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“You’ve been sick for how long? And you didn’t say anything because?” for the sick sentence starters meme

Eddy went looking for Edd. His face was pale when they woke up that morning, but still he agreed to go with him to the celebration of his first book being published.

Throughout the day Edd looked as if he didn’t want to have any of the delectible food being offered, but he ate it all.

He asked if Edd wanted to go home before his boss would announce his amazing accomplishment, but Edd shook his head no. Edd smile through how lousy he felt.

Eddy’s boss announced his victory and then threw on the music.

Edd felt so heavy on his feet. His stomach was rumbling.

“Eddy, can we find a bathroom?”

They made it just in time. Eddy stayed close by holding him by the shoulders.

“You’ve been sick for how long? And you didn’t say anything because?” Eddy asked after a moment od silence.

Tears fell from Edd’s eyes. “Oh Eddy, this was your big day. I didn’t want to ruin it for you. It’s not like me to put my health at risk, but I love you, Eddy. I am so proud of all your achievements.”

Eddy helped him to his feet and they walked out the the parking lot. “I’d kiss yah, but let’s wait ‘til you’re better.”


What Undercover Ren reminded me of.

  • Adam: You think we killed the CS fandom?
  • Eddy: I think it's safe to say they still haven't recovered, yes.
  • Adam: I feel kind of bad, ya know? We've given them some major angst this season and we didn't really prepare them beforehand.
  • Eddy: Very true. Maybe we should throw the poor souls a bone.
  • Adam: Excellent idea!
  • Adam: *phones the leaf lady*
  • Adam: I need you to make a tweet about CS being in the rain.
  • Leaf Lady: On it, boss!
  • Eddy: Why the rain?
  • Adam: Gives them the image of Colin wet, should buy us some time before we kill them with a sneak peek.
From Kubrick to Cowell: Panama Papers expose offshore dealings of the stars
In current political climate, offshore companies of celebrities including X Factor boss and late film-maker raise questions
By Helena Bengtsson

Simon Cowell

The music tycoon is the sole shareholder of two British Virgin Islands (BVI) companies called Southstreet Limited, set up in February 2007, and Eaststreet Limited, set up in October 2007. The companies were set up at a time when Cowell was planning to purchase two plots of land in Barbados, where he holidays most years.

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