Underneath the scattered country of Maldives is one of the wizarding community’s most intriguing wonders. Originally situated on one of the thousands of Maldivian coral islands, the Maldives School of Magic underwent a painstaking effort to relocate the school in the wake of rising sea levels which threatened to submerge the island. The current campus is entirely underwater and is accessible by portkeys or apparition. Despite a number of difficulties that arose while designing the underwater campus (i.e. creating a barrier that is penetrable by witches and wizards only to prevent marine life from accidentally entering the water-less bubble), the school is now completely airtight and functional. However, as it is still in its rudimentary stages, much of the school’s studies are experimental and adaptive. Many senior charms classes are dedicated to creating spells that produce synthetic sunlight, and herbology students are experimenting with the hybridization of aquatic plants and vegetables to create an array of aquatic vegetables that can sustain the school’s consumption needs.