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Dude d*edennis makes me feel so weird like?? Dennis deadass pukes at the thought of it happening horrendously drunk. Also my brother and I have always been really close growing up and like... Yikes ppl stopping making (semi)healthy sibling relationships sexual. Especially that of siblings who bonded through tons of varied traums

YEAH!!! oh my god yeah he literally threw up at the thought of it!!! I 100% understand, I have a brother too, but having a sibling shouldnt be the reason people find incest gross it should just be an automatic reaction.

also the fact that people are trying to justify it by being like “well they suggest it in the show! look at how weirdly sexual they are in the show” like yeah its supposed to be UNCOMFORTABLE its supposed to be DISGUSTING! just because they show something in the show doesn’t mean you should support it like holy shit uncle jack?? he’s on always sunny doesnt mean that all that shits okay now!! like how stupid do you have to be to use a show like sunny as a moral basis 

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i support u on ur fight against d*edennis. thank u, seriously. why are ppl like this

thank you! i wish i knew but its some freaky shit isnt it