eden knox


Eden had spent the evening peacefully reading in bed, enjoying getting lost in a good book. It had been so long since he’d been able to get lost in a story and reading about the life of a woman called Cassie was a nice change from worrying about the wedding that seemed to be taking forever to plan. Just as he was getting to a very interesting smut scene the bedroom door flew open and Jonah stormed in, looking halfway between terrifyingly angry and on the verge of tears.

“I fucked up!" He cried and he flopped down on the bed, knocking the book from Eden’s hand as he fell.

"Jesus," Eden gasped as Jonah’s weight fell on top of him. "You’re not exactly light you know…”

“Eden, baby, I fucked up…”

“What did you do?" Eden relaxed a little from the surprise and carefully stroked Jonah’s hair.

"I was moving some funds out of my private account and into the wedding fund and… I may have accidentally bought a share in a llama farm…" Jonah sounded distraught.

"Oh my God," Eden cracked up laughing, trying not to shake Jonah too much. "How much was the share?”

“75%…" Jonah turned his head to look up at Eden. "I don’t know why you’re laughing! This is not funny! We now own 75% of a farm!”

“Oh sweetie," Eden smiled down at Jonah. "Calm down, it’ll be fine." 

Jonah buried his face in the covers again, letting his mind run at a thousand miles an hour. Panic was setting in, and he couldn’t stop thinking about that night when Eden revealed his life-long plan of living on a farm and raising orphans… His future seemed to be growing closer by the second.