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Hockey Goalie Lingo

  • Blue paint = mine, don’t touch.
  • Net = mine, don’t touch.
  • Crease = I’ll hit you, don’t come in.
  • Water bottle = mine, don’t touch. Bottle police always on patrol.
  • Goalie interference = if you touch me, I’ll hit you. If you breathe on me, I’ll hit you. If you run into me, my team and I will hit you.
  • Mask = it comes off, no more play.
  • Hooked = team sucks but I get punished.
  • Groin injury = I’m too old for the splits.
  • Mask save = I can’t hear you, I’m seeing double, but yay no goal.
  • Pads = Shea Weber slapshot forcefield.
  • Blocker = Carey Price’s best friend
  • Glove = teammates tender head craddle.
  • Stick = I can hit you from 3 feet away, don’t mess with me.
  • Goalies are weird = I’m better than you, hotter than you, and I’m still your mom’s favorite.
Venom Hosts in a Nutshell
  • Eddie Brock: The Original. Simple characterization, but memorable as hell. The one everyone knows and loves.
  • Angelo Fortunato: Admit it, you forgot he existed.
  • Mac Gargan: Boring as hell. Tried to be interesting, but failed miserably. Looked cool though.
  • Flash Thompson: Potentially the greatest. Character development at its finest. Turned a villain to a hero and it worked.
  • Lee Price: And then there's this asshole.

Some new covers for the new Spider-Man and Venom crossover, Venom Inc! From the Marvel Podcast, the event starts with Lee Price stealing Mania’s symbiote and becoming Maniac! Lee will have a Venomized super villain team forcing Eddie Brock and Peter Parker to team up. Flash Thompson will also be involved.

I remember back in the day when I was only in love with one hockey player damn that was the golden age. ‘Twas a simpler time for sure

For that anon - this just ended up being a collage of all the people I think have lovely faces so I apologise but I might as well have shared it anyway

There are so many more but I’m tired ;’)

NHL players on tumblr
  • Alexander Ovenchkin: Cars and selfies galore.
  • Carey Price: Artsy pictures of horses and horse-riding.
  • Tyler Seguin: Labrador retrievers, and way too many conversations with Jamie Benn
  • Eddie Lack: Happy quotes, and selfies with his mom.
  • Claude Giroux: Food, especially grilled cheese.
  • Dougie Hamilton: One direction stuff.
  • Sidney Crosby: He's a part of the hockey fandom. He's one of us.
The Signs as Hockey’s Unproblematic Faves

Aries: Johnny Gaudreau
Taurus: Jonathan Toews
Gemini: Daniel & Henrik Sedin
Cancer: Henrik Lundqvist 
Leo: Mats Zuccarello
Virgo: Sidney Crosby
Libra: Gabriel Landeskog
Scorpio: TJ Oshie
Sagittarius: Eddie Lack
Capricorn: Nick Foligno
Aquarius: Carey Price
Pisces: Zach Parise

Caring Best Friend

Requested: Nope

Summary: Eddie likes the Reader a lot and Reader thinks he likes someone else and they pay no attention to it. The Reader has a thing for Stan and Eddie finds out that Stan returns the feeling after the Neibolt house incident where he breaks his arm. Welcome to Angst town.

Pairing: Mostly Eddie Kasprak x Oblivious! Reader, though more Stanley Uris x Reader

Warnings!: Violence, swearing, triggering words I guess.

A/N: Eddie gets appreciation a ton, but there’s been a lot of Richie lately.


Eddie kept his eyes on you while you rode your bike, him only a few feet behind you. This was the day that the Losers would go to the general store and get supplies before heading out to the Neibolt house. After the Leper, he stayed far from the train tracks and didn’t go back to hear the gospel music on Saturday. He blocked the Neibolt incident out of his mind but the constant nightmares about the Leper devouring and decomposing you and the Losers made it stick in his head like a bug bite.

“Tuh-turn luh-luh-left, guys,” Bill directed the Losers towards the general store and they followed along while Beverly stood on the wheel-extenders on Ben’s bike. As they turned, Eddie could get a clear view of your face and his heart skipped a beat. You were someone that would never be interested in Eddie, you were someone like Bill. A leader, a dreamer, the lace that kept him tied to the Losers Club forever.

As Bill slowed down into the alleyway, the Losers hopped off their bikes while only Eddie and Stan used their kickstands. Stan sighed and picked the others’ bikes up and used their kickstands while the others walked into the store carelessly. You stayed back and watched Stan with a smile. Stan looked up at you and followed after to your side, both of you walking in and leaving Eddie behind in the alleyway.

Eddie looked down and sighed. You always had a thing for Stanley Uris and his crush was inevitable. Nothing he could do would change your mind about who you liked and didn’t like. Stan was good for you, Eddie was just the supportive best friend who was alone forever. That was his role, and it wouldn’t change anytime soon.

While the two of you walked into the store, Stan looked back and at Eddie who was fiddling with his fanny pack’s zipper. “You coming?” Stan raised his eyebrows and Eddie nodded with a forced smile. You glanced back but paid no mind to Eddie. He was your best friend and he would always tell you how he felt, so if he didn’t say something about it then it wasn’t real to you. But he’d never say anything about the girl he likes other than that she’s beautiful.

