eddy teh boss

So I went to the Joker shop and looked up right as I was next to the check out and there was Eddy telling me to buy candy! Hence the awkward photo angle. 

Eddy, will eating that candy help be badass on my bike? Is that your secret? Candy they sell at Joker? Will it help me win Tour de France stages? Oh wait, for that there would have to a women’s version of the Tour de France… and, you know, I would actually have to ride well… (fyi, if in the last two days there has been an announcement about a women’s version of the Tour de France, forget what I wrote above - alas the interwebs are extremely shaky here and just getting this posted has taken me 5 attempts, so I haven’t really been following what’s going on in cycling).

Anywho, I love the “boy next door” look they went for in the photo with the checkered shirt and white undershirt. Then again, Eddy does naturally have that “boy next door your parents are always telling you how great he is and how you should be more like him” look, so it works.