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Có một đoạn đối thoại trong bộ phim hoạt hình Kỷ Băng Hà 4 - Lục Địa Trôi Dạt đó là khi bộ đôi chuột túi Crash và Eddie được hỏi: “Tại sao trong khi mọi người đang rất lo sợ vì tận thế mà hai chú lúc nào cũng rất hạnh phúc?” Câu trả lời đơn giản của đôi chuột là: “Để tôi tiết lộ cho cậu một bí mật. Bí mật đó là chúng tôi rất rất là ngu”. Vì sao chúng ta vui vẻ, vì chúng ta ngu"
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I was gonna be real bitter about OUAT and I have a horde of posts about A & E, and Future Henry, but honestly just the fact that they really took our story away, our Swan Queen story, makes me sad and angry. It’s losing something we never got a chance to see on screen, because it’s being handed off to literally anyone else. I love Henry’s character but six years is a long time to wait and this big glaring disappointment isn’t something we can let go.

I say we just go on writing fanfics, drawing fanart, making videos and manips. Because there’s still a community. We still have each other. Plus, there are good things that came out of Swan Queen dedication. I know of three amazing writers, who are successful from being a part of this awesome fandom. They have actual books, the work and time spent helped them achieve something great and I couldn’t be a prouder Gay Dad®.
So to all Swen going to SDCC, give Adam and Eddy hell, kiddos.

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You're lucky your guy Eddie has to crashed through the Archive enough to recognize the Fic you're looking for. Or hopefully. I'm guessing it's Nemesis on ao3, and if you just sort the Eddsworld archive by bookmarks and scroll down, you should find it.

eddie how many blog do you have holy shit

The signs as Ice Age characters

Aries: Diego

Taurus: Crash

Gemini: Ellie

Cancer: Peaches

Leo: Eddie

Virgo: Manny

Libra: Granny

Scorpio: Shira

Sagittarius: Scrat

Capricorn: Louis

Aquarius: Roshan

Pisces: Sid