Eddie followed along you two with a now cracked smile that was more confused than genuine or forced. He sighed once you turned to Stan and began to subtly drop hints of your crush for him. Stan was oblivious as always while you walked towards where the flashlights would be found. Eddie stayed back and Beverly walked to him. 

“You doing good, Eds?” Beverly furrowed her eyebrows at the boy. He was never one to be a dim candle, if anything, he was the brightest out of the group with his adventurous but cautious personality. Eddie nodded and pushed past her to go into an isle and just browse. Beverly was stumped as he walked by and she shrugged, “Okay, then.”

The isle that Eddie stood in was filled with medical supplies and he had a wave of thoughts hit him. What if at the Neibolt house you get hurt? What would happen then? He grabbed a handful of supplies for cuts and ran to the counter. 

“Just these?” The medical supplier, who he’d come to know as Mr. Keene since he was young. Keene was Gretta’s father, and a huge influence in his daily supplying ritual when he was in elementary. In elementary school, Eddie had an intense and horribly hurtful crush on Gretta for years but it gradually faded as you came into the picture. “No med refill or anything like that, Mr. Kaspbrak?”

“I already have more than enough,” Eddie replied while Keene nodded along and rang up the supplies. Eddie watched the price rise no higher than a dollar. Before Keene could say the price, Eddie slammed down two bucks and grabbed the stuff while squishing it into his second fanny pack. “Thanks.” Eddie walked back out to the outside where the Losers were waiting with supplies stuffed into their backpacks and pockets. 

You smiled as Eddie came forward but it melted into a concerned frown when he glanced at you and quickly looked away to Bill. Bill stood over his bike and looked around at the group before speaking, “Right nuh-now, we’re going to be on ah-our way to confront IT, and wuh-wuh-we’re going to get through this. Together.” Everyone repeated the last word in unison before they tucked away their kickstands and followed Bill as he drove out of the alleyway. 

They all followed like ants in a line, riding towards Neibolt street. Once they arrived near the house, they slowed down and stopped directly across from the broken down, burnt house. Eddie took a breath from his inhaler and coughed while speaking, “This is it.”

Everone dropped their bikes and as did Stan, for once. They walked towards the house and stopped in front of the porch steps while Bill continued onto the porch. Everyone showed hesitance to go, including Beverly. Bill turned around and stared at them.

“Kuh-come on, guys,” He looked almost desperate but still determined. The Losers shook their heads and Eddie stayed quiet. “We said we were guh-going to do this together. I will do this alone if I have to, but this is a promise we made. A promise to stick together and defeat the thing terrorizing Derry and it’s kids. We promised and I’m not going back on that promise, for Georgie, for Betty, for everyone.” 

The Losers stared back at him in awe, Richie adjusting his glasses on his nose, “He didn’t even stutter once.” The others nodded and cleared their throats. You shifted closer to Stan and reached for his hand, to which he held your hand tightly. Eddie stood behind you and a bigger frown came upon his face. 

“Now who’s going with me?”


That’s how you guys were here, leaning against fallen furniture while IT, or Pennywise, stood only feet in front of them. Richie tended to Eddie, who let out a blood-curdling scream after seeing his arm, which was practically snapped in half.

“Okay! Okay, I’m gonna snap your arm back into place,” Richie leaned to touch Eddie’s arm, to which he screeched and moved away sharply. Beverly gripped Richie’s shirt as she backed away from the sinister clown only feet away. You stood with Stanley, scared for both your crush and your best friend.

“Do NOT fucking touch me!” Eddie’s voice cracked while Richie held the small boy’s face in his hands, repeating that it’d hurt but be less painful later on. “Don’t you dare! No! Don’t touch me!” Bill kneeled next to Eddie and held him down while Eddie cried out loudly, his heart racing faster and faster the more Richie held his arm. 

You furrowed your eyebrows and flinched when he screamed loudly after Richie popped his bone into place. Stanly winced next to you and held your hand tighter than before. You squeezed your eyes shut and suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline. As you opened your eyes and scanned the room, you noticed a long metal pipe next to you. You let go of Stan’s hand and reached for it quickly, your knuckles turning white at your hard grip.

“(Y/N)!” Stan yelled out while you ran up to Pennywise and slammed the pipe against his head. He hissed and opened his mouth up wide, rows of teeth drooling with blood red saliva. Stan’s eyes widened but he was frozen while Eddie just couldn’t get up to help you. 

“Don’t hurt my friends, ass clown!” You slammed it a second time and shoved it down his throat, making it rip out from his under his jaw. You felt blood splatter on you as he screeched loudly and retracted from you. You took two steps backward and watched him back out into a closet, his eyes lingering on you before disappearing into nothingness.

You turned back to your friends and Stan immediately ran over to you, hugging you tightly with his hand in your hair and around your back. You could hear him breathe fairly panickingly and whisper something faintly, something along the lines of “I love you.”

