Slave’s Name: Eden Quinn
Duration: 24 hours
Cost: 25 points
Additional Note: Please let him take whatever he wants with him. Also, I will return him when the time is up without the car, but please have the car take him to place. Thank you.

As you wish, Eve. I see you start missing the House. Just know that you are always welcome to return, that way you can see your friends without getting in debt.


Slave’s Name: Ty and Eden
Duration: 48 hours
Cost: 100 Points
Comments: If you can provide them, I’d love for the boys to be sent up to my new home as soon as possible.

I apologize for the delay, Mr. Greer, and will guarantee your request will be dealt with right now. Both, Tyler and Eden, will be prepared and arrive at your place within the hour and I hope you will have two amazing days with them.