i drew shota makoto and shota haru so it’s about time i drew shota makoharu

Don’t Look at Me, I’m Literally Trash, a memoir by tumblr user shotas

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Rintori: Rin is by himself one night (Ai went off to work on a group project or something) and he decides to flip through one of Ai's porn magazines and he notices first that they're all muscular guys, but they all seem to have red hair. So Rin immediately assumes that Ai has a crush on Mikoshiba and he gets really jealous, all the while forgetting that he is also a redhead




I’ve been low on funds lately and i really need money for food and gas, so I decided to open commissions!  °˖✧◝( ⁰ ▿ ⁰ )◜✧˖°

-Single Character: $10
-Pairing: $12

Full Color:
-Single Character: $20
-Pairing: $22

for the time being i am only doing head shots, but I may do full body in the future. I will not draw furries or mechas since I am not confident in my abilities to draw those. If you want me to draw an OC please send reference.

If you’re interested, send the following to edenfire57@gmail.com:

can i post it on tumblr after you’ve received it:
can i sell it as a print:
additional notes: 

if you want to see examples, check out my commissions tag ♥

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makoharu- okay, so in the new frfr! that just came out, makoto tells rei that he should wear a short swimsuit because he has nice legs. he said they were "slender" Well, what if the reason makoto wears long swimsuits is because he's insecure about his legs? maybe he thinks they're too bulky? Haru finds out and decides to prove to makoto that his legs are just perfect~

i love this so much kjasdfbklsbfkjsd

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makoharu-a short while after makoto and haruka become boyfriends (they haven't gone far at all, just some chaste kisses and cuddling)makoto goes to haru's house to pick him up like he does every morning and when he walks into the bathroom, haru isn't wearing his jammers and makoto freaks out and gets really embarassed and covers his face but doesn't leave and haru just tells him to calm down and that he only wore his jammers for makoto's sake but now he doesnt have to since theyre dating anyway

MakoHaru Naughty or Nice event will be five beautiful days of MakoHaru during the holiday season beginning December 20th, 2015.

Prize Drawing:

Since the theme is holiday related, there will be prizes (gifts!) rewarded to 14 event participants! So tag your works with the “makoharu naughty or nice” tag   once the event begins (include the tag within the first 4 tags for tracking purposes)


    • Heated nights or Snow days
    • Blow jobs or Chocolate
    • Devils or Angels
    • Body worship or Kisses
    • Bondage or Gifts

You can pick a naughty or nice prompt or combine the two! All forms of fan works are encouraged.

Icon and event promo banner art by the lovely edenfire57

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