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I am way too adult

I bought this for Eda and it shipped today and I am inordinately excited about such a mundane, practical purchase.

But guys! I can put her food in it! No more messy bag scooping that gets dog food all over the floor! AND it will hold her water and food bowls! Yeah I’ll have to refill her water more because she currently has a big 5 gallon bottle, but that’s ok! Fresh water for Eda!

I was wanting a plastic food storage bin and I have seen how people use these elevated dishes for dogs to ease possible neck strain, and this has BOTH

Hopefully we can find room for it in our dinky apartment!

anonymous asked:

hey i love your works so much and i was just wondering if you had any more ereri fic recs because i believe u probably have great taste.

YES! I have a few that I absolutely adore, most of them are ongoing but they’re amazing and worth waiting for updates! 

I have way more recs. but these are my absolute favorites that I would drop everything for.