eddy cooks

reddie headcanons

there’s no rhyme or reason to these, they’re just random for the most part but i guess set when they’re about 16/17. if you want any that follow a theme just send me an ask!

  • eddie loves flowers but richie doesn’t have money to buy them (before he gets a job during high school) so he picks flowers and makes little handmade bouquets. richie isn’t the best at romantic stuff so eddie thinks it’s the sweetest thing when he does it
  • sometimes when it’s bad at home richie really hates being alone so he bikes to eddie’s house and sneaks in through the window. he lays his head on eddie’s lap and eddie plays with his hair and sings to him sometimes
  • the losers help richie with a cute & extravagant plan for him to ask eddie to prom senior year but one night they’re sitting in eddie’s room doing homework and richie nervously blurts out “will you go to prom with me?” and eddie starts laughing because “i kind of figured we were already going together, einstein” but ofc he says yes and tells richie he’s cute when he’s nervous (richie blushes furiously)
  • they got together when they were 16. the other losers started a bet the summer after they fought It about when they’d get together (stan won the bet)
  • they go on a lot of dates (to the aladdin, to go get ice cream, the arcade, stargazing) but most of the time they either hang out in richie’s room and play board games/listen to music or have picnics at the barrens
  • richie starts working a part time job before their junior year and saves up all of his paychecks to buy a car. he insists on driving eddie to school and he rolls down all the windows and sings obnoxiously loudly (his favorites to sing to eddie are come on eileen, can’t fight this feeling, and africa). eddie acts annoyed but he loves it and is usually singing with richie by the second or third song.
  • when they’re 14, eddie and the others find out that richie has never had a cake on his birthday or really celebrated outside of anything he might have done with the losers. eddie takes it upon himself to make a cake for richie every year after that and have a party with the losers. after the first year mike decides he’s gonna make the cake (bc he’s the best cook) and eddie focuses on making sure the party runs smoothly (it never does. one year bev shoved richie’s face into the cake after he blew out the candles. another time they had to convince richie that, no, trying to jump off of the roof and into the pool in bill’s backyard is not a good idea)
  • richie tries his best to be nonchalant about the party & cake every year but they make him so happy. he doesn’t tell eddie that until they’re older (eddie already knew)
  • eddie says ‘i love you’ first. they’ve been together for a few months and he says it when they’re walking home one day. richie runs into a telephone pole bc he’s just staring at eddie. he gets so distracted that it isn’t until he gets home that he realizes he forgot to say it back
  • ^he bikes to eddie’s house that night and throws rocks at his window until eddie opens it, and richie climbs up onto the flat part of the roof outside of eddie’s window. 
  • “richie, what the fuck are you doing?” “i love you too” “what?” “i didn’t say it earlier. i love you too.” eddie can’t even be annoyed that it’s late or his mom might hear them or richie could, like, fall off the fucking roof bc he’s so happy

Richie Tozier hasn’t spoken a word to anybody since he came to Derry in the middle of the school year. Until he talks to Eddie Kaspbrak.

Previous chapters: Chapter one. Chapter two. Chapter three. Chapter four.

Chapter five.

He is in his usual spot: the side of the school building, cigarette in hand, overcoat pulled tightly over his body. As Eddie stares at Richie, he bites his lip and digs a hand in his backpack, feeling for the two lunchboxes he packed today. It’s Tuesday, two days before school break starts, and Eddie is both nervous and excited. Saturday (at three) is not so far away.

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College hc, what are there majors, clubs etc. who lives together? Going to parties... reddie!!!

