eden garden

I carry a little bit of yesterday as I walk steadily through your garden of Eden. You call out to me and tell me that I am doing perfectly fine but really, I am barely there.
—  Lukas W. // Garden of Eden

“There were no religious images in the churches or synagogues of our childhood that celebrated the birthing powers of women. According to religion’s myths, the world was brought into being by a male God, and woman was created from man. This reversal of biological process went unchallenged. Most of us didn’t even notice the absence of the mother. Although we may not have been consciously aware of her absence in bible stories and sermons, her absence was absorbed into our being. And its painful influence was intensified as we observed the design of our parents’ relationship and the treatment of our mothers by our fathers and brothers. Our families mirrored the hierarchical reality of the heavens. In a society that worships a male God, the father’s life is more valuable than the mother’s. The activities of a man’s life are more vital and necessary than the mother’s intimate connections with the origins of life. The father is God.”
― Patricia Lynn Reilly

“and you will be like God”
Watercolor, gouache, graphite, colored pencil, and collage on Arches paper. © Liz Darling 2014.

i once had a dream about a black and white scribbly cartoon called Eve In Eden about Eve in the garden of Eden and she hung out with Satan and G_d who were only ever a giant snake and like assorted shapes respectively. Adam did not appear. It was kind of a slapstick thing i think? 

maybe ill make this one day

The next story arc of Supernatural will be Dean and Sam discovering [pulls paper from hat] the Garden of Eden but it’s guarded by God’s [spins wheel] former pet dragon and Cas has to leave because of [throws dart] an angelic plague