Its that time of the year again! Help a broke nursing student pay things off!


Sketch [line art: +5$]

  • Bust // 5$
  • Waist up // $10
  • Full Body // $15

Limited Palate [4-6 colors]

  • Bust // $12
  • Waist up // $18
  • Full Body // $24

Full Color

  • Bust // $15
  • Waist up // $25
  • Full body // $40

Each additional character is %50 of the price (ex: 2 waist up limited palate is $27)

Prices can change depending on complexity (additions like weapons or backgrounds)

contact me at edenqueenart@gmail.com or my ask box if interested

I will be offering commissions up until the first week of January! If you cant afford/aren’t interested in a commission I would appreciate if you could spread this around for me please!


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I’ve recently started talkin to akihitoh (mostly cryin abt nisekoi) bUT!! i have always seen her cute bb oc around

now I dont know much abt nessa… but what I do know??

reckles.. freckless.. blonde… needs 2 be kept out of trouble… hm… hMMM…

so i dedicated my warm up today to drawin nessa n my own child.. bc im a baby

nessa bell-> taylertots u should go check her out if u havent already taylor is lovely..

Hey y’all! Summers here, I need some cash before school starts, so commissions are up and runnin’!!! The menu is up, and as you can see, we’ve got some sweet sweet summer deals!!

(backgrounds will be priced based on complexity!!!)

***please note prices can change based on complexity!!!***


feel free to hit me up with questions and if you’re interested, shoot me an email at edenqueenart@gmail.com

payment will be made through paypal (ashdee3196@gmail.com)

for now, I have three slots available!!

  1. EMPTY
  2. EMPTY
  3. EMPTY