College Hc

- Richie is the schools radio host with occasional guest stars
- (usually the losers coming to tell him something) he’s also in the culinary club because who knew Richie would be an amazing cook
- Eddie works at a skating rink nearby and his uniform is a blue polo blue shorts and skates and Richie cannot stop staring at him. Eddie is also on the dance team because Eddie is really flexible and quick. Richie goes to every recital
- Bill writes the schools newspaper and Photography club along with Mike for the sports column and Bev for beauty/relationship advice
- Mike is in the photography club with bill
- Ben lost a lot of weight since middle school and all the girls fawn over him but Bev is his one and only (he’s like the biggest teddy bear at the school) He’s in Habitat for Humanity because he’s the biggest bean
- Stan is in the bird watching club and the Jewish student Union and is very quiet, spending most of his time with Bill while he draws birds and Bills writes
- Richie is also on the Philanthropy Club because he’s secretly the sweetest and loves going to bingo night with Eddie. He mostly helps Dottie (the homes old lady who sleeps with all the old guys and has some serious history) because she has amazing stories from when she was younger but she’s the only senior who knows he’s gay because some of them are old fashioned
- (not Dottie, she experimented in college is what she says)
- All of them are in the PRIDE club and ReVision (club for mostly feminist issues)
- Bev is in Fashion Marketing and Management club because she wants to be a designer
- Bev has TONS of friends like literally no one knows how she got all of them!?!?
- She invited them to a party because her friend said she could bring as many a she wanted
- As soon as they got there Bill got drunk and everyone got a little surprised because they didn’t think it’d take a cup to get him drunk.
- Stan gets drunk right after and starts crying about how beautiful Bill is and how much he’s like a pretty bird in the sky!?!?
- Richie and Eddie disappear after a couple of drinks and everyone knows they aren’t a thing but they’re about to be
- A bunch of drunk girls bombard Ben and Mike the whole time but Bev doesn’t care because she knows Ben is loyal
- Bev is the designated driver so she spends most of her time smoking and talking
- Ben takes 4+ drinks to get drunk and when he does he’s a complete party animal but doesn’t even think about the other girls and is only hitting on Bev
- “Hey you’re really pretty have we met?” “I’m your girlfriend, idiot.” “What no way”
- “Hey Be-“ “I’m trying to talk to Bev she’s the best I’m gonna marry her!”
- Bev is almost crying he’s so cute
- Bev leaves Ben with Mike who’s still sober and goes to use the bathroom
- She opens the door and walks in, Eddie is sitting shirtless on the counter and Richie is also shirtless and kissing his neck while Eddie moans like crazy and Bev is surprised no one heard it yet
- They notice Bev in the corner and turn their heads faces both bright red
- They try to pretend to be drunk
- “You idiots I know you’re sober and madly in love with each other give it up”
- Blushes
- She later finds Bill and Stan making out and decides its time to go home
- She loses Richie and Eddie again and find them in an empty bedroom.
- “Get the fuck off each other for at least 5 minuets so we can go home”
- More blushing
- She and Mike manage to cram everyone into the car and drives back to their dorms quietly taking them to each one
- “Richie it’s totally obvious Eddie snuck out of the car after you!”
- Wow they really have a blushing problem
- She honestly gives up on trying to separate them and leaves
- Has to force Bill mad Stan apart, like literal physical work
- Then they go to drive Ben home
- “I’ll go in the room if that pretty girl gives me a kiss”
- Bev has to kiss ben to get him inside
- She drops Mike off and goes back home tired out of her mind
- The next morning everyone’s asking her why she slept in so late
- “Because you drunk idiots are a fucking handful”
- “Some if you were too “drunk” to keep your hands off each other”
- She looks straight at the bright red Eddie and Richie
- “I know you guys were fucking Sober give up!”
- “Fine Bev me and Richie were sober”
- “Fucking Knew It, you’re terrible actors”
- “Don’t even get me started on you two”
- Blushing Bill and Stan

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I don’t think I ever mentioned this but I made a Sims game for the losers club as a joke a while ago and I don’t know what I should have them do now does anyone have any suggestions

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the losers club as roommates???? i can't write for shit and i'm v v v desperate

-ok so after collage, all the losers get two different apartments in the city; one for the core four, one for ben, bev and mike (but only because his job doesn’t cover the cost for how own apartment so he splits rent to make it cheaper)

-bill and stan share a room and so do rich and eddie

-bill and ben both work at the local newspaper; bill writes short stories and ben writes poetry (both in the same page)

-stan does photography, doing headshots for actors, wedding/birthday photos; he also had a part time job st the jc penny photo studio

-rich works at te radio station, dj-ing all the music and throwing around his voices to lighted the mood

-eddie and mike both work at starbucks, and it pays well surprisingly

-anyway back the the rooms; eddie and stan always cook the meals (because whenever richie cooks, something will catch fire, and bill just never learned), which means that rich and bill clean up afterwards.

