The evening breeze caught the luscious silk fabric on the Cabiria Stefania dress making it cling to my body shapes.  I love the modern/retro fusion that runs throughout Eden Miller’s line.  

I am addicted to vintage/pinup styling (which I think is pretty obvious from my posts. heh).  But, I am always envious of smaller women who can find elegant modest vintage finds at thrift stores and consignment shops. 
At my size, the only vintage items I have an easy time finding… are hats (and my head is rather large, so even those are a challenge).  As much as I love the full sweep pinup swing dress silhouette that has become the spirit animal of the pinup/rockabilly revolution (in fact, I have a bunch to post soon that I am very excited about!)… sometimes I want to wear something vintage/retro inspired that is less cliche and a bit more understated. 

Cabiria was the first ever exclusively plus size line to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week.  Is it weird that I feel rather honored to be wearing a part of plus size fashion history? 

I plan to write more about my love affair with this dress, brand and designer, soon!
I just had to share this photo with you asap.