simmingintherain  asked:

I was looking through your tags earlier today Miss Berry, and I was wondering, why isn't there a ThunderBird? I was never able to read there whole story when it was started and I would love to read it from the beginning!! <3

Well I haven’t gotten the EdenBird tag up but it is available in my Full Stories section :3

See You Tomorrow~

and I’ll make this one public for others that might want to read!


I know sometimes it seems tough, and whether you believe it or not, you are the lucky one. I hope that maybe one day you will understand just how blessed you are. Life isn’t always fair, but cherish what you’ve got because you’ve got it good. And take good care of those girls you hear? 

Of course I will.

I’m afraid our time is up.


I wish for you a happy life, T. I’m not sure we will ever meet again.