Its that time of the year again! Help a broke nursing student pay things off!


Sketch [line art: +5$]

  • Bust // 5$
  • Waist up // $10
  • Full Body // $15

Limited Palate [4-6 colors]

  • Bust // $12
  • Waist up // $18
  • Full Body // $24

Full Color

  • Bust // $15
  • Waist up // $25
  • Full body // $40

Each additional character is %50 of the price (ex: 2 waist up limited palate is $27)

Prices can change depending on complexity (additions like weapons or backgrounds)

contact me at edenqueenart@gmail.com or my ask box if interested

I will be offering commissions up until the first week of January! If you cant afford/aren’t interested in a commission I would appreciate if you could spread this around for me please!


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I’ve recently started talkin to akihitoh (mostly cryin abt nisekoi) bUT!! i have always seen her cute bb oc around

now I dont know much abt nessa… but what I do know??

reckles.. freckless.. blonde… needs 2 be kept out of trouble… hm… hMMM…

so i dedicated my warm up today to drawin nessa n my own child.. bc im a baby

nessa bell-> taylertots u should go check her out if u havent already taylor is lovely..