-ben, bev and mike spend all their free time in (what the four call) The Friends Pad (cause they painted their door purple), that sometimes they wonder if they even need their own apartment

-they do, cause bev cannot stand richies messiness

-stan, ed and bill are pretty clean and organized buT RICHIE OH DEAR LORD THAT BOY HAS NEVER HEARD OF A LAUNDRY BASKET G O D

-they put up with it though

-now onto the the three’s apartment; they all have their own room, but since the place only came with two rooms, ben and bev share (cAusE tHeyRe iN lOvE) and mike gets the room near the kitchen

-their apartment is filled with aesthetic art and the living rooms looks like i came from tumbr jesus

-that was bev’s doing

-the Friends Pad look… ok??? it looks like a general apartment but inside all the rooms it’s a diff colour

-rich and eds is a nice soft yellow and bill and stan’s is a sky blue

-the rest is a weird beige/white colour

-they all walk to word (except for bill and ben, who carpool)

-one special dates (anniversary’s, birthdays, etc) they all go out and eat at the nice place downtown called Ben Franklins that makes malts and shakes the old fashioned way, and it’s super cheap

(if anyone has been there in Phily, dEAR GOD ITS SO GOOD AGH)

-they have sleepovers all the time, and sleep outside on the three’s fairly large patio. they take all the blankets and pillows and pile it up. with a white sheep they’ll set up a projector and watch movies and stay up till 4am

that’s all i can think of now but this was so fun omg thank you, gAh

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reddie/stenbrough hc but theyre teens in 2017??



you know damn straight richie plays pokemongo and eddie has to drive him around town in the middle of the night listening to richie go “turn right turn right! THERE’S A BULBASAUR” with his head out the window holding his phone because stan has a fucking bulbasaur and stan is not going to out-win him

richie being really popular on vine but no one knows why the vines are all just of him going up to eddie and eddie giving him the finger

richie trying to learn how to cook and eddie coming home to the smoke alarm going off and richie going “i tried using the toaster and i broke everything” 

which btw they are the ultimate netflix n chill partners. someone will walk in on them and they fixed themselves up enough for the person to not be suspicious and they’d see the screen and go “ooh what episode are you on??” and richie and eddie will go uhhh

eddie is so fucking tired one morning of an exam and he gets a rockstar and his coffee out, look straight at richie, and pour the rockstar into the coffee saying “i’m going to die” and chug it

richie one day went jumping around a park yelling “PARKOUR” after watching the office and he broke a toe, and eddie gave him hell for it


bill is super done with life one night and he goes to put some cookies in the oven and he’ll whisper “450 degrees for 20 minutes okay but what about 4500 degrees for 2 minutes?” and stan from the other room scream “NO” and he’ll come scrambling in and kick bill out 

stan fucking loves snapchat he’ll be videoing bill but with the damn hotdog and he moves the camera to where it’s on bill’s forehead and he’s laughing so hard. bill doesn’t get snapchat so he just gets hella confused

trump was announced president and bill jumped out of his window. stan and eddie wore matching “im gay” shirts the next day

bill is a huge fan of harry potter and every year he dresses up as harry potter. stan one time got him a cool wand and bill uses it every time

which btw all four of them go to comicon. they dressed up as ghostbusters and then the scooby gang

bill convinced stan to where matching couple shirts so bill wore “if lost, find stan” and stan wore “im stan”

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Reddie for the top questions x

