eden talks

Oh when you laugh
I forget that it’s about me
But it’s alright
Yeah, cause being your punchline
Still is something

Yeah well I’m not scared
I’m not going nowhere
Yeah, you might want me to drop dead
But I don’t even care

Guys! It’s Keith’s birthday! This boy deserves all the love and happiness in his last year of angsty teen awkwardness. Actually, scratch that; he always deserves love and happiness. Especially after whatever the hell went down in season 4, you know?

So here, have this lil doodle of Lance worrying over a torn Keithers :))

Also, creds go out to @color-palettes for their “Eden Dusk” palette that I admittedly only used half of. Oops. 

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anonymous asked:

Well first I want to say that I absolutely admire and adore your art work! I also want to add that as an aspiring artist I look up to your work and use it as a goal for my own work to become as detailed and original. But I guess my question has nothing to do with art, and you may not be able to answer it I just thought it would be worth a shot to ask. Have you ever been so low on self esteem and worth that it affected everything you did and loved to do? If so how did you overcome it?

DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a medical professional, I can only give small tips and share my own experience.

I’m not going to go too deep into it because if you look up “how to increase self esteem” you will find thousands of extremely useful websites about it, which I highly recommend perusing.  I’ll only tell you a couple of things that were particularly helpful to me for developing a healthy self esteem.

1) I worked hard to become better at things I was good at (and enjoyed doing).  Not just at things like drawing, but also at things that you wouldn’t necessarily think about when you hear the word “talent,” such as being a good listener, public speaking, teaching, animal care, volunteering for charities and service projects, etc.  These helped me to develop pride and confidence in myself.  

2) I started talking about myself and treating myself like a friend.  You wouldn’t tell your friend that they’re a worthless piece of crap, would you?  You would say stuff like, “It’s okay, everyone has hard days and you tried your best.” I’m not perfect at it, but I do try, and I think of myself more sympathetically ever since adopting that mindset. 

Okay, now for the most important part of my post (and the part that I’m worried might get ignored).  I can’t fix your problems but I can point you in the right direction. 

If you feel like this 24/7 and it is literally affecting your life, then YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP. 

If someone had a broken leg, would you expect them to just suck it up, keep walking and deal with it?  No, you would get them MEDICAL HELP. 

Mental illness is a PHYSICAL condition, just like any ailment.  It is NOT a character flaw.

Seeing a mental health professional is NOT shameful.  Would you be ashamed to be diabetic and require insulin to live?

Seeing a psychiatrist or a therapist is NOT an uncommon thing to do or need. 

Being prescribed medicine that will help your brain balance its signals and chemicals properly is NOT a weakness.  Would you consider it a weakness if someone needed medicine for their kidneys? 

Some people take such a critical view towards mental health because they do not understand it.  My own doctor said that if everyone saw a therapist then the world would be a happier place.  

If you’re an adult, get out the phonebook (do people still use phonebooks?? Well, use google then) and begin the process of making an appointment.

If you’re a minor, talk to your parent(s) or guardian about your struggles (click here for a helpful article about it).  In the (unlikely but still possible) event that they refuse or brush you off, a school counselor can help you get connected with these services.

(Does it sound like mental health is something I’m passionate about it?  Because it totally is.  You deserve to feel better.  Taking the first step might be the hardest part, but feeling like a balanced human being is worth it.)

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you are my sunshine (a.k.a the fix you’ve all been waiting for)

hello and welcome to your daily afternoon news, its eden “jewishangus” adventurezone from fantasy wikileaks, and boy do i have news for you!

remember @inkedinserendipity ? remember that hell fic she wrote a couple days ago? you know, the one without a fix? well, seren’s a dirty stinkin’ liar, and she wrote a fix. unfortunately, our girl seren couldn’t do one thing right and didn’t fucking finish it, so, as the sole recipient of this fix, i took it upon myself to write the 2.5k words i apparently needed to get the goddamn thing done. i have no idea whether it fit her original vision or not? but as far as im concerned, this is canon. how do i know?

that’s how i know. i’ve done it, kids. i’ve got your fix. itll be under the cut, along with some extra screenshots for photographic evidence. 

let’s hope i do this massive hit some justice, shall we?

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possible kravitz deals
  • bad end: kravitz makes a deal with lydia and edward to let them live again if he goes to the material plane alone
  • ok end: kravitz makes a deal with an unknown entity and comes alone
  • good end: kravitz brings a legion of souls to help him fight (bonus if noelle decides to lead them)
  • great, awesome, AMAZING end: kravitz brings a legion of souls and one of them is julia burnsides!!! and the deal is that he lets the souls live so julia and magnus live happily ever after
  • true end: kravitz makes a deal with garfield the fucking deals warlock and it doesnt even matter what happens next wits and wagers am i right


that bbc peaky blinders show rlly took a real woman– an unapologetic life-long communist who led 10,000 working-class women on a week’s strike that paved the way for mass unionization among women in Britain, and who made 10000x more meaningful historical impact than any made-up 20′s gangster oc could ever imagine– and they diluted her into some gullible love interest who ratted out her comrades to fuck a pretentious “labour party” gang leader who also happens to own factories perpetuating the very abuse and exploitation she advocated against… ok

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uhhhhh hello i wrote an eldritch horror fic

its good apparently? so. take it