyed. “What can I say? I like looking at beautiful women, and you’re a beautiful woman.“ Anya and Becky were giggling as they made their way inside the club. “I’m going to ask the boss,” the guy said. “You can never be too careful, especially with all the press lurking about trying to get inside.” A scowl replaced the easy smile on his face. She wondered…

                                           The press release about this place being a BDSM club was leaked months ago. Why were so many people desperate for a piece of this place and that other club? —- “Do I need to wait outside?” she asked. The cold nights were back with vengeance. She didn’t mind the cold so long as she wasn’t outside feeling the worst of it. “No, you can wait at the bar while I go and check out some ID.”

                                           “Don’t you need my ID?” she asked. “Nope, I’ve got my orders.” He took her by the elbow leading her through to the bar. From what she saw passing through the club looked like any ordinary club. It had a long bar with booths or tables dotted around. The colouring was dark with plenty of spot and head lights around. The dance floor was heaving with sweaty bodies. She stared longingly. Ana loved to dance. The guy placed her on her seat. She sat down feeling like a told-off schoolgirl rather than the eighteen year old woman she actually was. “This is ridiculous,” she said.

     “Sorry, babe, rules are rules.” He signalled the bar tender.”

     “Make sure she doesn’t have anything alcoholic.”

     “I’m eighteen.”

     “Sure thing. Be careful, the boss is not in the best mood tonight.”

     She heard him groan then leave.

     “The owner?” she asked.

     The barman nodded.

     “His boss?”

     The barman nodded once again.

     “Do you have a name?” she asked.

     “Jermaine, Miss. I’ll get you some water.”

                                           Ana knew it was useless to even try to argue with the man. She spun round on her seat and watched the dancing couples. The heat radiating around the club was becoming uncomfortable. She stood up and removed her full length coat. Sitting back down in her chair, she watched Stephen approach. He and the doorman talked. He looked her over and she blushed. Her face might be young like she thought before, her body however, was all woman in all the right places. She wasn’t model thin or massively overweight. At least to herself she wasn’t overweight. Her body shape had always been on the bigger side. Her hips were always larger, and her breasts were the same. She did have a small waist, compared to the rest of her. She loved her body and had learned to accept her curves. Jermaine handed her over her drink. She thanked him then continued to stare at the sea of bodies. Someone whistled from the bar to gain his attention. Ana watched him walk away. She picked up her water and sipped out of the straw he’d given her.

                                           Running her fingers through her hair, she stared at the dance floor. She kept playing with her hair. “Have you been let out to play with the grown-ups?” Anya asked, taking a seat next to her. “You could have waited for me,”she said.

                                           “Where would the fun have been? That guy on the door looked hot, Ana. You have to admit he was worth a bit of your time,” Becky said, sitting on her other side. Ana kept looking at the dancing couples. She so wanted to be with them. “I’ve been told to stay here until he gets my clearance or something.”

                                           Becky snorted. “The boss, he is a control freak, Ana.“ Ana looked at the dance floor longing to be in with the crowd. ‘A control freak?’ She rolled her eyes. “Is your jailer here to stop you?” Becky asked. She looked behind her to see the barman hadn’t returned, and the doorman being flirted with by a brunette at the other side of the bar. Ana glanced from the dance floor to the barman and back again.

                                           Screw it.

                                           She wanted to have some fun, and if breaking the rules was the only way she was going to get it, then that is exactly what she was going to do. In a quick move, she left her jacket and water at the bar then ran to the dance floor getting lost in the crowd of bodies. Becky and Anya laughed along with her. The music thumped against the walls and inside her body. The tune took her over. She raised her hands above her head and began swaying her hips to the beat. In no time at all a couple of guys had surrounded them. Ana resisted the urge to push them away. Her friends were looking for some action while she pushing all thoughts of her friends out of her mind, she stopped, some wandering hands came on her hips, but she closed her eyes and danced.