D9531 by darrener24d
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Ex BR Class 14 Diesel Hydraulic locomotive D9531 ‘Ernest’ departing from Irwell Vale station hauling 2J65 the 09:35 service from Heywood to Rawtenstall at The East Lancashire Railway autumn diesel gala on Saturday 28th September, 2013. © Dave Felton - no unauthorised copying permitted.


Knowl Hill, Ashworth Moor and Rooley Moor Images, referenced sites of archaeological excavations in ‘Dig 1916′ and ‘Dig 2016′ Participatory Theatre pieces, 10.4.16. Sites of ‘The Great Henge’, the Bronze Age Settlement and the Shamen’s Hut in the dramas.

Interview: @skullmandible discusses the move from twitter star to game writing
Lots of people out there dream of working in the world of video games, and these days the paths from "hey I like video games" to "hey I work in the games industry" are more varied and unpredictable than ever. Take Cohen Edenfield for example. For years he's been prominent on Twitter as @skullmandible, one of those people with a ton of followers not because he's famous for something else, but just because he's really really good at tweeting. You've likely seen his infamous Mr.

The head writer for Hiveswap, Cohen Edenfield, did an interview about it!

My main takeaways from this:

  • Hiveswap will feature “unique responses” for every in-game item interaction, and for combining items, instead of generic ones (also, combining items apparently is a thing, something which I am not certain was confirmed before).
  • There are several unannounced Hiveswap writers, one of whom “is going to turn some heads” when announced.
  • Xefros has (or at least interacts with) a lusus that looks something like a giant sloth.

Other than that, not much new info, but it’s always great to hear more about the game!