Deliver Us
Hans Zimmer, Ofra Haza, and Eden Riegel
Deliver Us

“Deliver Us,” composed by Hans Zimmer and performed by Ofra Haza and Eden Riegel, from The Prince of Egypt

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Deliver Us
Ofra Haza
Deliver Us

Deliver us
Hear our call
Deliver us
Lord of all
Remember us, here in this burning sand
Deliver us
There’s a land you promised us
Deliver us to the promised land…

Hush now, my baby
Be still, love, don’t cry
Sleep as you’re rocked by the stream
Sleep and remember my last lullaby
So I’ll be with you when you dream

River, o river
Flow gently for me
Such precious cargo you bear
Do you know somewhere
he can live free?
River, deliver him there…

Deliver Us from the Prince of Egypt

I didn’t think I could love Clexa anymore than I already do...

But knowing now that Clexa led to ClexaCon which brought back the 2 most meaningful wlw ships in my life is unbelievable. I swear I would have neeever expected a reunion with these ships, and ClexaCon made them both happen in a single day. THANK YOU ClexaCon <3

BAM, Bianca and Maggie, 2002-2007

Elizabeth Hendrickson and Eden Riegel, ClexaCon 2017

Spashley, Spencer and Ashley, 2005-2008

Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave, ClexaCon 2017

#Legends #TheOGs #Memories 

I didn’t pay too much attention to Clexacon b/c I had just entered the fandom shortly before everything went down and I just wasn’t as invested as most people. I figured the whole thing would be a bunch of fans getting together and commiserating about that dumpster fire of a show. I was into that idea and supported it from a far. 

Now I find out that Root and Shaw, Spencer and Ashley, Lauren and Tamsin, Bianca and Maggie, the fucking women from Saving Face, etc are there! And there are panels, photo sessions, booths and Sara Ramirez just shows up because she felt like it! Its a legit convention. 


Bianca & Maggie - February 2002 - First Meeting


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