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Star vs. the Forces of Evil Japanese OP & ED

The ending theme, as in the original English version, is sung by Star. In this case, Kana Ueda. ^^

As much as I love the original English version of SvtFOE (Eden Sher’s Star is also great), I want to see the Japanese version now, too! Because Kana Ueda.

Peachpluff’s guide to surviving the SVTFOE hiatus

Hello, everyone! I see some of us are worried about the SVTFOE hiatus. Most of us are worried that we will lose interest or forget about the show. But do not worry! I’ve survived many hiatuses before. Here is my guide to surviving the SVTFOE hiatus (or any hiatus at all, really):

- Rewatch the series

One of my favorite things to do when a series is on hiatus is to rewatch all the episodes! It’s fun to relive the moments when you laughed…and when you cried. A SVTFOE marathon is going to be on Disney XD this Sunday, so be sure to tune in!

- Draw Fanart

Like drawing? Want to practice drawing? Draw fanart about the show! Post it on here so we can all see your masterpiece! I’m sure the fandom would love to see your artwork. This applies to fan animations and fanfictions too.

- Talk with the fandom

I’ve heard that a few SVTFOE blogs on Tumblr have already made Kik and Skype groups so that fans can get together and talk about the show! Kik or Skype not your thing? Talk to the fandom here on Tumblr!

- Spread the word

Tell your friends about the show, so they can join the fandom as well! It’ll be fun for you to have someone you know already to talk about headcanons with you.

Thinking you’re losing interest?

- Ask yourself why you fell in love with the show in the first place.

- Rewatch your favorite episode

-Talk to the fandom!

I hoped I helped!


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