eddy blake

Zodiac signs as the Outlast characters
  • Aries: Miles Upshur
  • Taurus: Chris Walker
  • Gemini: Richard Trager
  • Cancer: Waylon Park
  • Leo: Eddie Gluskin
  • Virgo: Blake Langermann
  • Libra: Martin Archimbaud
  • Scorpio: Rudolf Wernicke
  • Sagittarius: Frank Manera
  • Capricorn: Jeremy Blaire
  • Aquarius: Lynn Langermann
  • Pisces: William Hope

Hick (2011) - Derick Martini

5 bullets on this film:

  • Many people didn’t like this movie because it has a boring and slow pace. But it’s a road movie!!! It’s supposed to be like this!! Most of the scenes are gonna be about the protagonist walking around the desert with a country song playing in the backgrund. Keep that in mind and try to enjoy the damn movie.
  • The characters have a strong personality and they are well defined. I love Luli, the main character, so much. She’s one of the women who inspire me AND SHE’S NOT EVEN REAL. 

  • If Eddie Redmayne and Chloe Grace Moretz weren’t in this movie it would suck a little bit. Honestly, they are way better than this script. Eddie, you always in my heart. 

  • It’s very similar to the book it was based on, but I think the movie lacks ‘personality’. The dialogues aren’t natural, and I feel like something more could have been added. 

  • The cinematography is really good, and I really like the costume design. It’s not original or extraordinary, but it’s a nice colorful - indie - cute movie.
Freeing The Beast

Kenny Daly becomes addicted to the rush of shoplifting and turns to Frasier for advice, who unfortunately has recently become addicted to the rush of personal blackmail. Daphne obliviously joins a cult and innocently charms all the members away from the leader before accidentally knocking him off the Ballard Bridge with an enthusiastic gesture during a meteor shower. Martin reflexively yells at a basketball referee through his television during a live playoff game, and the entire stadium hears him, with several players collapsing to their knees in convulsions of horror and the ref himself vomiting uncontrollably. Niles and Roz keep having lurid sexual dreams about one another, and their normal witty repartee begins to take on an increasingly graphic and erotically-charged tone, to the confusion of their friends and family and arousal of numerous Nervosa eavesdroppers. Noel becomes obsessed with William Blake’s Great Red Dragon watercolor series and can’t stop envisioning himself as an enormous chicken-like creature, clothed in a red Starfleet uniform and still named “Noel”. Eddie secretly learns how to open doors.