“We have tuh-tuh-to get Eddie ow-owh-out,” Bill stood up while wiping his eyebrow of sweat and wincing after rubbing over a cut. Richie helped up Eddie while Beverly made sure Ben was okay from almost falling down the stairs. The Losers nodded their head and bolted down and out of the house. Stan jumped from the top of the porch stairs, scared of going back into the house. You followed him and held his hand tightly, thinking about how Eddie had been hurt.

You only hurt that clown because Eddie was hurt, he was like your brother, a best friend. You couldn’t lose him, just like you couldn’t lose Stan. You did it for them. As you turned around to find Eddie with tear-stained cheeks and red eyes, you felt the urge to make sure he was okay.

While releasing Stan’s hand and walking toward Eddie and Richie, you excused Richie and began to talk to Eddie. Eddie kept his eyes on his arm and walked silently to his bike. 

“Eds, are you okay?” You raised your eyebrows in concern at his weird behavior. He had just gotten his arm broken and snapped back, wouldn’t he want your comfort? Instead, you were met with silence. “Eds?”

Eddie scrunched his eyebrows together and raised his head to look at you, a frown carved sharply into his features. You flinched at his glare. He never looked at you with that expression, never been mad at you, but now you were his cause of anger. 

“Why don’t you go ask your boyfriend that?” Eddie held his arm to his chest and stomped off towards his bike. As he grabbed his bike and mumbled to himself, you were left concerned and shocked. You slowly walked back to Stan and kept asking yourself what you had done to make him so mad. 

“I don’t want to do this anymore,” Richie sniffled and wiped his nose rid of blood after getting elbowed in the face by Eddie in the house. Bill’s eyes shot over to Richie, a confused look crossing his smile that was towards Bev. “I mean, fuck. Eddie almost died! And- and look at this motherfucker!” Richie gestured to Ben, who was holding a spot over his stomach where Pennywise had reopened his scar. “He’s leaking Hamburger Helper!” 

Ben shifted and watched Bill walk towards Richie, “Buh-but we’re getting cluh-closer to buh-buh-beating him.” Richie scoffed and adjusted his glasses while taking a step dangerously close to Bill.

He poked a finger at Bill’s chest with a glare, “Really? Well, how many more times do we have to almost die! This isn’t a video game, Bill! I don’t want any more close calls! This is just total bullshit!” Bill glared back with the same fire and shoved Richie off him. 

“Yuh-you made a pruh-prom-promise,” Bill glared and Richie shoved him harder back while flipping him off. Bill’s face contorted into a scowl as he grabbed Richie’s shirt collar and punched him smack in the face. Mike rushed to Richie and held him back while Stan bolted to hold Bill back. Richie wiped his now bleeding nose and Bill practically growled.

“Look at us!” Beverly held her arms open to gesture to what they looked like. They looked like caged, hungry animals battling for the last scrap. Some kind of battle between alpha and follower, a rebellion of a sort. “This is what IT wants! It wants us to break apart!” She was right, and two knew that but still glared angrily. “And that’s NOT what we’re going to do. We’re doing this together,” Beverly spoke confident and like a leader. 

As Mike and Stan released the two, Richie scoffed and turned to his bike while Bill stood and just watched. Beverly prepared to continue her speech before a light teal car screeched to a halt at their side.

“Eddie Kaspbrak, why weren’t you home!” Ms. Kaspbrak slammed the door once she’d exited the car. She gasped at the sight of her son’s arm and ushered him to the car’s side. “You! All of you! You are bad influences to him, I forbid all of you to see him again! Especially you!” She pointed at Beverly with a shaking finger, “I’ve heard about you. Don’t come anywhere near my son! I don’t want him tainted by your ” Ms. Kaspbrak yelled in her face before turning to the car and pointing for Eddie to get in the car. She sat in the front seat with the window rolled up. 

You watched Eddie stare out at his friends with a look of sorrow but obedience. “Eddie…,” You took a step forward before he rolled up his window and his mother drove off. Stan grabbed your hand in his but you still felt lonely. Your best friend, gone. While you were quietly mourning, Eddie was holding back a train of tears in the backseat while he bit his lip to stop his whimpering and sobbing. 

To him, you were probably happy with Stan. Which meant he didn’t need to be there. This was the right thing. His head lowered while he reminded himself of who he was to you. 

The caring, selfless best friend.

I know it’s really more likely that the Mania symbiote simply gave the others copies of itself for this, and we’ll never see Phage and Friends again (good, that means they’re alive) But it got me thinking, the Venom clone known as Mania was created before the Venom symbiote proper was sterilized

Could Mania produce offspring?

Coming this January:

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: VENOM INC. OMEGA #1 DAN SLOTT & MIKE COSTA (W) • RYAN STEGMAN & GERARDO SANDOVAL (A) Cover by RYAN STEGMAN Variant Cover by Gabriele DELL’OTTO VENOM INC. Part 6 • The symbiotic super villain called Maniac has seized control of all of New York’s major crime families, and he’s now got his sights set on the entire city! • To make matters worse, he’s also got a cadre of super villains under his symbiotic spell, and Spider-Man, Venom and their allies are the only things standing in their way! • The final chapter of VENOM INC! 48 PGS./Rated T …$4.99


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