eddy bby

Mou Leípeis (Kasplon)

Edward ‘Eddie’ Kaspbrak fell in love with a boy who calls himself Michael. He fell in love with a boy who looked like he was carved by the most delicate hand and sounded as if he were the voice of heaven. He fell in love with an angel. The angel of hidden destruction.

Words: 5,964

Pairing: Mike Hanlon x Eddie Kaspbrak

Eddie Kaspbrak wrote in his bullet journal, the pen of quality black ink wrote words in cursive on the grainy paper. It was a hot day, the sun beamed down with rays of perpetual heat. His mother, Sonia Kaspbrak, sat in her chair, fanning herself with a cheap paper fan. They’ve been living in Athens, Greece for about two years now and it was an eighth wonder that Sonia still couldn’t handle the heat. Eddie had learned to adapt, making sure to wear shorts, the shortest, appropriate, shorts he had and a thin short sleeved button down. On some days he even wore a graphic shirt that had a badly drawn cat with sunglasses.

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denbroughbill  asked:

congratulations!! could i get some stenbrough first date hcs? :')

Thanks, Sydney!! Ummm, of course you can??

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anonymous asked:

I have a headcannon that whenever Eddie gets tired of walking or something he just run into Mikes arms and Mike catch him all the time, like ALL the time, even like if Eddie runs and hops on Mikes back he just catch him and keep on walking without reacting cus he's so used to it

bby Eddie with papa Mike….
one time Eddie even fell asleep into his arms after a long day when they were coming back home alltogether and the other Losers were losing their shit over it like what kind of adorable shit is this??!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Streddie hc that Stan and Rich are roommates after coming home from college and when they return they accidentally discover Eddie had fallen on hard times and became a stripper to afford a store he wants to open after the bank denied him a loan. He moves in with them and slowly the three become closer. The guys go into business together and rock it's socks off! Sorry so random!

oh my god poor eddie bby, but you know stan and rich would be super protective of him