  1. Who yawns and then snuggles up to their partner? Richie- Since Richie never really got affection at home, he always loves cuddling with his boyfriend, especially when it’s night time and he’s tired
  2. Who likes to press their nose against their partner’s neck while smiling? Eddie- Eddie is at that height that when they cuddle or hug, his face goes into Richie’s neck and he just feels so happy when he is with his boyfriend he cant help smile
  3. Where do they like to go stargazing? The Quarry- Eddie and Richie go there when both of their houses are too terrible to be in, and that leads to going to the Quarry and laying on the grass hand in hand looking at the stars.
  4. When the other person is away, who likes to sleep with a stuffy that their partner got them? Eddie- One time at a fair, Richie insisted that he win Eddie a small stuffed bear, and it took him many goes but he did it. Now whenever they can’t be together you’ll find Eddie cuddling his bear he named Richard.
  5. What song would they duet at karaoke night? Come on Eileen- They both love the song and halfway through Richie always starts singing ‘Come on Eddie’ just to make Eddie laugh
  6. Who kisses the inside of their partner’s palm? Eddie- Sometimes when his hypochondria gets the best of him and he cant properly kiss Richie, he opts for taking Richie’s palm, and the gesture makes Richie fall in love with his boyfriend even more
  7. What song would they passionately sing in the car together? Girls just wanna have fun- It’s stupid and hilarious and just so them, so they belt girls just wanna have fun out of the car window and they have ever since Richie found out it’s Eddies guilty pleasure song
  8. What would they bake together at 3am in the morning, in their pjs and listening to their music while non stop giggling the whole time? Choc Chip Cookies- Richie will wake up at the most obscure times and drag a half asleep Eddie to the kitchen to bake because he’s hungry and Eddie makes the best cookies, they have small flour fights while dancing, laughing and singing to all their favourite songs
  9. Who can’t stop laughing while the other has their arms wrapped around them and kissing their face all over? Eddie- Richie has a thing for Eddies laugh and the one thing that really brings it out is when Richie repeatedly kisses his face, and he only stops when Eddie starts kissing him properly 
  10. Who hypes the other up while they try on new outfits? Richie- When they get older their styles change a lot. Richie now dresses in black jeans, band shirts and leather jackets while Eddie gravitates to pastel shirts, overalls and flower crowns. He was scared of dressing like that at first but Richie always told him he looked beautiful and always hyped up his outfit choices
  11. Where is their favourite place to be alone? Richie's Bedroom- They go there a lot because Richie’s parents are never home, so they get to be alone and be as affectionate as they want to be without the fear of judgement
  12. What type of class would they go to together? Ex- pottery, art, music, ECT. Music class- Richie and Eddie always wanted to learn an instrument and when they saw that their was music classes being held they both signed up immediately. What was surprising is Eddie picked up on the drums incredibly fast, and it soon because a hobby of his, and Richie chose the guitar as it was his favourite. They jam out together all the time 
  13. Who makes the other breakfast in bed? Eddie- Richie cant cook, at all, so whenever Eddie wakes up first he goes to the kitchen and makes breakfast for both of them and carries it to the bedroom, Richie says breakfast is the best meal of the day
  14. What cute nicknames do they call one another? Eds/Rich/Angel/Idiot- Eddie always gets called Eds or Angel by Richie, Eddie always insists that he hates them both but he secretly loves it and was so surprised that Richie called him something like Angel. Richie is always called Rich by Eddie, it was meant to be to get him back for calling him Eds but turns out Richie loved it, which caused Eddie to start calling him his idiot, which of course Richie still loves.
  15. What do they say to one another when they first wake up? “Morning Eds” “Shut up Idiot” - Richie is usually the first one to wake up and he gets bored without Eddie being awake with him so he always kisses him awake and says a soft “Morning Eds”. Eddie just wants to sleep so he pushes him off the bed, “Shut up Idiot”

Request:  Imagine about being a waitress and Shawn and the crew are at your restaurant and your serving them but you have no idea who they are

It’s rearing the end of your shift when a group of four walks in. You turn and look at Eddy, your cook, and watch as he fires up the grill that’s been off all night. The graveyard shift always is slow, and never really worth being open. 

“I’ll get this table and then head out.” You say as he nods looking down and prepping some materials.

You huff out a sigh, grabbing your note pad and a pen. You try and put on your best smile but the sleep you’ve missed this past night is very noticeable.

“Hi there.” You smile at the four boys sitting in the corner booth. They all mumble a hello and you start going to take orders. You turn to the red head sitting to your right and grin. “What can I get you to drink?” 

“Water.” He says not looking up. Next is the homeless looking guy, long hair and a beard. He nods saying a water. Next is the one with glasses. Also a water. Then finally you look at the curly hair’d one in the back of the both on the left side. He hasn’t taken his eyes off you since he walked in the door. 

“And you.” You genuienly smile at him.

“Got any tea?”

“Just made a new pot for myself.” You nod, turning to the bar.

“Then poor me a cup, and one for yourself.” He winks with a smirk on his lips. 

You blush and nod, writing down that he’s cute and likes tea.

You always make notes on the customers, that way you know who ordered what. 

When you return with the drinks they are ready to order and they all get burgers with fries. Easy.

When your shift is over and they are paying you smile when he walks up.

“How was your tea?” He grins.

“Delicious, thanks.” 

“I didn’t see it on my bill, so I’ll pay a little extra for it.” 

“No you don’t have too.” You say shaking your head.

“But see I kind of ordered it, so it would be rude if you paid for it.” He says leaning in. “Maybe next time.” He says writing on a napkin. “We can have the tea together.” He says sliding the napkin over.

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Cute curly hair’d flirt, you can call me Shawn btw.