eddy crosby

I remember back in the day when I was only in love with one hockey player damn that was the golden age. ‘Twas a simpler time for sure

The Signs as Hockey’s Unproblematic Faves

Aries: Johnny Gaudreau
Taurus: Jonathan Toews
Gemini: Daniel & Henrik Sedin
Cancer: Henrik Lundqvist 
Leo: Mats Zuccarello
Virgo: Sidney Crosby
Libra: Gabriel Landeskog
Scorpio: TJ Oshie
Sagittarius: Eddie Lack
Capricorn: Nick Foligno
Aquarius: Carey Price
Pisces: Zach Parise

NHL players on tumblr
  • Alexander Ovenchkin: Cars and selfies galore.
  • Carey Price: Artsy pictures of horses and horse-riding.
  • Tyler Seguin: Labrador retrievers, and way too many conversations with Jamie Benn
  • Eddie Lack: Happy quotes, and selfies with his mom.
  • Claude Giroux: Food, especially grilled cheese.
  • Dougie Hamilton: One direction stuff.
  • Sidney Crosby: He's a part of the hockey fandom. He's one of us.
Most Compatible Player for Each Sign

(Based on my experience and knowledge, aka my opinion)

Aries - John Tavares (Virgo)

Taurus - Tom Wilson (Aries)

Gemini - Tyler Seguin (Aquarius)

Cancer - Eddie Lack (Capricorn)

Leo - David Rundblad (Libra)

Virgo - Jonathan Toews (Taurus)

Libra - Sidney Crosby (Leo)

Scorpio - Alex Galchenyuk (Aquarius)

Sagittarius - Ryan O’Reilly (Aquarius)

Capricorn - Brendan Gallagher (Taurus)

Aquarius - Gabriel Landeskog (Sagittarius)

Pisces - Jamie Benn (Cancer)

NHL Players + Their Buddies
  • <p> <b>Geno:</b> "My Sid!!!!1!!111!!)))))))))))))"<p/><b>Sean Monahan:</b> "Lance is an awesome roommate^^"<p/><b>Jonathan Toews:</b> "Patty Kaneeeeeee<3"<p/><b>Eddie Lack:</b> "Luongo is on my helmet now because <33333333"<p/><b>Logan Couture:</b> *cuddles Jason "Daddy" Demers*<p/></p>