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i dont exist so you can find me attractive and acceptable

Disclaimer: I, in no way, intended this to glorify abuse. I’m deeply sorry if it has triggered you. I had tags underneath this (anger, angry) and I had hoped that’d be enough, but clearly I didn’t think this one through. I never expected this to take off, on average, my art gets maybe 20 notes. Maybe. And I never expected anyone would take this comic personally. I should have added a proper explanation, but since everyone is reblogging it from everyone else, this is all I can do.

This is a personal vent comic on my feelings of being told its my fault that I was sexually harassed. That’s where this came from. If you believe this is glorifying abusive measures, I never meant that. In fact, anger is the thing that saved my from a really unhealthy relationship.

It was the thing to finally show that toxic person that they had ZERO control over me. I don’t want to tell people how to deal with their abuse, I wasn’t a part of it, I don’t get a say. But on the flipside, please do not tell me how to deal with toxicity in my life. I have never been this enraged, but drawing stuff out like this keeps me from cracking. It’s how I control my anger.

If this comic is deeply unsettling/triggering/or you just hate it - tumblr saviour my blog “edentimm”. That way you’ll never have to see it again.

I’m sorry if I’ve hurt anyone by dealing with my emotions in the only way I know how. That was never my intention. I now know that, for next time, I need to add an explanation in the description.

Hello friends! While tumblr has been on the fritz, I decided to try and illustrate something that’s difficult for me to explain. 

Sometimes when I get stressed out, I dissociate. It can feel like I’m outside my body and three feet to the right, it can feel like I’m covered in a thick layer of wool that prevents me from touching and feeling things, lots of times sounds get muffled and echoey. Once or twice it will feel like whatever I’m sitting on is the only stable thing and if I hang over the edge or get off, all I’ll be met with is endless space.

It’s weird, but for me, harmless. The worst is just being incapable of focusing and forgetting what I’m doing.