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Compiled some concept stuff of Eden for a portfolio.

For those who haven’t seen her yet, this is Eden, my albino, void-born psyker for Dark Heresy. 

Throughout all of developing her, I knew I wanted to make her outfits look like they could be from the 40k universe, but I also knew  I wanted to leave any DISTINCTLY 40k iconography out of her design. I think it worked out.

Adam’s Rib (part 1 of 3)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: Lin is a bartender. You need a drink.

Word Count: a fuck ton (approx 18k)

A/N: it’s problematic and full of plot holes but maybe let it go and try and enjoy it

So, this has been a long time coming, we know. It’s been a whirlwind of a time, and we can’t tell you how much has gone into this. We just wanted to thank all of you for being so patient with us, we know this took so much longer than we anticipated it would. 

Thank you so much for supporting our lack of chill and insanity, it truly means so much to us that we have such an incredible following, and we still can’t believe all of you exist! We love you all so very much!! Both of us are extremely emotional about every single aspect of this universe, and we are legitimately super excited to show you what we’ve been concocting this entire time (so much yelling behind the scenes, y’all, omg). 

Warnings: for now, it’s just alcohol and drinking, but this may or may not get a bit darker in parts two and three.

And now, without further ado, we hearby present part ONE of THREE of Adam’s Rib.

– Team GTNW –

“Hey, Lin, could I get another beer?”

“Stan,” Lin sighed, resting his hands on the bar in between them. “We both know you don’t need another.”

“Come on, you already took my keys so what harm could it do?”

Lin raised his eyebrows at the patron, a middle-aged man with graying hair and a fondness for wearing Hawaiian shirts in winter. As a bartender, Lin technically had the right to cut Stan off, call his slurring ass a cab, and move on to serving the handful of other patrons hanging around the bar at nine p.m. on a Tuesday.

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So, dug up this old image (old as in last year or something) that I did in ball point pen. It’s my Psyker in one of the Dark Heresy games I was in. For those of you who have been following me forever, you’ll recognize her as Eden. She’s my baby. 

She has the “flagellant” talent, and carves a prayer into her own flesh because Grim Dark. I have arranged to have this turned into a print for next year, so she’ll be available for sale.

A table in Eden

We sat side by side. We did not look at each other, we did not speak. Sometimes my left hand found itself wound around his other right, but otherwise we sat as any other person might sit alone in a restaurant. 

The restaurant Eden had opened up maybe a decade earlier, in the late ‘70′s, and we’d had a keen interest to see how fast it would take for the common humans–for the Homo-sapiens-sapiens–to find out and shut it down, but no such thing had happened. 

Here, in this restaurant, people of all walks of life, varied species, were sitting down together, normalizing their otherwise unusual diets. From where we sat we could see willowy creatures foraging through wide bowls of fantastically coloured fresh flowers and wild mushrooms and lush fruits, seeming to delight in carefully picking out the unharmed beetles and adding them to their hair like prized jewels; we saw a witch feeding his familiar octopus a few fresh spider-like crabs by hand and heard the octopus gurgle its thanks; we saw blood-drinkers with beautiful double-walled glass thermoses in hand, sipping warm red in front of mortal companions as if it were as common a thing as whiskey. 

Cannibals and vegans feasted at the same table, the Dead and the Living discussed plating and decor with enthusiasm, and in this room of collective unknown divergents from the sapiens-sapiens path, all seemed normal, and safe.   


Happy Birthday Val

It was the week before Valentina’s birthday, and while they were all required to be with their parents the day of, each of the significant others of the triplets had made it a personal mission to give them individual special birthdays.

Today was Valentina’s.

Her husband, Tom, had actually planned this a month in advance. He’d made a mental note of everything Val had said she wanted to change about the gardens and called ahead, he had gardeners mature the plants in nurseries in order to implant them today when she was still sleeping. Mature, bloomed and beautiful the plants transformed their garden into the garden of Eden.

Large tables were brought in placed with linens, a beautiful canopy to keep in heat was parked over a specific spot and was clear so that the beautiful garden could be seen outside of it while inside everyone was warm and dry.

Gifts were stacked up in one corner, next to a table of specially crafted french pastries in a variety of colors, and all of her favorite foods were brought from restaurants and caterers in giant vats. There was a chocolate fountain, a specialty coffee and drink maker from overseas, a bartender with cocktails, and best of all, a huge dog adoption, with dogs old and young.

Of course in all this time Val had been doing a  variety of things, it was now afternoon, and Tom had all her family and friends (save her parents) out back waiting to celebrate.

“Honey?” he called out and went to fetch her “Honey, can you come with me for a bit?”


Crazy Theory Time! This is for Monster

So, I’m sure most of us were Shocked when the officer took of his helmet and *gasp* it was Baekhyun! I sure as hell was, and I wanted to see why he was there, so I rewatched the video 900 a couple of times. Here are my thoughts:

This is one of the first shots of the video.

It’s Baek sitting all alone at the table, looking… I’d say contemplative.

One of the next shots is of this snake, which we only see once.

As we know from the bible (I’ll get back to this), one of the many things that a snake symbolises is treachery and temptation.

One thing I noticed is that every member, sans Baek, gets at least one shot of them looking injured.

We also see each member — again, without Baekhyun — getting beaten by multiple officers/enforcers/MONSTERS (for hurting our babies) in their respective spaces. (NOT PICTURED.)

Next, we see the group gather at the table that Baekhyun was sitting at earlier, though he is now at the head, which is considered the place of the leader or the organizer.

And the next time we see the table, everyone but Baekhyun is there — presumably, they are looking at him.

And they don’t look happy. Rightly so, because after this shot, they all get beaten up.

The next photo I will provide is of the table, with all the plates shattered (this visual repeats throughout the video and is often accompanied by a wristwatch “going back in time”).

Finally, we have the members in the back of a vehicle, handcuffed and and bloody.

(L to R: Yixing, Sehun, Xiumin, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Suho, Jongdae, Jongin)

Notice something? That’s right, no Baekhyun.


Boom! He was one of the officers that… arrested them? But now he’s letting them escape? Was this part of his plan all along? Or did he have a change of heart?

I think this links to two of the bible stories. I’m not a Christian, so pardon any mistakes that I make, but the snake seems to be a metaphor for the snake in the Garden of Eden, and the dinner table seems awfully similar to the Last Supper. Does this make Baekhyun Judas? I’m still not sure how this links up to Lucky One, or even the rest of the music videos, because I think that they weren’t actually released in chronological order. I’d reckon that Pathcode follows this though, because they are now free and got to go to different places by themselves — though, they don’t use their powers in this video, which just confuses me after Lucky One. Maybe we’ll get a clearer answer if when the repackaged album/mv is released.

Make sure to support EXO and watch both versions of Lucky One and Monster! Let’s get to 5 million, EXO-Ls!

/invited to dinner

Selena laughs a little as she talks on the phone, her feet propped up on the coffee table with Eden laying safely on the couch beside her. She smiles as she talks, “Alright, whatever. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She says simply and hangs up, shaking her head with a fond smile.

Movie Night || Eden and Taras

It was early evening by the time he returned home. After leaving well before the sun came up for a job, he was done with driving around and talking to people who half the time just wanted to hear themselves talk. He didn’t care what the clients were going to do with the weapons. His job was just to make the sale.

When he walked in, he could see Eden sitting at the table and walked over, draping his arms around her shoulders and kissing her cheek. “Are you busy tonight?”